The South America Pilot: From Cape St. Roque to Cape Virgins, Including Falkland, South Georgia, Sandwich, and South Shetland Islands : Also the North Coast from St. Roque to Cape North. East coast of South America. Part I., Teil 1

Darling & Son, 1893 - 560 Seiten

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Seite xxii - ... center of magnetic force of an amount absolutely unknown to affect a compass half a mile distant. Such deflections of the compass are due to magnetic minerals in the bed of the sea under the ship, and when the water is shallow and the force strong, the compass may be temporarily deflected when passing over such a spot; but the area of disturbance will be small unless there are many centers near together.
Seite xxiv - The position of these bags should vary with the circumstances. Running before the wind they should be hung on either bow — eg, from the cathead — and allowed to tow in the water. With the wind on the quarter the effect seems to be less than in any other position, as the oil goes astern while the waves come up on the quarter.
Seite xviii - The glare of a powerful light is often seen far beyond the limit of visibility of the actual rays of the light, but this must not be confounded with the true range.
Seite xvi - ... detailed, may have failed to find every small patch. A. wide berth should therefore be given to every rocky shore or patch, and this rule should be Invariably followed, viz., that instead of considering- a coast to be clear unless it Is shown to be foul, the contrary should be assumed.
Seite xxiii - The heaviest and thickest oils are most effectual. Refined kerosene is of little use; crude petroleum is serviceable when nothing else is obtainable ; but all animal and vegetable oils, such as waste oil from the engines, have great effect.
Seite 552 - Sailing directions for the South-east coast of Nova Scotia and bay of Fundy, 4th edition, 1894 4 0 St.
Seite xxiv - On a bar, with the ebb tide running, it would seem to be useless to try oil for the purpose of entering. 10. For boarding a wreck, it is recommended to pour oil overboard to windward of her before going alongside.
Seite xx - In all such cases angles should be taken to several objects, the more the better; but five objects is a good number, as the four angles thus obtained not only prevent any errors, but they at once furnish a means of checking the accuracy of the chart itself.
Seite 174 - This magnificent bay, in the entrance to which lies the island of the same name, is about 17 miles from north to south, and 12 miles from east to west, and having an average depth of 10 fathoms. In the northern part of the bay lies Gipoia island, surrounded by clusters of smaller ones which have many outlying rocks and dangers, the outer and southern island of this group is named Coronel, and lies...
Seite xxiv - ... 11. For a boat riding in bad weather from a sea anchor it is recommended to fasten the bag to an endless line rove through a block on the sea anchor, by which means the oil can be diffused well ahead of the boat and the bag readily hauled on board for refilling, if necessary.

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