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1. If an - y man thirst, let him come un- to Me, Let him come! Let him 2. If an - y man thirst, let him come un- to Me, Let him come! Let him 3. If an - y man thirst, let him come un- to Me, Let him come! Let him 4. If an -ý man thirst, let him come un- to Me, Let him come! Let him

Let him come!

come! Who-ev - er may hear let him come without fear, Let him come! . come! Wher-ev - er he dwell, in a pal-ace or cell, Let him come! come! The greater the need let it has-ten his speed, Let him come! come! “When-ev - er he may,” is a call for to-day, Let him comel. Let Him come!

Let him come!

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Let him comel. Let him take of the wa - ter that I have to give,

Let him come!

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Onward, Christian Soldiers.



1. Onward, Chris-tian sol-diers! March-ing as to war; With the cross of 2. Like a might-y ar - my Moves the Church of God; Broth-ers, we 3. Crowns and thrones may per - ish, King-doms rise and wane; But the Church of 4. On-ward, then, ye

faith-ful, Join our hap - py throng, Blend with ours your

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Go-ing on be - fore, Christ, the Roy - al Mas-ter, Leads atread - ing Where the saints have trod; We are not di

vid - ed, All one Je Con-stant will re-main: Gates of hell can

nev-er, 'Gainst that voic es, In the tri-umph song: Glo ry, laud, and hon - or, Un - to


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With the cross


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leads me in this world be - low; An - y-where with -out Him dear-est fail me, He is still my own; Tho' His hand may lead me shadows round a - bout me, creep, Know-ing I shall wak - en nev - er

0 - ver

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joys would fade, drear - est ways, more to


An - y-where with Je - Bus I am not

fraid. An - y-where with Je - sus is a house of praise. An - y-where with Je - sus will be home, sweet home.

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den free;

And thine shall be....
From sin and bur • den free, from bur - den free;

And thine shall be

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my boundless grace;. .
O soul, a - - bide.....

in Me. my boundless grace;

O soul, a - bide in Me.

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