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For some time we have been considering the advisability of utilizing a number of the rare works on the shelves of the Lloyd Library of Pharmacy and Botany, in a manner that will conserve the interests of scientific societies and libraries. Our plan is to publish in as nearly facsimile as possible, the rarest of the early works connected with Pharmacy, Materia Medica, and Botany, and to supply them by exchange to journals and societies connected with these branches of science, and also at the nominal price of $1.00 per issue to persons who desire them for their private libraries. But while this will be a feature of each Bulletin, we shall also aim to contribute more or less original matter, such as biographies and portraits, as well as other subjects of interest.

The contemplated new departure for the Lloyd Library is now accomplished by instituting the series of Bulletins, of which this is the initial number.

The present Bulletin carries a complete reproduction of the “Collections for a Materia Medica of the United States,” by Benjamin S. Barton, which we aim to make as nearly in facsimile as possible--punctuation, size of original page, spelling of words, and style of type. This work, being the first English attempt at a materia medica of American plants, is an invaluable historical reference book, and should be in every library connected with pharmacy and botany. We have also prepared a biography of the author as an introduction, and present his portrait as a frontispiece.

Our second Bulletin will reproduce, in full, the first work on medicine published west of the Alleghany mountains, Peter Smith's Dispensatory, of which but one copy is known to exist. The third will reproduce the Materia Medica Americana of Schoepf, which was the first botanical work connected with American medicinal plants.



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