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Beth-le-hem!” With the angel host proclaim, “Christ is born in Bethlehem!” AMEN.

2 Christ, by highest heaven adored,

Christ, the everlasting Lord;
In the manger born a King,
While adoring angels sing,
Peace on earth, to men good-will;"
Bid the trembling soul be still,
Christ on earth has come to dwell,
Jesus, our Emmanuel!

3 Haill the heaven-born Prince of peace!

Hail! the Sun of righteousness!
Life and light to all He brings,
Risen with healing in His wings.
Mild He lays His glory by,
Born that man no more may die,
Born to raise the sons of earth,
Born to give them second birth.

Charles Wesley.

Tune: ANTIOCH. C. M. 2 Joy to the earth; the Saviour reigns; He comes to make His blessings flow

Let men their songs employ; (plains, Far as the curse is found. While fields and floods, rocks, hills and

4 He rules the world with truth and grace, Repeat the sounding joy.

And makes the nations prove 3 No more let sins and sorrows grow,

The glories of His righteousness, Nor thorns infest the ground;

And wonders of His love.

Isaac Watts.

184 Carol. C. M. D.


1. It came upon the midnight clear, That glorious song of old,From angels bending near the earth,

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To touch their harps of gold; “Peace to the earth, good-will to men, From heav'n's all- gracious

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King:” The earth in sol-emn stillness lay, To hear the an-gels sing.

A - MEN.

2 Still through the cloven skies they come,

With peaceful wings unfurled;
And still celestial music floats

O’er all the weary world;
Above its sad and lonely plains

They bend on heavenly wing,
And ever o’er its Babel sounds,

The blessed angels sing.
3 0 ye, beneath life's crushing load,

Whose forms are bending low,
Who toil along the climbing way,

With painful steps and slow;

Look up! for glad and golden hours

Come swiftly on the wing; O rest beside the weary road,

And hear the angels singi 4 For lo! the days are hastening on,

By prophet-bards foretold, When with the ever-circling years

Comes round the age of gold! When peace shall over all the earth

Its final splendors fling, And the whole world send back the song Which now the angels sing!

Edmund H. Sears.

185 1 Calm on the listening ear of night

Come heaven's melodious strains, Where wild Judea stretches far

Her silver-mantled plains.
Celestial choirs, from courts above,

Shed sacred glories there,
And angels, with their sparkling lyres,

Make music on the air.

2 “Glory to God!”' the lofty strain

The realms of ether fills;
How sweeps the song of solemn joy

O’er Judah's sacred hills!
“Glory to God!” the sounding skies

Loud with their anthems ring: “Peace on the earth; good-will to men, From heaven's eternal King."

Edmund H. Sears,

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1. How beauteous were the marks di - vine, That in Thy meek-ness used to shine,

That lit Thy lone-ly pathway, trod In wondrous love, O Son of God! A - MEN.

2 0 who like Thee, so calm, so bright,

So pure, so made to live in light?
O who like Thee did ever go

So patient through a world of woe? 3 0 who like Thee so humbly bore

The scorn, the scoffs of men, before?
So meek, forgiving, godlike, high,

So glorious in humility?
4 The bending angels stooped to see

The lisping infant clasp Thy knee,

And smile as in a father's eye,

Upon Thy mild divinity. 5 And death, which sets the prisoner free, Was pang, and scoff,

and scorn to Thee; Yet love through all Thy torture glowed;

And mercy with Thy life-blood flowed. 6 O in Thy light be mine to go,

Illuming all my way of woe;
And give me ever on the road
To trace Thy footsteps, Son of God!

Arthur C. Coxe.

187 Tune:— CORONATION. No. 169 188
1 All hail the coming Son of God, 1 0 wondrous type, O vision fair,
He’s coming back again;

Of glory that the Church shall share, 11:He's coming in the clouds of heaven, Which Christ upon the mountain shows;

He's coming back to reign! : || Where brighter than the sun He glows! 2 Sinners whose sins are washed away, 2 With shining face and bright array, Nor left a single stain,

Christ deigns to manifest to-day ll:Go, bail the advent of your Lord; What glory shall be theirs above,

He's coming back to reign! :| Who joy in God with perfect love. 3 Let every kindred, every tribe, 3 And faithful hearts are raised on high, Free of creation's pain,

By this great vision's mystery; 11:Aloud acclaim His welcome back, For which in joyful strains we raise

He's coming back to reign! :|| The voice of prayer, the hymn of praise: 4 Ah! soon with all the ransomed throng, 4 O Father, with the Eternal Son, Beholding Him once slain,

And Holy Spirit, ever One, ll:We'll see the rolling cloud, and shout, Vouchsafe to bring us by Thy grace He's coming back to reign! :|| To see Thy glory face to face. James M. Gray,

John M. Neale, tr.

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Lay down, thou wear-y one, lay down Thy head up - on my breast!” AMEN.

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2 I came to Jesus as I was,

3 The healing of the seamless dress Weary, and worn, and sad;

Is by our beds of pain; I found in Him a resting-place,

We touch Him in life's throng and press, And He hath made me glad.

And we are whole again. 3 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 4 Through Him the first fond prayers are “Behold, I freely give

Our lips of childhood frame; [said The living water; thirsty one,

The last low whispers of our dead Stoop down, and drink, and live!” Are burdened with His name. 4 I came to Jesus, and I drank

5 O Lord and Master of us all, Of that life-giving stream;

Whate’er our name or sign, My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, We own Thy sway, we hear Thy call, And now I live in Him.

We test our lives by Thine!

John G. Whittier. 5 I heard the voice of Jesus say,

“I am this dark world's light; 191 Look unto me, thy morn shall rise, And all thy day be bright!”

1 A pilgrim through this lonely world,

The blessed Saviour passed; 6 I looked to Jesus, and I found

A mourner all His life was He, In Him my Star, my Sun;

A dying Lamb at last. And in that light of life I'll walk,

2 That tender heart that felt for all, Till traveling days are done. Horatius Bonar.

For all its life-blood gave;

It found on earth a resting-place, 190

Save only in the grave. 1 We may not climb the heavenly steeps 3 Such was our Lord; and shall we fear To bring the Lord Christ down;

The cross, with all its scorn? In vain we search the lowest deeps, Or love a faithless evil world, For Him no depths can drown.

That wreathed His brow with thorn? 2 But warm, sweet, tender, even yet 4 No! facing all its frowns or smiles, A present help is He;

Like Him, obedient still, And faith has yet its Olivet,

We homeward press thro' storm or calm, And love its Galilee.

To Zion's blessed hill.

Horatius Bonar.

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2 Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast, 4 His dying crimson, like a robe,

Save in the death of Christ, my God; Spreads o'er His body on the tree; All the vain things that charm me most, Then I am dead to all the globe, I sacrifice them to His blood.

And all the globe is dead to me. 3 See, from His head, His hands, His feet, 5 Were the whole realm of nature mine,

Sorrow and love flow mingled down; That were a present far too small; Did e'er such love and sorrow meet, Love so amazing, so divine, Or thorns compose so rich a crown? Demands my soul, my life, my all,

Isaac Watts, 193 Olive's Brow, L. M.



1. 'Tis mid-night; and on 01 - ive's brow The star is dimmed that lately' shone:

2 움 5-64


'Tis midnight; in the gar - den, now, The suff’ring Saviour prays a-lone. A-MEN.

2 'Tis midnight; and from all removed, Yet He that hath in anguish knelt,

The Saviour wrestles lone with fears; Is not forsaken by His God. E’en that disciple whom He loved Heeds not his Master's grief and tears. 4 'Tis midnight; and from ether-plains

Is borne the song that angels know; 3 'Tis midnight; and for others’ guilt Unheard by mortals are the strains The Man of Sorrows weeps in blood; Thatsweetly soothe the Saviour's woe.

William B. Tappan,

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