The Gas Engineer's Pocket-book, Comprising Tables, Notes, and Memoranda Relating to the Manufacture, Distribution, and Use of Coal Gas and the Construction of Gas Works

Crosby Lockwood and son, 1901 - 454 Seiten

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Seite 400 - The gas in the photometer is to be lighted at least fifteen minutes before the testings begin, and it is to be kept continuously burning from the beginning to the end of the tests. Each testing shall include ten observations of the photometer made at intervals of a minute. The consumption of the gas is to be carefully adjusted to five cubic feet per hour.
Seite 160 - XL, where pm = the mean effective pressure in pounds per square inch, a = the area of the piston in square inches, and L = the length of the stroke of the piston in feet.
Seite 410 - Examiner shall, not less often than once a month, compare the aerorthometer readings with the reciprocal of the tabular number deduced from observations of the barometer and thermometer, and if there is a difference of more than one-half per cent, the instruments are to be readjusted. As TO THE MODE OF TESTING THE PRESSURE AT WHICH GAS is SUPPLIED.
Seite 405 - Test-paper is found to have taken place, this is to be held conclusive as to the presence of Sulphuretted Hydrogen in the gas. Fresh Test-slips are to be placed in the Apparatus every day. In the event of any impurity being discovered, one of the Test-slips shall be placed in a stoppered bottle and kept in the dark at the Testing-place ; the remaining slips shall be forwarded with the daily Report.
Seite 190 - Light carburetted hydrogen . 1'60 ,, When water has been saturated with one gas and is exposed to the influence of a second, it usually allows a portion of the first to escape whilst it absorbs an equivalent quantity of the second. In this way a small portion of a not easily soluble gas can expel a large volume of an easily soluble one.
Seite 405 - ... of ammonia. The correctness of the result to be obtained depends upon the fulfilment of two conditions : — 1. The preparation of test-solutions having the proper strength. 2. The accurate performance of the operation of testing. To prepare the test-solutions, the following processes may be used by the Gas Examiner. Measure a gallon of distilled water into a clean earthenware jar, or other suitable vessel. Add to this 94 septems of pure concentrated sulphuric acid, and mix thoroughly.
Seite 408 - One half of the liquid so obtained is to be set aside in case it should be desirable to repeat the determination of the amount of sulphur which the liquid contains. This portion is to be examined under the same conditions as have been prescribed for the examination of the second portion of the liquid obtained from the apparatus used in testing for ammonia ; unless thus previously used, it is to be preserved, in a bottle properly labelled, for one week.
Seite 401 - The consumption of the gas is to be carefully adjusted to five cubic feet per hour. The candles are to be lighted at least ten minutes before beginning each testing, so as to arrive at their normal rate of burning, which is shown when the wick is slightly bent and the tip glowing.
Seite 407 - ... in the horizontal position. The lever is then made to rest against the catch so as to turn on the gas. The index is then turned back to a little short of zero, and the burner lighted. When the index is close to zero; the trumpet-tube is placed in position on the stand, and its narrow end connected 'with the
Seite 408 - ... of the meter, so that both may be stopped at the same moment when ten cubic feet of gas have passed through the meter. The clock is to be started and set right, and the time is to be recorded. After each testing the flask or beaker, which has received the liquid products of the combustion of the ten cubic feet of gas, is to be emptied into a measuring cylinder and then replaced to receive the washings of the condenser. Next the trumpet-tube is to be removed and well washed out into the measuring...

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