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Tell Me the Old, Old Story.



1. Tell me the old, old sto ry, Ofun - seen things a 2. Tell me the sto - ry slow - ly, That I may take it 3. Tell me the same old sto ry When you have cause to

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wea - ry And help-less and de - filed. morning Has passed a-way at noon. Tell me the old, old sto -ry, Tell me the sto - ry: Christ Jesus makes thee whole.

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old, old sto - ry, Tell me the old, old sto - ry Of Je-sus and His love.


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1. The Son of God goes forth to war, A king - ly crown to gain; 2. The mar- tyr first, whose ea - gle eye Could pierce be-yond the grave, 3. A no - ble ar-my, men and boys, The ma-tron and the maid,

His blood - red ban - ner streams a - far, Who fol - lows in
Who saw His Mas-ter in the sky, And call’d on Him
A - round the Sav-iour's throne re-joice, In robes of light

His train? to save; ar - rayed;

Who best can drink his cup of woe, Tri - umph-ant o - ver pain, Like Him, with par-don on His tongue, In midst of mor- tal pain, They climb’d the steep as-cent of heav'n Thro' per-il, toil and pain;

Who pa - tient bears his cross be-low, He fol - lows in
He prayed for them that did the wrong;Who fol - lows in
O God, to us may grace be giv’n To fol - low in

His train. His train? their train!


Rutherford. 7, 6, D.



1. The sands of time are sink - ing, The dawn of heav-en breaks; 2. Oh, Christ, He is the fount - ain, The deep, sweet well of love! 3. Oh, I

am my

Be • lov - ed's, And my Be- lov-ed's mine! 4. The Bride eyes not her

gar - ment, But

her dear Bridegroom's face;

The sum-mer morn I've sighed for, The fair, sweet morn a • wakes: The streams on earth I've tast ed, More deep I'll drink a · bove. He brings


to His "house of wine." I will not gaze at glo

on my King of grace.

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a poor vile

ner In ry, But


0 - cean

mer •

cy doth


Dark, dark hath been the mid - night, But day - spring is

at hand, There, to ful - ness, His

pand, I stand up His

it, I

no oth • er stand, Not at the crown He giv eth, But

His pier • ced hand, *

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And glo - ry, glo

ry dwell - eth And glo - ry, glo

ry dwell - eth Not e'en where glo ry dwell - eth The Lamb is all the glo - ry

In Im-man - uel's land.
In Im-man - uel's land.
In Im-map del's land.
Of Im-man – Del's land.



The Comforter Has Come!

Rev. F. BOTTOME, D. D.


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3 4 1. O spread the ti - dings round, wher - er man is found, Wher2. The long, long night is past, the morn - ing breaks at last; And 3. Lo, the great King of Kings, with heal - ing in His wings, To 4. O bound - less Love di vine! how shall this tongue of mine To 5. Sing, till the ech-oes fiy a - bove the vault - ed sky, And

D: 3


D. S.-Ho - ly Ghost from heav'n, The Fa-ther's prom-ise givn; O spread the ti-dings


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tongue pro - claim the joy - ful sound: The Com - fort - er
hills the day ad - van - ces fast! The Com - fort - er
cells the song of tri-umph rings: The Com - fort - er
sin, should in His im - age shine! The Com - fort - er
love, the
song that ne'er will die:

The Com - fort - er

has come! has come! has come! has come! has come!

man is found— The Com - fort - er

has come!

round, Wher - ev - er CHORUS.

D. S.

The Com - fort - er has come,

The Com - fort - er has come! The


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Be - fore the throne my Sure - ty stands; My name is writ
His blood a - toned for all our race, And sprin - kles now
"For-give him, 0 for- give!” they cry, “Nor let

that ran -
His Spir - it

swers to the blood, And tells
fi - dence I now draw nigh, And “Fa - ther, Ab

ten the somed am ba,


me I

With con



His hands, My name throne of grace, And sprin sin - ner die, Nor let born of God, And tells Fa - ther!” cry, And “Fa

is writ kles now that ran me I ther, Ab

ten on His hands.

the throne of grace. somed sin

ner die." am

born of God. ba, Fa - ther!” cry.

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