Leonora d'Orco: a historical romance

Harper & Brothers, 1857 - 149 Seiten

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Seite 152 - HISTORY OF ROME. A School History of Rome, from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Empire, with Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By HENRY G. LIDDELL, DD, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford. Illustrated by numerous Wood-cuts. (Uniform with "The Student's Gibbon" and "Smith's History of Greece.") 778 pages, Large 12mo, Muslin, $1 00.
Seite 153 - The Child's Book of Nature, for the Use of Families and Schools : intended to aid Mothers and Teachers in Training Children in the Observation of Nature. In Three Parts. Part I. Plants. Part II. Animals. Part III. Air, Water, Heat, Light, &c. By WORTHINGTON HOOKER, MD Engravings.
Seite 112 - It is well to be off with the old love Before we are on with the new...
Seite 116 - Congress wishes to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to make salinity studies, the upper States have no objections. But there is no reason whatsoever for an amendment to a bill for the authorization of the Colorado River storage project requiring salinity investigations. If this is to be done at all, it should be done under a general authorization applying to all western streams; and, so far as the Colorado River is concerned, it should apply to the upper basin as well as the lower basin.
Seite 152 - IlAlirEn & r.coTUKES will scud cither of the following Works by Mail, postage paid (for any distance in the United States under 3000 miles), on receipt of the Money.
Seite 158 - There is a genial spirit throughout your whole work that wins for you the good-will of the reader. I am surprised to find in how short a time you have accomplished your undertaking, considering you have had to travel " from Dan to Beersheba" to collect facts and anecdotes, sketch, engrave, write, print, and correct the press— and. with all this, to have accomplished it in so satisfactory a manner.
Seite 14 - Quant' e bella giovinezza, Che si fugge tuttavia ! Chi vuol esser lieto sia ; Di doman non c'e certezza."* Nello was as easily awaked as a bird.
Seite 153 - Reading without Tears; or, a Pleasant Mode of Learning to Read. By the Author of "Peep of Day,
Seite 155 - Learning about Right and Wrong; Or, Entertaining and Instructive Lessons for Young Children, in respect to their Duty. By JACOB ABBOTT. Illustrated with 90 Engravings.
Seite 9 - ... fortunes and their own at the end! of the fifteenth, and the beginning of the sixteenth centuries in all the courts of western Europe.

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