Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia: With Select Cases Relating Chiefly to Points of Practice, Decided by the Superior Court of Chancery for the Richmond District ... [1806-1810], Band 11


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Seite 295 - Every estate in lands, which shall be granted, conveyed or devised to one, although other words heretofore necessary to transfer an estate of inheritance be not added, shall be deemed a fee simple estate of inheritance, if a less estate be not limited by express words, or do not appear to have been granted, conveyed, or devised by construction or operation of law.
Seite 85 - ... whether the writing produced be the will of the testator or not which shall be tried by a jury, or if neither party require a jury, by the court.
Seite 299 - ... that, in the construction of a will, the intention of the testator, as expressed in it, and collected from the whole of it, must prevail, provided it can be carried into effect...
Seite 243 - Grew, all my lands [naming them particularly;] to hold the same, with their appurtenances. to him the said George Grew, for and during the term of his natural life...
Seite 277 - ... of a devise to A. for life, and after his decease to the unborn children of B., this would be a contingent remainder in such children; but under a devise to A.
Seite 141 - Rights, which was notoriously framed with a cautious eye to this subject, and was meant to embrace the case of free citizens, or aliens only ; and not by a side wind to overturn the rights of property, and give freedom to those very people whom we have been compelled from imperious circumstances to retain, generally, in the same state of bondage that they were in at the revolution, in which they had no concern, agency or interest.
Seite 173 - Yet the lower rank of people, who were always fond of the old common law, still claim and exert their ancient privilege: and the courts of law will still permit a husband to restrain a wife of her liberty, in case of any gross misbehaviour.
Seite 26 - Va.) 24, it was held, that a district court has no power or jurisdiction to reverse, alter or- amend a judgment given at a former term of the said court, which had- been entered on the order book and signed by a judge in open court.

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