History of the King's German Legion, Band 1

Thomas and William Boone, 1832
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Seite 216 - Scheldt, having for its object the capture or destruction of the enemy's ships, either building at Antwerp or Flushing, or afloat on the Scheldt; the destruction of the arsenals and dockyards at Antwerp, Torneux, and Flushing; the reduction of the island of Walcheren, and the rendering, if possible, the Scheldt no longer navigable for ships of war.
Seite 83 - ... the King, the Prince of Wales, and other members of the Royal Family.
Seite 38 - Accept the assurances of the high consideration with which I have the honor to be, sir, your very humble and obedient servant.
Seite 362 - I have the honour to remain, Sir, your most obedient humble servant, DAVID NEWMAN.
Seite xxviii - America, and was on the point of sailing ; but in consequence of that message its orders are countermanded. 2. If we do not receive satisfactory explanations respecting these armaments in England, and if they actually take place, it is natural that the First Consul should march twenty thousand men into Holland, since that country is named in the King's message.
Seite 357 - Colonel Napier's History of the War in the Peninsula, an assertion that " the British and German troops that marched to Vigo were conducted without judgment, and licentious.
Seite 230 - Coote to send in to summons the place. General Monnet returned for answer, that he would reply to the summons as soon as he had consulted a council of war. An hour had been allowed him for the purpose, but a considerable time beyond it having elapsed without...
Seite 188 - ... excepted, allow me to place on record in your standard periodical a few facts and extracts from official documents, which will be found to convey a more correct idea of the qualities of these troops than anything which prejudice might dictate, or partiality call forth. " On the 5th of May (1809), the army being at length assembled, a grand review took place, and a most magnificent spectacle it presented. To some of the troops which stood that day under arms, it is not going too far to affirm...
Seite 38 - June, rights and possessions as a prince of that empire. " Until his majesty shall be informed of their sentiments, he has commanded me to say, that in his character of elector of Hanover, he will scrupulously abstain from...
Seite 40 - ... sacrifie indignement vos troupes, dont la bravoure est connue de l'Europe entière ; mais il ne l'est pas moins que tout projet de défense de votre part serait illusoire, et ne ferait qu'attirer de nouveaux malheurs sur votre pays. Je charge le général Berthier, chef de l'état major-général, de vous faire part de mes propositions.

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