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246 Louvan. L. M.


1. My Shep-herd is the Lord Most High, And all my wants shall be sup-plied:


In pastures green He makes me lie, And leads by streams which gently glide. AMEN.

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1. Take my heart, O Fa-ther, take it; Make and keep it

all Thine own;

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Let thy Spir-it melt and break it-This proud heart of sin and stone. A - MEN.

2 Father, make me pure and lowly,

Fond of peace and far from strife; Turning from the paths unholy

Of this vain and sinful life.

3 May the blood of Jesus heal me, And my sins be all forgiven; Holy Spirit, take and seal me, Guide me in the path to heaven.

252 Naomi. C. M.


1. Fa-ther, what-e'er of

earthly bliss Thy sov-'reign will de- nies,

Ac-cept-ed at Thy throne of grace, Let this pe- ti - tion rise: A-MEN.

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1 There is an eye that never sleeps
Beneath the wing of night;
There is an ear that never shuts,
When sink the beams of light.

2 There is an arm that never tires,

When human strength gives way;
There is a love that never fails,
When earthly loves decay.

3 But there's a power which man can wield When mortal aid is vain,

That eye, that arm, that love to reach,
That listening ear to gain.

4 That power is prayer, which soars on high, Through Jesus to the throne;

And moves the hand which moves the world, To bring salvation down.

James E. Wallace.

254 Tune:-WEBB. No. 277.

1 The morning light is breaking;
The darkness disappears;
The sons of earth are waking

To penitential tears;
Each breeze that sweeps the ocean
Brings tidings from afar,
Of nations in commotion,
Prepared for Zion's war.

2 See heathen nations bending
Before the God we love,
And thousand hearts ascending

In gratitude above;

While sinners, now confessing,

The gospel call obey,

And seek the Saviour's blessing-
A nation in a day.

3 Blest river of salvation!

Pursue thine onward way;
Flow thou to every nation,
Nor in thy richness stay:
Stay not till all the lowly
Triumphant reach their home:
Stay not till all the holy
Proclaim-"The Lord is come!"
Samuel F. Smith, 1832.

255 Retreat. L. M.


1. From ev'ry storm-y wind that blows, From ev'ry swell-ing tide of woes,



There is a calm, a sure retreat-'Tis found beneath the mercy - seat. A-MEN.

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Yet who that knows the worth of prayer As that which calls me to Thy feet,
But wishes to be often there?

2 Prayer makes the darkened clouds with-
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw, [draw;
Gives exercise to faith and love,
Brings every blessing from above.

3 Restraining prayer, we cease to fight;
Prayer makes the Christian's armor bright;
And Satan trembles when he sees
The weakest saint upon his knees.

4 Have you no words? ah! think again;
Words flow apace when you complain,
And fill a fellow-creature's ear
With the sad tale of all your care.

William Cowper.

The calm and holy hour of prayer?

2 Then is my strength by Thee renewed; Then are my sins by Thee forgiven; Then dost Thou cheer my solitude,

With clear and beauteous hopes of heaven.

3 No words can tell what sweet relief
There for my every want I find;
What strength for warfare, balm for grief,

What deep and cheerful peace of mind!

4 Lord, till I reach the blissful shore,
No privilege so dear shall be,
As thus my inmost soul to pour
In faithful, filial prayer to Thee.
Charlotte Elliott,

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