The Geology of Huntingdon County, Band 59

Board of Commissioners, 1885 - 483 Seiten

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Seite 440 - Clarion) in two sheets; 3 local contour maps at Franklin, Titusville and Spring Creek ; two maps of NW Pennsylvania, showing the past and present drainage ; long section across W. Pennsylvania ; vertical section of the formations from the Upper Coal measures down to the bottom of the Devonian ; diagram map and section of Third sand; profile section from Meadville, SW ; 5 sheets of grouped oil well sections ; 5 sheets of working drawings for well boring, &c.
Seite 438 - Z. Report on the TERMINAL MORAINE across Pennsylvania, by HC Lewis; including extracts from descriptions of the Moraine in New Jersey, by GH Cook, and in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, by GF Wright . With a map of the State, 18 photographic views of the moraine, and 32 page plate maps and sections.
Seite 443 - Atlas of maps and sections (see below). 8°, pp. 311, 1881. (T. ) Atlas of colored geological contour line map of Morrison's cove, Canoe valley, Sinking valley and country west- to the Cambria county line (14 sheets) ; Index map of the same (1 sheet) ; colored sections (2 sheets). 8°, 1881.
Seite iii - Board of Commissioners of Geological Survey, In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at WASHINGTON, DC Electrotyped and printed by LANE S.
Seite 442 - R 2, for descriptions of oil rocks in McKean, Elk, and Forest counties. See V, V 2, for notes on the oil rocks of N. Butler and Clarion counties. See H 2 for oil boring at Cherry Tree, Cambria county. See G 5 for oil boring in Wayne county.
Seite 438 - I, containing 11 sheets : 4 mine sheets between Delano and Locust Dale, 3 topographical sheets between Quakake Junction and Mount Carmel, and 4 cross section sheets. 8°, NOTES.
Seite 438 - Ashburner, geologist in charge. (AA.) ATLAS OF SOUTHERN anthracite field, Part I, containing 13 sheets; 3 geological and mine sheets, 3 cross section sheets, 3 columnar section sheets, 1 topographical map sheet, and 1 coal bed area sheet, relating to the PANTHER CREEK BASIN ; 1 general map of the anthracite region, and 1 chart of anthracite production from 1820 to 1881. 8°, 1882.
Seite 442 - JH Dewees, and on the Aughwick valley and East Broad Top region in HUNTINGDON county, by CA Ashburner. With colored geological maps of East Broad Top RR and Orbisonia vicinity, (2 sheets ;) Three Springs map and section, (2 sheets ;) Sideling Hill Creek map and section, (2 sheets,) and Isometric projection at Three Springs, (Isheet;) six folded cross sections and 22 page plates of local maps and columnar sections.
Seite 441 - Buffalo Coal Company tract, Alton coal basin, and Potato Creek coal basin : map of McKean oil district ; one sheet of columnar sections between Bradford and Ridgway ; and 2 diagram sheets of the Well account and Production account in the Bradford district.
Seite 443 - ... sheets); Three Springs map and section (2 sheets); Sideling Hill creek map and section (2 sheets); and Isometric projection at Three Springs (1 sheet); six folded cross sections and 22 page plates of local maps, and columnar sections. 8°, pp. 305, 1878.

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