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Seite 41 - Theology from some recognized theological institution of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and who shall give evidence satisfactory to the Faculty of advanced study in various Departments of Theology, including a major and two minor subjects, approved by the Faculty, with the presentation of a thesis showing such originality of thought or extent of research as shall, in the opinion of the Faculty, justify it in recommending the candidate for the Degree. The Faculty shall have power to accept, for...
Seite 56 - Geneva and its vicinity ; next in value was an annual allowance from the Protestant Episcopal Society for Promoting Religion and Learning in the State of New York.
Seite 38 - Theology is of the Oxford shape, and of scarlet cloth, lined with purple silk. The fee for degrees, excepting those conferred honoris causa, is five dollars.
Seite 36 - Alumni Prize in Ecclesiastical History," the examination to be conducted as above and to have special reference to the early history and canonical independence of the Church of England, as being sui juris, in all ecclesiastical matters, a distinct and independent branch of the Church of Christ. Those intending to compete for the above prizes are to give their names as candidates to the Dean at least a month before the date of the examination. THE SEYMOUR PRIZE.
Seite 50 - ... Priests of St. John the Evangelist, subject to the approval of the Faculty of the Seminary. They are to remain unmarried. The period of tenure is five years, but the term of any of these fellowships may be extended by the said Provincial Superior with the consent of the Faculty. The holders of these fellowships may be permitted by the Faculty to pursue their studies abroad for such part of their incumbency as the Faculty shall approve and direct.
Seite 52 - Orders, and was designated to be an institution which should "have the united support of the whole Church of these United States, and should be under the superintendence and control of the General Convention.
Seite 45 - General Theological Seminary, the Bishop of Massachusetts, the Bishop of Connecticut and the Bishop of Long Island, who are designated and constituted "The Board of Appointment." He must be an ordained minister in good standing of this Church, or of some Church in communion with it; and shall deliver at such time and place as may be required a Course of Lecture Sermons, in number not less than four nor more than seven. No previous Lecturer is eligible unless at least seven years have intervened between...
Seite 47 - THE JOHN H. TALMAN FELLOWSHIP. — This fellowship was founded in 1881 by Caroline Talman, of New York, with an endowment of ten thousand dollars...
Seite 47 - Brooklyn, moved thereto by gratitude to God for the goodness and mercy that had followed him all the days of his life, and impressed by a deep sense of the good which would, with God's blessing, grow out of an endowment for the encouragement of "the defence and confirmation of the Gospel" by godly and well-learned men.
Seite 61 - The Association was organized in October, 1832, and incorporated in 1889. It is designed to embrace all the graduates of the Seminary. Its objects are: to cherish a spirit of mutual interest and union among its members, to advance the cause of theological learning and evangelical truth and piety, and to promote the advantage of the Institution with which it is connected.

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