A new Latin delectus, adapted to the arrangement of the Latin grammar. Adapted to the arrangement of the Eton, and Edward the sixth's Latin grammars


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Seite 139 - GERMAN AND ENGLISH AND ENGLISH AND GERMAN DICTIONARY. New edition, adapted to the English Student, with great additions and improvements, by CA FEILINO, DR.
Seite 137 - THE MODERN LINGUIST; or, Conversations in English, French, and German ; preceded by Rules for the Pronunciation of German, a copious Vocabulary, and a Selection of Familiar Phrases ; and followed by Models of Receipts, Bills of Exchange, Letters, Notes, Tables of the English, v French, and German Coins, and of the English and French Weights and Measures.
Seite 137 - KEY TO THE EXERCISES FOR WRITING GERMAN, which may also be used as a Reading Book for practising the Rules of Grammar by those who do not wish to write Exercises. 12mo, cloth, 2s.
Seite 139 - Edition, as there are two other editions bearing the name of Fluegel: the one more bulky and much dearer, — the other, edited by the Son of the Lexicographer, smaller and somewhat cheaper, though both are greatly inferior in utility for the English student, having been compiled without English assistance, and for the use especially of German students. An explanatory description of the difference between the various editions will be found in the Preface to the New London Edition, which may be had,...
Seite 142 - NEW GUIDE to SPANISH and ENGLISH CONVERSATIONS, consisting not only of Modern Phrases, Idioms, and Proverbs, but containing also a copious...
Seite 143 - DICTIONARY OF THE FRENCH AND ENGLISH LANGUAGES, FOR GENERAL USE, with the Accentuation and a Literal Pronunciation of each Word in both Languages ; compiled from the best and most approved English and French Authorities.
Seite 142 - COMPLETE THEORETICAL and PRACTICAL GRAMMAR of the SPANISH LANGUAGE, in a Series of Lectures, with copious Examples and Exercises written with the new Spanish Orthography, and particularly adapted for SelfTuition.
Seite 144 - A GUIDE TO PARIS AND ITS ENVIRONS ; or, Familiar Dialogues in French and English, with a Map. Seventh thousand, 2s. 6d. ; cloth, 3s.
Seite 142 - ITALIAN. BLANC'S NEW POCKET DICTIONARY OF THE ITALIAN AND ENGLISH LANGUAGES, from Baretti, Graglia, and others. Two parts in 1 thick vol., 32mo, 834 pages, roan, 3s. 6d.
Seite 138 - EXTRACTS FROM THE BEST GERMAN AUTHORS. Eighth edition, entirely remodelled and considerably enlarged, with Analytical Translation, Notes, and a copious Vocabulary, for the Use of Beginners in Schools and private Tuition. By DR.

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