The Edinburgh Annual Register

John Ballantyne and Company, 1824

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Seite 452 - O'er youth's bright locks, and beauty's flowery crown : Yet must thou hear a voice — Restore the dead ! Earth shall reclaim her precious things from thee ! — Restore the dead, thou sea ! BRING FLOWERS.
Seite 454 - Night is the time for dreams ; The gay romance of life, When truth that is and truth that seems Blend in fantastic strife ; Ah '. visions less beguiling far Than waking dreams by daylight are ! Night is the time for toil ; To plough the classic field, Intent to find the buried spoil Its wealthy furrows yield ; Till all is ours that sages taught, That poets sang or heroes wrought. Night is the time to weep ; To wet with unseen tears Those graves of memory where sleep The joys of other years ; •...
Seite 451 - Yet more, the Depths have more! — What wealth untold Far down, and shining through their stillness lies! Thou hast the starry gems, the burning gold, Won from ten thousand royal Argosies.
Seite 454 - NIGHT is the time for rest ; — How sweet, when labours close, To gather round an aching breast The curtain of repose, — Stretch the tired limbs, and lay the head Upon our own delightful bed...
Seite 451 - Yet more ! the billows and the depths have more ! High hearts and brave are gathered to thy breast ! They hear not now the booming waters roar, The battle-thunders will not break their rest. Keep thy red gold and gems, thou stormy grave...
Seite 452 - That light of dreaming soul appears To play from thoughts above thy years. Thou smil'st as if thy soul were soaring To Heaven, and Heaven's God adoring! And who can tell what visions high May bless an infant's sleeping eye? What brighter throne can brightness find To reign on than an infant's mind, Ere sin destroy, or error dim, The glory of the Seraphim?
Seite 451 - THE TREASURES OF THE DEEP. WHAT hid'st thou in thy treasure-caves and cells ? Thou hollow-sounding and mysterious main ! — Pale glistening pearls, and rainbow-colour'd shells, Bright things which gleam unreck'd-of, and in vain ! — Keep, keep thy riches, melancholy sea ! We ask not such from thee.
Seite 12 - We are commanded by his Majesty to inform you, that, since he last met you in Parliament, his Majesty's efforts have been unremittingly exerted to preserve the peace of Europe. " Faithful to the principles which his Majesty has promulgated to the world, as constituting the rule of his conduct, his Majesty declined being...
Seite 13 - ... and condition of the people. " Deeply as his majesty regrets the continued depression of the agricultural interest, the satisfaction with which his majesty contemplates the increasing activity which pervades the manufacturing districts, and the flourishing condition of our commerce in most of its principal branches, is greatly enhanced by the confident persuasion that the progressive prosperity of so many of the interests of the country cannot fail to contribute to the gradual improvement of...
Seite 169 - That through a determined and persevering, but at the same time judicious and temperate, enforcement of such measures, this House looks forward to a progressive improvement in the character of the slave population, such as may prepare them for a participation in those civil rights and privileges which are enjoyed by other classes of his Majesty's subjects.

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