Syncretistic Religious Communities in the Near East: Collected Papers Od the International Symposium "Alevism in Turkey and Comparable Syncretistic Religious Communities in the Near East in the Past and Present" Berlin, 14-17 April 1955

Krisztina Kehl-Bodrogi, Barbara Kellner Heinkele, Anke Otter Beaujean
BRILL, 1997 - 255 Seiten
This volume deals with Islamic sects in the Near East such as the Alevis (Turkey), Druzes (Libanon), Alawis (Syria), Ahl-i Haqq (Iran, Iraq) and Shabak (Iraq), which have in common a syncretistic system of belief with a strong Shi'ite influence, as well as secrecy and endogamy. The contributions in this volume focus on the present situation of these communities, their relation to mainstream Islam, their involvement in national and ethnic politics, aspects of faith and rituals, the relevance of sacred texts, modes of religious and social transformation, and the recent revival of Alevism. In view of the new visibility of these formerly "hidden" sects and their increasing social and political importance, this volume provides important information for all scholars interested in the religious and political situation of the region.

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Reha Camuroglu Istanbul
Jean During Strasbourg
Georg Elwert Berlin
Firro Haifa
Reza Fariborz Hamzehee Augsburg
Krisztina KehlBodrogi Bremen
Aharon Layish Jerusalem
Michiel Leezenberg Amsterdam
Ziba MirHosseini London
Ahmet Yaar Ocak Ankara
Anke OtterBeaujean Berlin
Thomas Scheffler BerlinBeirut

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Über den Autor (1997)

Krisztina Kehl-Bodrogi, Dr. Phil. (1986), in Ethnology, Freie Universitat Berlin, is Assistant Professor at the Department of Comparative Religion, Universitat Bremen. Her publications include a monograph on Alevism and articles on various aspects of the current Alevi revival. Barbara Kellner-Heinkele, Dr. Phil. (1974), Universitat Hamburg, Habilitation (1981), in Islamic Studies, Universitat Freiburg, is Professor of Turcology at Freie Universitat Berlin. She has published on Ottoman history, co-authored publications on Turcological bibliography and co-edited collective volumes with Ottoman and Turcological themes. Anke Otter-Beaujan, M.A. (1990) in Islamic Studies, Freie Universitat Berlin, is examining Alevi religious manuscripts called "Buyruk" for her Ph.D. dissertation.

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