Bertolt Brecht Journals

Routledge, 1993 - 556 Seiten
From Scandinavia across Russia to Hollywood, then on, via Switzerland and a flirtation with Salzburg, back to his own disappointing country, Brecht makes shrewd if sometimes harsh judgements on the people he meets. Some people included are: Thomas Mann, the Frankfurt philosophers, Schonberg, Isherwood, D'Annunzio, Ezra Pound, Wordsworth, Margaret Steffin, and more.

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Bertolt Brecht was born on February 10, 1898 in Augsburg, Bavaria, and died on August 14, 1956. He was a German playwright, theatre director and Marxist. The modest house where he was born is today preserved as a Brecht Museum. Brecht formed a writing collective which became prolific and very influential. He wrote many lyrics for musicals and collaborated with Kurt Weill to create Die Dregroschenoper -- the biggest hit in 1920s Berlin. Brecht experimented with his own theater and company -- the Berliner Ensemble -- which put on his plays under his direction and which continued after his death with the assistance of his wife. Brecht aspired to create political theater, and it is difficult to evaluate his work in purely aesthetic terms. Brecht died in 1956.

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