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PAGE to continue for a longer time, an act declaring the affent of Congress to certain acts of the states of Maryland, Georgia, and Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, to far as the same respects the states of Georgia, and Rhode-hand and Providence Plantations,

27 XI. An act to provide for the settlement of the

clainis of widows and orphans barred by
the limitations heretofore established, and

to regulate the claims to invalid pensions, 27 XII. An act providing for the settlement of the

claims of persons under particular circum-
ftances barred by the limitations heretofore

31 XIII. An act for the relief of certain 'widows,

orphans, invalids, and other persons, 33 XIV. An act supplemental to the act for making

farther and more effectual provision for
the protection of the frontiers of the United

XV. An act for finishing the light-house on

Bald-head, at the mouth of Cape Fearriver,

in the state of North-Carolina,
XVI. An act establishing a mint, and regulating
the coins of the United States,

37 XVII. An act supplementary to the act for the esta

blishment and support of light-houses, bea-
cons, buoys, and public piers,

47 XVIII. An act to erect a light-house on Montok

Point, in the state of New-York,
XIX. An act for ascertaining the bounds of a tract

of land purchased by John Cleves Symmes, 49 XX. An act for fixing the compensations of the

door-keepers of the Senate and House of

Representatives in Congress,
XXI. An act for altering the times of holding the








late war,


circuit couris, in certain districts of the

United States, and for other purposes,
XXII. An act to compensate the corporation of

trustees of the public grammar-school and
academy of Wilmington, in the

flate of B.
laware, for the occupation of, and damages

done to the said school, during the late war, 54 XXIII. An act for apportioning representatives

among the several states, according to the
first enumeration,

55 XXIV. An act concerning consuls and vice confuls, .56 XXV. An act authorising the grant and convey.

ance of certain lands to the Ohio company of

XXVI. Än act to indemnify the estate of the late

Major General Nathaniel Green, for a
certain bond entered into by him during the

66 XXVII. An act for raising a farther sum of money

for the protection of the frontiers, and for
other purposes therein mentioned,

68 XXVIII. An act to provide for calling forth the lizilitia to execute the laws of the union, fup

80 press insurrections and repel invasions, XXIX. An act for the relief of persons imprisoned

for debt,
XXX. An act anthorising the grant and convey.

ance of certain lands to John Cleves Symmes
and his associates,

80 XXXI. An act to alter the time for the next an

82 nual meeting of Congress, XXXII. An act concerning the duties on spirits diftilled within the United States,

82 XXXIII. An act more effectually to provide for

the national defence, by establishing an uniform militia throughout the United States,

92 XXXIV. An act relative to the compensations to cero







tain officers employed in the collection of the
duties of impost and tonnage,

99 XXXV. An act to continue in force the act, intitled,

an act to provide for mitigating or remit-
ting the penalties and forfeitures accruing
under the revenue laws in certain cases,
and to make further provision for the pay-

mient of pensions. to invalids,
XXXVI. An act for regulating processes in the courts

of the United States, and providing compen-
sation for the officers of the said courts, and

for jurors and witnesses,
XXXVII. An act making alterations in the treasury ·

and war departments, XXXVIII. An act supplementary to the act making

provision for the debt of the United States, 115 XXXIX. An act to provide for a copper coinage, XL. An act for making compensations to the com

misioners of loans for extraordinary ex

XLI. An act making certain appropriations there-
in specified,

122 XLII. An act respecting the gavernment of the

territories of the United States north-west
and south of the river Ohio,

XLIII. An act to compensate the services of the
late colonel George Gibson,

127 XLIV. An act concerning the claim of John Brown

Cutting against the United States, 127

I 20

I 22

Acts passed at the Second Seffion of the Second Congress.



I. An act concerning the registering and re

cording of ships or vessels,
II. An aci to amend an act, intitled, an act

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establishing a mint, and regulating the coins
of the United States,"Sofar as respects the

coinage of copper,
III. An act to provide for the allowance of in-

terest on the sum ordered to be paid by the
resolve of Congress; of the twenty-eighth
of September, one thousand seven hundred
and eighty-five, as an indemnity to the per-
fons ibercin named,

159 IV. An act to continue in force for a limited

time, and to amend the act, intitled, An
act providing the means of intercourse be-

tween the United States and foreignnations, 159
V. An act regulating foreign coins, and for
other purposes,

VI. An act relative to claims against the Uni-

ted States, not barred by any act of limita-
tion, and which have not been aiready ad-

VII. An act respecting fugitives from justice,

and perfons escaping from the fervice of

their masters, VIII. · An act for enrolling and licensing ships or

veljels to be employed in the coasting trade

and fisheries, and for regulating the same, 168 IX. An act providing compensation to the Pre

fident and Vice-President of the United

X. An act to repeal part of a resolution of

Congress of the twenty-ninth of August,
one thousand feven hundred and eighty-
eight, respecting the inhabitants of Post
Saint Vincents,

XI. An act to promote the progress of useful

arts ; and to repeal the act heretofore made




for that purpose,




XII. An act to authorize the comptroller of

the treasury to settle the account of Thomas
Wishart, late a lieutenant in the army of
the United States,

207 XIII. An act to authorize the adjustment of a claim

of Foseph Henderson against the United

207 XIV. An act making provision for the persons therein mentioned,

207 XV. An act for repealing the several impost

laws of the United States, jo far as they
may be dcemed to impose a duty on useful
beasts imported for breed,

208 XVI. An act in addition to, and alteration of

the aci, intitled, an act to extend the
time limited for settling the accounts of the

United States with the individual states," 209
XVII. An act to regulate the claims to invalid

XVIII. An alt making appropriations for the sup-

port of government for the year one thousand
Seven hundred and ninety-three,

213 XIX. An act to regulate trade and intercourse

with the Indian tribes,
XX. An act to ascertain the fees in admiralty

proceedings in the district courts of the Uni

ted States, and for other purposes,
XXI. An ałt making an appropriation to defray

the expense of a treaty with the Indians
north-west of the Ohio,

225 XXII. An act in addition to the act, intitled, an

ach to establish the judicial courts of the
United States,

225 XXIII. An act to alter the times and places of hold

ing the circuit courts, in the eastern district,
and in North Carolina, and for other



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