Lectures on the History of Rome: From the Earliest Times to the Commencement of the First Punic War, Band 1

Taylor, 1848 - 22 Seiten

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Seite 563 - A History of Rome ; from the Earliest Times to the Death of COMMODUS, AD 192. By Dr. L. SCHMITZ, Rector of the High School of Edinburgh, Editor of "Niebuhr's Lectures.
Seite 44 - ... we'd rather starve idle, than working." The labor monopoly of the United Mine Workers of America alone stands between the conditions of 1920 and those of 1896. To the extent that the monopoly is increased the miners' position is made more secure. CHAPTER VIII EARLY HISTORY OF UNIONS OF COAL MINERS WE have now reached the point at which it is necessary to consider the relative merits of complete organization of the coal miners in America and the disadvantages of a further extension of the union....
Seite 89 - Gentiles sunt, qui inter se eodem nomine sunt. Non est satis. Qui ab ingenuis oriundi sunt. Ne id quidem satis est. Quorum majorum nemo servitutem servivit. Abest etiam nunc. Qui capite non sunt deminuti.
Seite 52 - Up to this point we have had nothing except poetry, but with Tullus Hostilius a kind of history begins, that is, events are related which must be taken in general as historical, though in the light in which they are presented to us they are not historical. Thus, for example, the destruction of Alba is historical, and so in all probability is the reception of the Albans at Rome The conquests of Ancus Martins are quite credible, and they appear like an oasis of real history in the midst of fables.
Seite 566 - Reiner's Lessons on Form ; or, An Introduction to Geometry, as given in a Pestalozzian School, Clwam, Surrey, 12mo., with numerous Diagrams.
Seite 562 - Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities. By various Writers. Edited by Dr. WILLIAM SMITH. Second Edition. Revised throughout, with very numerous Additions and Alterations. One thick Volume, medium 8vo, with several hundred Engravings on Wood, 21.
Seite 563 - Chemistry. For the use of Students. By WILLIAM GREGORY, MD, Professor of Chemistry in the University of Edinburgh.
Seite 562 - Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. By various Writers. Edited by DR.
Seite 566 - It has been found in the actual use of these lessons, for a considerable period, that a larger average number of pupils are brought to study the Mathematics with decided success, and that all pursue them in a superior manner.

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