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Oxford Treasury of English


Vol. III: Jacobean to Victorian


G. E. Hadow Tutor in English Literature, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford Late Tutor in English Literature, Somerville College, Oxford


W. H. Hadow
Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford

At the Clarendon Press

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The method of this volume is determined by the same principle as that of its two predecessors. It is primarily intended for students who are beginning a general course of English Literature, and it has been compiled, as far as possible, in reference to their requirements. Again, it makes no attempt to cover the entire ground, but groups its illustrations round those points of interest from which, in our judgement, the chief literary movements of the time have radiated. Our perspective has not allowed us to cite every author who is great or notable, but those alone who best represent their age or whose influence on contemporaries or successors is most clearly apparent.

We wish to offer all cordial thanks to Mr. Bertram Dobell for permitting us to include in this volume two examples from Thomas Traherne. The discovery of this author, who stands with Vaughan at the centre of seventeenth-century mysticism, is one of the signal services which Mr. Dobell has conferred on the study of English Literature.

G. E. H.
W. H. H.


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