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The Subject introduced by a Visit to Einsedelin.-II. p. 6.
Religion in all Ages essential to Chivalry- The Christian
Chivalry sincere and faithful in its Devotion.-III. p. 15.
The Defence of Religion became the Office of Nobility--The
Crusaders- The Accusations against the Templars considered
-How the Crusades may be justified. IV. p. 45. To defend
the Catholic Faith a perpetual ObligationEarly Divisions
gave Occasion to this Law of Chivalry-Examples of its
Observance-Compatible with a Spirit of Toleration --V,
p. 61. Knights were to be Examples of Religion, and to exalt
its Glory-Nobility related to the Priesthood--Laws of Chi-
valry were directed to make Men religious-The Abandon-
ment of Truth leads to the Ruin of Nobility-Examples of
devout Knights--The Bounty of the Great in religious Foun-
dations. VI. p. 82. Examples from History and Romance
of the religious Spirit which distinguished Chivalry.-VII.
p. 116. Chivalry bound its Sons to venerate the Clergy, to
shew a reasonable Respect, and to favour good Priests --Ex-
amples.---VIII. p. 125. The general Character of the Secular
Clergy-The Spirit of the Church respecting their duties.-
IX. p. 154. Of Hermits and the Monastic Orders-Of
Princes and Knights who retired from the World, The
Poetic Interest attached to them-The Confidence and Love
which they inspired The Customs and Discipline of a Mo-
nastery- The Learning of the Monks--Their Sanctity-Ge-
neral Remarks on the Clergy-X. p. 217. The Charity and
Benevolence of Ancient Manners-Exercised also towards
the Dead Examples.- XI. p. 240. The Forgiveness of In-
juries' required by the Spirit of Chivalry-Examples-The
Duty of Knighthood to appease Enmities-Examples.-XII,
p. 249. Chivalry reposed a humble Hope in Divine Aid.
XIII. p. 252. Religion requiring a hardy Life, much Absti-
nence, and Simplicity, harmonized with the views of Chi-
valry-Examples.-XIV. p. 255. The profound and solemn
Spirit of KnightsThe Pilgrim--Dark Views entertained of
WarsThe wonderful Penance of the King Don Rodrigo--The
Custom of holding Vigils in a Church-Further Examples
of solemn Devotion, in the Avoidance of Oaths, in the 06-
servance of the Festivals.XV. p. 278. The Religious Graces
which became the Ornament of Women - Examples.-XVI,
p. 296. General Remarks on the Religion of these Ages-On

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