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Tax numbers in this Index refer to the regular topics which may be found in the book at the
tops of the pages; and when letters are joined to the figures they refer to particular anecdotes,
which are designated by the same letters where they are placed. The pages of the book are
denoted by the figures at the tops of the outer columns, and the number of the topics by those
at the tops of the inner columns.

Abney, Sir T., and family worship, 3289. | Alexander the Great and his mother, 8a
Absolution, papal, 301, 302, 356c.

and Clitus, 20a '
Abstinence, total, &c.;

and his victories, 1606
the pecuniary advantage, &c., I

and the humane driver, 203a
the only safe ground, 2

and the Iliad, 2256
influence and respect, &c., 3

tears of, 319d
illustrious examples, &c., 4

and Diogenes, 429e
lessons from the brutes, 5

Alexander, of Russia, and the peasant,
Abuse in prayer, 3266

Acases, and the captives, 2030

and the ninety-first Psalm, 53n
Actors, 6

Alexander, Duke of Tuscany, and the
Actress converted, 352h

peasant, 29d
Adams, John, and the Sabbath, 382d Alfred the Great and his last loaf, 47n
Adams, John Quincy, and the Bible, 68d and the Psalter, 678
Adams, Rev. Z., eccentricity of, 261m

and his alphabot, 2872
Adrian, character of, 1172

Alick, Blind, 69a
and the bishop, 142a

Alienation prevented by confession, 91
and his enemy, 158c

Alleine, Rev. J., reproof from, 3716
and Ximenes, 407C

Alphonsus, clemoncy of, 203e
Adrianus and the martyrs, 194k

Alterations in the Bible, 67c
Adultery—“the happy rake,” 2466 Ambert, Eliza, and her lover, 253f
Affection, conjugal, 7, 241, 436c

Ambition, 18
filial, exemplified, 8, 4360

Ames, Fisher, and the Bible, 56b
filial, rewarded, 9

Amusements, vain, 30, 32, 116a, e, 350f,
filial, want of, 273

fraternal, 10

Amurath, wrath of, subdued by music,
maternal, 11, 287
paternal, 12

Anatomy proves a God, 185d, e
parental, want of, 272

Anaximander and his enemies, 407a
Affliction, benefits of, 13, 348a, b, c Ancestry, 19
comforts in, 50, 66, 190, 192

Anderson, Rev. Mr., and the merchant,
gratitude for, 14

Africaner, conversion of, 278h

Andromachus and his admiral, 429d
Age of Reason, 60d, f, 225d

Anger indulged, 20
Aged, the conversion of, 16, 125, 1266, c, subdued, 21, 254

Animals benefited by the Sabbath, 378
reverence for, 16

life preserved from, or by, 342d, 343
temptations of, 1786

Annihilation, 22
Agents of benevolent societies, 17 Anthony and revenge, 202i
Agesilaus and his children, 120

| Antigonus, self-control of, 4019
Agrippa and Thaumastus, 2036

Antinomianism, 23
Ailmer, Rev. Dr., faith of, 1720

Antiquity, 24
Alarms of conscience, groundless, 94 Antony and Aurelius, 46c


Apologies, 25


rd, 236 kedict ush, 31.

Anundo, conversion of, 54k

Beauty, 34

Becket, Thomas å, shrine of, 3010
Apostacy, 26, 139, h, j, 231e"

character of, 3379
Appetite, slavery of, 2, 230, 246b, 412d Bede's translation of the Bible, 530

Bedell, Rev. Dr., sermon of, 1950
Applause, 27

Beecher, Dr., sermon of to one hearer,
Areth usus, firmness of, 1736

Arians con founded, 816

Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward, and pron
miscellaneous, '424

fanity, 356d
Aristides, as a judge, 239d

Beggars, beggary, 35, 333c
banishment of, 239e

Bell, David W., recantation of, 427
Aristippus and Æschines, 36la

Beneficence, in hazarding life, 36
Aristotle and theatres, 4110

in dying for others, 37
Armada, the Spanish, 311k.

self-denying, shown by the rich, 38
Arnold, Benedict, a rumseller and drank self-denying, shown by the poor, 39

with rule and system, 40
Artaxerxes and the favourite, 18f

with industry and frugality, 41
Assurance of faith, 172, 240

with promptitude, 42
of hope, 200

to debtors and robbers, 43
of love to Christ, 249

Beneficence, miscellaneous examples of.
Asbury, Bishop, and poor Punch, 1096 44, 71, 184, 279, 286, 3170-9, 418,
and his good works, 256g

Atheism and atheists, 73a, c, 9, 185, 0– rewarded by its own exercise, 45

e, 209c, 213a, 2160, 2190, , 221a, 6,1 rewarded by gratitude and respect,
222e, 223e.

46, 203
Athenagoras, conversion of, 2146

rewarded in various ways by Proti-
Athol, Duke of, a lunatic, 429h

dence, 47, 282
Atonement, 28, 81, 240, 256

Benevolence, want of, 48, 29;
Attendance on Divine worship, 193, 2799, misdirected, 49
350c, 388, 4396, C

and cruelty combined, 117
Augustine, conversion of, 65a

Bennet, Rev.Mr. and unsuccessful preach.
fortunate mistake of. 345e

| ing, 256e
Augustus and Cinna, 1987

Boreavements the bereaved comforted,
Aurelius and Antony, 45e

50, 409c, 9,j,k
Avarice, 29, 48, 267"

the bereaved converted, 51, 3486
Avery, Rev. Mr., and the promises, 171 the bereaved rebuked, 52

Berridge and Hicks, success of, 2635
Backsliders, backsliding, 139, h, 26, 145c, Bessus and the birds, 94e
2250, 2316

Beveridge, Bishop, at death, 2005
Backus, Azel, and the heathen, 242e

and music, 2891
Bacon, Lord, and atheism, 83g

Bible, historical facts, 53
Bacon, Dr.,' and ministerial education, inspiration of, 54, 602, e, f, 1, 235d,

Baily, Rev. J., and family prayer, 328a testimonies to the value of the
Bajazet and Tamerlane, 116c

testimony of distinguished persons. 55
Balls, or public dances, incompatible with testimony of infidels, 56
prayer, 30

happy effects of the
deaden natural sensibility, 31

morality promoted, 57
prevent conversion and ruin the soul, conversion of seamen, 58

conversion of the profligate, &c., 59
Bankruptcy, 33, 146c, 1820, 0, 0

conversion of infidels, 60
and Sabbath-breaking, 381;, 3840, f conversion of papists, 61
Baptism 84a, d, e, f

conversion of soldiers, 62
Barclay, and the robbers, 2916

conversion of the learned, &c., 63
Barrow, Dr., and Rochester, 2619

conversion of the heathen, 64
Battles and battle-fields, 431

miscellaneous conversions, 65
Baotain, Mons., and the Bible, 559

benefit to Christians, 66
Baxter, Rev. R., his delay and loss, 420 love for the, 67
beneficence of, rewarded, 47k

searching the Scriptures, 68
labours of, 2589

familiarity with the, 69
Bayard and his hostess, 44a

the Bible neglected, &c., 70, 299, $100
Beatification of Romish saints, 334a, 6 zeal in circnlating the, 71,
Beaufort, Cardinal, death of, 120j

miscellaneous, 72, 183, 219a .



Birth, obscurity of, 196, c, d

Burford, Countess of, and public worship,
Bishop, Mr., and deliriam tremens, 2366 439c
Blackstone, punctuality of, 3550

Burnet, Bishop, benevolence of, 45d
Blair, Dr., and virtue embodied, 1321 Burkitt, Rev. Wm., and his injurers,
Blair, Mr., and evil company, 870

Blasphemy, 73, 304e, 3500, 3596

Butler, Bishop, at death, 1726
Blessings at meals, 329

dinner with, 2510
Blossing enemies, 155

Butler, Hon. B. F., a Sunday-school
Blind, the, blindness, 146, 6, 69a, 1166, teacher, 399f
153m, 2789, 286e

Butterworth, Rev. J., experience of,
Blount, character of, 215d

Boerhaave and slander, 4076, 8, 9

Byne, Rev. Mr., at a dance, 30c
Boldness, 112, 260

Byrd, Colonel, and the chief, 179e
Bolingbroke and Lady Huntingdon, 321a Byron, confession of, 83e
and Christianity, 2170

and the fortune-teller, 1770
Bonaparte, Louis, and war, 437;
Bonaparte, Napoleon, high hopes of, 18cCadogan, Rev. B. W., and the musician,
and the peasant-boy, 18d

and the church-clock, 18e

Cæsar, Augustus, and idolatry, 2688
blasphemy of, 731

Cæsar, Julius, at Pharsalia, 2020
and the Divinity of Christ, 819

benevolence of, 45b
dying, 122g

and his enemies, 1586
worshipped, 269a

Calumny, 407
delight of, in massacre, 3586

Calvary, rock of,'81f.
Bonnell, integrity of, 2:28f

| Calvin, disinterestedness of, 1421
Bonner, his treatment of Cranmer, 2984 and Eckius, 1731
Books, religious, usefulness of, in effect labours of, 2586
ing conversions, 74

Cambyses and Caligula, 163c
in promoting revivals, 76

Candour, 407h
Borgia, dying confession of, 1206

Cannibalism, 274
Bourdaloue and Louis XIV. 260k Card-playing, 76
eloquence of, 153e

Carey, Dr., humility of, 204m
Bourne, Captain, and fishing on the Sab labours of 286v
bath, 3810

Marshman and Ward's donations,
Boyle, Hon. Robert, benevolence of, 28670

Carter, Rev. J., and the tanner, 243e'.
interest of, in missions, 2860

Caste, 77, 284a, 6
Bowdler, apt saying of, 188e

Cathcart, Mr., diary of, 1890.
Bradbury and the assassin, 3490

Cato, reward of, in doing good, 450
Brainerd and the Indians, 210a

and Marius Curius, 103a
Bribery, 2286, 9, 239c

the model and the monster, 3180
Bricconet, apostacy of, 2250

· Cecil, Rev. R., and the bookseller, 130
Brothers, affectionate, 10

and the servant girl, 47m
Brown, Rev. D., punctuality of, 3650

in illness, 669
Brown, Rev. J., tribute to 153f

and his dying mother, 1189
and his enemies, 156;

faithfulness of, 1450
confession of, 188a

and the robbers, 1980
and the opposer, 2613

love of, for study, 2581
submission of, 4091

indebtedness of, to his mother, 287p
Brougham and war, 4371

obedience of, to his father, 2966
Bruce, Mr. Robert, death of, 119e

and his rich hearer, 374h
Bruen and his enemy, 1550

Censure, censoriousness, 78, 407
Brutes, lessons from the, 5, 231a, 2350 Chalmers, Dr., and the nobleman, 11le
Buchanan, Rer. Claudius, and the High congregation of, 193f
lander, 54h

early preaching of, 256;
and the Biblo-reader, 677

Chandler, Rev. Dr., and illness, 131''
and the aged Christian, 107a

Character, loss of, 14le
and the Syrian Christians, 237e Charity, gospel, 36-47, 83a, d, f, 106-310, 4
Bulkley's misdirected letter, 1346

154-162, 175, 176, 202, 203, 277a, cif,
Buller, Judge, and evil company, 87d 279e, f,'i, 285, 286, 291-294, 311, 313,
Bundy and the prisoner, 2426

Bunyan, Rev. John, zeal of, 258f | Charles V., words of, 3190' .
and the gaoler, 344€

disappointed, 337i !

Charles IX. and the Prince of Condé, Collins, the infidel, and Shaftesbury, 2155

and the countryman, 2972
and the Catholic governor, 2026 ' Collins, John A., lectures of, 2230
and Morvilliers, 239g

Colporteurs, 250a, 4147
Charles, Archduke, humanity of, 2035 Colstone and his missing ship, 384
Charles, Rev. Mr., humility of, 204 f . 'and his vessel saved by la dolphin,
practice of, 2626

escape of, 345f

Colt, punishment with the, 4355
Charlotte, Princess, benevolenco of, 38d Combustion, spontaneous, 23ta
Chastisement of children, 135--139 Commandment, the eleventh, 2610
Chastity, 79, 246a

Commandments, the ten, ta, 835, 132, 4,
Cherokee women and the Osages, 1560 3660
Chesterfield and the infidel lady, 83h Commentaries, 86

and the vanity of the world, 4299 Commerce and missions, 2829
Children, moral and religious influence Commodus, cruelty of, 1150

of, 79, 328a,j, n, 388, 389, 395d, 396a, Communion of the Lord's Supper, S5

Company, eril, 87
happy deaths of pious, 80

Compassion, 36, 37, 154-162, 184
duty to, 135--139

Concert, monthly, influence of, 2321
Chinese, pretensions of the, 24

Condé and the Bible, 511
monarch and the rebels, 160d

firmness of, 173c
superstition of the, 2685

Conference meetings, 88
infanticide of the, 272a

Confession, noble examples of, 89
and European idólatry, 283c

Confession of sin, happy effects of :
Choirs in churches, 289e, k

procures peace of mind, 90
Christ, divinity of, 81

provents alienation, 91
miscellaneous, 82

subdues enmity and leads to conver-
denial of, 130

sion, 92
love of, 186

heals divisions and promotes revirals,
character of, 218

love to, 248, 249

Confersion and absolution, 302
crucifixion of, 261d

miscellaneous, 57c, 95, 96
Christian, Rev. Mr., death of, 119, Confidence in God, 90, 294, 353
Christianity, character of, 83

Conscience, power of, with the guilty
as given by infidels. 217

in groundless suspicions and alarms,
Christians, the early, 1625, c, d, 4376, c

Chronology of the Chinese, 24

in confession and reparation of in-
Chrysostom in exile, 1126

juries, 95
and profanity, 339m

in confession and voluntary suboris.
Church discipline, 140

sion to punishment, 96
joining the, 8t

. miscellaneous examples, 97, 365
Churches, difficulties in, 134

Conscientioumness, examples of, 'SS. 123.
Cicero, retort of, 19c

228, 239, 381a, 382, 389a, d, 1055
and idolatry, 268e

want of, 99
and war, 437a

Consecration to God, 100
Cinna and Augustus, 1581

Consistency, Christian, 101
Clark, Mr. A., and his workmen, 3398 Consideration, 102
Clarke, Dr. A., early scruples of, 989 Constancy in prayer, 323
and the dying man, 373h

Constantine and the miser, 429c
Clarke, Rev. J., discouragod, 264e Contentment, 103, 191
a peacemaker, 3616

Controversy, 104
Clarendon and war, 437f

Conversation between Christians, 105
Claude and the prisoner, 1758

Conversation, religious, with the imperi-
Clemency, 43, 154-162, 202, 203

tent--way for humble Christians to be
Clement XIV. and his ambassador, 113c useful, 106
Clothing, gay, 146, 337j, k, 403a, e

influence of earnestness, &c., 107
Cobb, Nathaniel R., covenant of, 40c

advantages of skill in, &c., 108
dying words of, 194h

happy results, &c., 109
example of, 2240

various interesting conversions 110 i
Cobbett and the duellist, 148a

the duty neglected, 111
Coke, Dr., and his hostess, 419a

Cooke, the infidel, confession of, 2167
Cole, Dr., commission of, 3159

Cooke, Rev., J. and the duellist, 1495
Collins, William, and the Bible, 55f

and the farmer, 261A

Cornet, N., and the judge, 1976

Debates, 104, 214d
Corruption of the heart and life a cause of Do Brez, glorying in trials, 1925
infidelity, 213

Debts on meeting houses, 123
Cotton, Rev. J., sermon of, 259

Decalogue, the, 540, 836, 132h, i 366d
Counterfeiters reclaimed, 57d

Decision, Christian, exemplified, 173,
Courage, moral, 4d, 112, 173, 1757, 260, 333n, 403
2790, é, 284a, 285f, 1, 331f

happy effects of, 382e
Courtesy, 113

Decius, death of, 3160
Coventry dole, 472

Decrees, divine, 124
Covetousness, 29, 48, 1010, 267, 374 Deering, Rer. Mr., and the swearer,
Cowper, William, experience of, 289 264a
benevolence of, 44;

Degradation of intemperance, 231
bis view of death, 1729

Dehne, Rov. L. C., narrow escape of,
Cowper, Bishop, and his wife, 175h

Cranmer and his unworthy hand, 264 D'Alembert, lie of, 2150
the Bible of, 53;

Delay of repentance causos regret, &c.,
and the traitors, 1766

and Bonner, 2980

hardons the heart, 15c, 126, 196, 367
Credulity, 114, 177, 306a, c

grieres away the Holy Spirit,' 127,
Cressin, defence of, 21 la

365a, 367
Crosus, advico of, to Cyrus, 2516

accompanied by sudden death, 128
Cromwell and Rev. J. Howe, 45e

miscellaneous, 129
and the merchant, 46a

Dolicacy, false, 265%
Crombie's care for business, 419

Delight in wickednees, 358
Crow, Dr., and the logacy, 44h

| Delirium tremens, 2366
Crucifixion of Christ, 2613

Delusion, moral, 402
Cruden and the gardener, 3866

Demetrius and the Athenians, 184a
Cruelty exemplified, 86 115,

Denades and the Athenians, 252d
punished, 116, 316

Denial of Christ, 130
and benevolence combined, 117 Dependence on God, 131
to parents, 273

Depravity, 70, 73, 117, 132, 213, 288
Cudjoe and Murray, 179d

Do Sallo and the robber, 13c
Cupido, conversion of, 2783

Dos Barreaux, poem of, 28h
| Cyprian and the postilence, 162d

Deserter, oxecution of a, 4340
and the captirea, 247e

Despair, unfounded, 133, 4066
Cyrus, epitaph of, 1220

Dospair of the impenitent, 320, e, f, 706,
crown of, 319a

dif, 876, 97c, 1206, 1216-9, 126a, 128d,

e, 129e, 196, 310a, 406a
Dairymav'Daughter, conversion of, Devil, existence and agency of, 400, 425f

Devizos, inscription at, 2080
Damon and Pythias, 1790

Devotee, Hindoo, 286
Dancer, Daniel, the miser, 2676

Devotodness of ministers, 258
Dances, public, 30-32

Dickinson, Rev. B., sudden death of, 1222
Danger, infidels in, 221

Diderot, confession of, 565
preservation from. 341-345

and his servant, 4016
Darracott, Rev. R., ministry of, 361f Difficulties in churches, 134
Daughters, affectionate, 8d, 9a, k, Dioclesian, confession of, 315a
Davies, Rev. S., posthumous influence of death of, 3160
22 te

Diogones and pride in dress, 146d
Davies, Rev. X., and his dissolute son, I reply of, to Alexander, 429e

Dionysius, the tyrant, envy of, 163a
Day, Rev. W., death-bed of, ni9c

and Pythias and Damon, 179a
Dawson, Rev.'W., and the pedlar, 260i Discipline, family--disciplining children in
Death, readiness for, 118, 2400,

infancy, 135
happy deaths of Christians, 80, 119, 1 discipline accompanied with prayer,

280, 395
unreadiness for 120, 219c 2375

religious tendency of discipline, 137
miserable deaths of the impenitent, discipline withheld, 138
121, 222, 4:27

miscellaneous, 139
miscellaneous, 122

Discipline, church, 140
influence after, 224, 225, 229e

Dishonesty punished, 141
in the act of sin, 6c, d, 359

miscellaneous, 180-182, 252, 373, 376,
in the theatre, 411p



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