Ernest Vane, Band 2


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Seite 219 - No one is so accursed by fate> No one so utterly desolate, But some heart, though unknown, Responds unto his own : Responds, — as if, with unseen wings, An angel touched its quivering strings ; And whispers, in its song, " Where hast thou stayed so long ?
Seite 122 - he was one of those divine men who, like a chapel in a palace, remain unprofaned, while all the rest is tyranny, corruption, and folly.
Seite 230 - For one reward doth all eclipse, And this shall be my prize — To see my thoughts move ruby lips, Enlighten glorious eyes; To hear a silver-sounding voice Sweetly my words prolong : Say, what reward can more rejoice The Bard who writes a song?
Seite 128 - ... picked up a great deal of information, of one kind or another.

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