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1. Ye serv-ants of God, your Mas - ter pro-claim, And pub - lish d

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broad His won-der- ful name; The name all- vic - to-rious of Je-sus ex

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2 God ruleth on high, almighty to save;,

And still He is nigh: His presence we have;
The great congregation His triumph shall sing,

Ascribing salvation to Jesus, our King.
3 “Salvation to God, who sits on the throne,”

Let all cry aloud, and honor the Son;.
The praises of Jesus the angels proclaim,

Fall down on their faces, and worship the Lamb.
4 Then let us adore, and give Him His right-

All glory and power, and wisdom and might;
All honor and blessing, with angels above,
And thanks never ceasing, for infinite love.

Charles Wesley.

163 1 Oh,worship the King, all-glorious above, 3 Thy bountiful care what tongue can recite? And gratefully sing His wonderful love; It breathes in the air, it shines in the light, Our Shield and Defender, the Ancient of days, It streams from the hills, it descends to the plain, Pavilioned in splendor,and girded with praise. And sweetly distils in the dew and the rain. / 2 Oh, tell of His might, and sing of His grace, 4 Frail children of dust, and feeble as frail, Whose robe is the light,whose canopy space; In Thee do we trust, nor find Thee to fail; His chariots of wrath the deep thunder-clouds form, Thy mercies how tender! how firm to the end! And dark is His path on the wings of the storm. Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer,and Friend.

Robert Grant,

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166 Sabbath. 7s. 61.


1. Safely thro’ another week, God has bro't us on our way; Let us now a blessing seek,

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Wait-ing in His courts today: Day of all the week the best, Emblem of e-ter-nal rest;

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Day of all the week the best, Emblem of

e - ter - nal rest. A - MEN.

2 While we seek supplies of grace,

Through the dear Redeemer's name, Show Thy reconciling face

Take away our sin and shame; From our worldly cares set free,

May we rest this day in Thee. 3 Here we come Thy name to praise;

Let us feel Thy presence near;
May Thy glory meet our eyes,

While we in Thy house appear:
Here afford us, Lord, a taste

Of our everlasting feast.
4 May Thy gospel's joyful sound

Conquer sinners, comfort saints;
Make the fruits of grace abound,

Bring relief for all complaints:
Thus let all our Sabbaths prove,
Till we rest in Thee above.

John Newton.

Tune:-ST. THOMAS. 2 Let those refuse to sing

4 The hills of Zion yields Who never knew our God;

A thousand sacred sweets But children of the heavenly King Before we reach the heavenly fiełds, May speak their joys abroad.

Or walk the golden streets. 3 The men of grace have found

5 Then let our songs abound, Glory below;

And every tear be dry; Celestial fruits on earthly ground We're marching thro' Immanuel's ground From faith and hope may grow.

To fairer words on high.

167 Mendebras. 7s, 6s. D.


1. {Obalmdar care and sadness, most beautiful, most bright;

o day of rest and gladness, O day of joy and light: On thee, the high and lowly,

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Bending before the throne, Sing, Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho-ly, To the Great Three in One. AMEN.

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169 Coronation, C. M.



2 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,

Go, spread your trophies at His feet, Ye ransomed from the fall,

And crown Him Lord of all, Hail Him, who saves you by His grace, 4 Let every kindred, every tribe, And crown Him Lord of all.

On this terrestrial ball, 3 Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget To Him all majesty ascribe, The wormwood and the gall,

And crown Him Lord of all.

Edward Perronet, alt.

170 State Street. S. M.


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2 This holy bread and wine

Maintains our fainting breath, By union with their living Lord,

And interest in His death. sit and hold Communion with their Lord. 3 Let all our powers be joined,

His glorious name to raise; Pleasure and love fill every mind,


Isaac Watts. 171 1 Jesus, we thus obey

As Thine own dying legacy,
Thy last and kindest word,

And our redemption's sign.
And in Thine own appointed way, 3 Now let our souls be fed
We come to meet Thee, Lord!

With manna from above, 2 Thus we remember Thee,

And over us Thy banner spread
And take this bread and wine

Of everlasting love.

Charles Wesley

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