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Send the Power Again.




1. There was pow'r, O Lord, in the days of old, To kin - dle 2. There was pow'r by which ev - ’ry tongue could speak, New life · giv - ing 3. There was pow'r to set ev - ’ry cap - tive free And give

to Thy 4. There was pow'r, O Lord, in the old - time prayer, It thrilled ev - ’ry

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1. Gone from my heart the world and all its charms; Now thro’ the blood I'm 2. Once I was lost, and 'way down deep in sin;

a slave to 3. Once I was bound, but now I am set free; Once I was blind, but

Once was


saved from all a - larms; Down at the cross my heart is bend-ing low; The pas - sions fierce within; Once was a - fraid to meet an an - gry God, But now the light I see; Once I was dead, but now in Christ I live, To



cious blood of Je-sus cleanses white as snow. now I'm cleansed from ev'ry stain thro' Jesus' blood. I love Him, I love Him, tell the world around the peace that He doth give.

Be-cause He first loved me, And purchased my salvation on Cal-v'ry's tree.


Thy Saviour Calls Thee.



1. Come home! The Shepherd's ea- ger call, Rings out up - on the mountains cold, 2. Come home! O wan-der-er, re-joice! Thy Shepherd's call is wondrous sweet, 3. Come home! And rest with-in the fold, Lie down be - side the wa-ters still,

Come home! Its ech-oes rise and fall, To lead the wand'rer to the fold. He guides the lost ones with His voice; And homeward brings the weary feet. Rapt-ures of love as yet un - told, Thy hun-gry, wea-ry soul shall fill.


Come home! Thy Sav-iour calls thee come!

Come home! Thy . Come home!

way is dark

and lone, Come homel Thy Fa-ther loves thee

Come home!


Come home! 0 wan-d’ring one, come home!
Come home!

Come home!

Copyright, 1912, by Chas. M. Alexander. International copyright secured.

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1.Who is there a-mong you”—'tis the Mas-ter's voice—“Who will bear My 2. Who will go in pa-tience thro' the broad high-ways? Who will take the 3. Who will go, un - fear-ing harm and wear- i - ness, Walk-ing in His 4. Who will go, un - tir - ing, full of faith and love, Know-ing there re

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g 동 mes - sage, mak-ing Me his choice? Who for serv - ice read - y by - ways, not for hu - man praise? Who will

Je foot-steps, break-ing hearts to bless? Who will go in pit

go for


y, main - eth rest in heav'n a bove? Je - sus, Lord and Mas - ter,

now will vol- un - teer? Let him an - swer glad- ly, while I bend to hear.” where the shadows fall, In His name up - lift - ing stray-ing ones that fall? seek-ing for the lost? Who will fol - low Je - sus, count-ing not the cost? who has loved me 80, On Thy gra-cious er - rands help me now to go.


Who will lis - ten glad - ly, who will make re - ply? Haste, 0 haste te

*Small notes for Instrument and a few Soprano voices.

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who will make re - ply, "Send me on Thine er-rand, Mas-ter, here am

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1. I am com - ing to the cross; I am poor, and weak, and blind; 2. Long my heart has sighed for Thee, Long has e · vil reigned with - in, 3. Here I give my all to Thee, Friends, and time, and earth - ly store,

Cho.—I am trust - ing, Lord, in Thee,

Blest Lamb of Cal- va- ry;

D. C. for Chorus.

I am count- ing all but dross; I shall full sal - va- tion find.
Je-sus sweet - ly speaks to me, I will cleanse you from all sin."
Soul and bod - y Thine to be- Whol - ly Thine for - ev - er - more.

Hum-bly at Thy cross I bow, Save me, Je • Sus, save me now.

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