The Chess Tournament: A Collection of the Games Played at this Celebrated Assemblage, Illustrated by Copious Diagrams, and Notes, Critical and Explanatory

Bell & Daldy, 1873 - 382 Seiten

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Seite 267 - B's 4th. 8. Q. to Q's 2d. 9. B. takes Kt. 9. P. takes B. 10. Q. Kt. to B's 3d. 10. KB to K. Kt's 2d. 11.
Seite liii - OF PLAY. In the great series of matches, the competitors will be paired in the following way : — Suppose the number of combatants to consist of thirty-two (a number assumed for the facility of ultimate division), they will be paired off by lot, and commence their games simultaneously. The ¡sixteen players winning two out of three games* to be declared victors in ihiaßrst gestion of the strife.
Seite liv - To determine the order in which the prizes shall be distributed, the eight prize-bearers will then be paired off against each other as before, each couple to play the best of three games. The four winners in the third contest will then be paired off by lot again, and play the best of three games, while the four losers will be paired off in another division, to play in the same manner. The two winners in the first division of four will then contend for the First Prize — the second prize going to...
Seite lvi - ... to the fund, for each and every non-attendance ; and after three forfeitures for absence, he will not be permitted to enter the lists again. 10. One game at least to be played by each pair of combatants at a sitting, unless it be protracted above eight hours, when by mutual consent it may be adjourned to the next day. 11. For non-attendance, on one occasion only, a medical certificate will be allowed to excuse the absentee from penalty. 12. As the managing committee guarantee to every subscriber...
Seite lvi - ... but as this desirable object might be frustrated, the Committee have decided that the winner of the great prize shall hold himself open, for forty-eight hours, to accept a challenge for a single match with any competitor in the Tournament who shall first challenge him, for one hundred pounds aside. 8. The games to be played in accordance with the Rules of the chief European Chess Clubs, and all disputed points referred to the Managing Committee, whose decision must be considered final. 9. Any...
Seite lvii - ... must attend the recording of so many games and their subsequent publication, it must be understood that no one will be allowed, in the first instance, to publish any part of them, without the express sanction of the committee.

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