Experiencing Joy

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Jesus promises a type of joy that no one and nothing else can provide. His joy is full and complete. His joy is unspeakable. His joy is powerful when it is paired with His ability to heal us and make us a whole. His joy lasts forever and no one can take it from you! As you enter into the wholehearted joy of the Master, He takes great pleasure in healing life's deepest hurts, replacing lies with the truth and restoring relationships that are broken, especially to Himself. He is the only true, life-giving joy and it is available to you now, even in your darkest moments. Each page of Experiencing Joy leads you through the journey of unblocking everything which stops you from reaching out and grabbing what is yours to have and to hold. It is no coincidence that as God perfects and completes you, your joy is made perfect. Join those who have discovered that giving God joy is the greatest purpose of life. But first you must make a choice: do you want to please God? Then you are ready to enter into the joy of the Lord! His joy lasts forever and no one can take it from you!

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