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GRAY's Complete Works, including his Letters, are edited by Edmund Gosse. There is an excellent volume of selections of both verse and prose in the Athenæum Press Series, edited by William Lyon Phelps. This contains a bibliography. The standard life of Gray is by Edmund Gosse in the English Men of Letters Series, new edition in 1889. The most important essays are by Matthew Arnold in Ward's English Poets, vol. iii; by Lowell in his Latest Literary Essays, by Austin Dobson in Eighteenth Century Vignettes; and by Leslie Stephen in Hours in a Library. The authoritative text of Gray's poems is Dodsley's, published in 1768, and corrected by Gray himself. The most important manuscript is the Pembroke MS., found among Gray's papers after his death.

Goldsmith's Works were edited by Peter Cunningham in 1854. Later editions are the Bohn in five volumes, by J. W. M. Gibbs; Poems, Plays and Essays by J. Aikin and H. T. Tuckerman; and Miscellaneous Works with a Memoir by David Masson—the Globe edition. The standard life of Goldsmith is that by J. Forster, which has passed through several editions. Irving's more literary account is based on this. The Goldsmith number of the English Men of Letters Series, by William Black, is excellent. Other biographies are by A. Dobson in the Great Writers

Series, Wm. M. Rossetti in Lives of Famous Poets, and Elbert Hubbard in Little Journeys to the Homes of Good Men and Great. There

are, of course, many references to Goldsmith in Boswell's Johnson, but they are generally inspired by jealousy. The principal essays are by Macaulay, by Thackeray in his English Humorists, by De Quincey in Essays on the Poets, and by Dobson in his Miscellanies.

Among the important works dealing with the literary period to which Gray and Goldsmith belong, Perry's English Literature in the Eighteenth Century, Gosse's Eighteenth Century Literature, Phelps's Beginning of the English Romantic Movement, and Beers's English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Century, are perhaps the most useful. Besant's London in the Eighteenth Century should also be consulted.





1716. Gray born, Dec. 26.

1728. Goldsmith born, Nov. 10.

1717. Horace Walpole born.

Pope's Eloisa to Abelard. 1719. Addison died. Defoe's

Robinson Crusoe, Part I. 1721. Smollett born. Collins

born. 1725. Ramsay's Gentle Shepherd. 1726. Swift's Gulliver's Travels. 1726–30. Thomson's Seasons. 1728. Gay's Beggar's Opera.

Pope's Dunciad. 1729. Burke born. Steele died.

Congreve died. 1730. Pope and others: The

Grub Street Journal. 1731. Cowper born. Defoe died. 1732–34. Pope's Essay on Man. 1732. Gay died.

1734. Gray entered Peterhouse,


1736. Butler's Analogy of Reli

gion. 1737. Shenstone's Schoolmistress.

Gibbon born. 1738. Johnson's London.

1739. Gray traveled on the Con

tinent with Horace Walpole.

1740. Richardson's Pamela.

1741. Gray's father died.






1742. Gray settled down at Cam- 1742. Fielding's Joseph Andrews.

bridge; wrote Ode on the Spring, 1742–44. Young's Night Thoughts.

Eton Ode, Hymn to Adversity. 1744. Goldsmith entered Trinity 1744. Akenside's Pleasures of College, Dublin.

the Imagination. Chesterfield's

Letters to his Son. Pope died. 1745. Swift died.

1746. Collins's Odes. 1747. Gray's Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat.

1748. Richardson's Clarissa Har

lowe. Smollett's Roderick Random. Thomson's Castle of Indo

lence. 1749. Goldsmith took his B.A. 1749. Fielding's Tom Jones. degree.

1750. Johnson's Rambler. 1751. Gray's Elegy (written 1742–1751. Sheridan born.

1750). 1752-54. Goldsmith

medical 1752. Frances Burney born. student in Edinburgh.

Chatterton born. 1753. Gray's Six Poems.

1753–61. Hume's History of Eng

land. 1754-56. Goldsmith traveled and 1754. Fielding died. Crabbe studied on the Continent.

born. 1754. Gray wrote Progress of Poesy.

1755. Johnson's Dictionary of the

English Language. 1756. Burke's Our Ideas of the

Sublime and Beautiful. 1757. Gray's Pindaric Odes. 1757. Blake born. Dyer's Fleece.

Goldsmith engaged to do hackwork for Griffiths the publisher.

1758. Johnson's Idler. 1759. Goldsmith's Enquiry into 1759. Johnson's Rasselas. Sterne's

the Present State of Polite Learn- Tristram Shandy. Burns born. ing in Europe, The Bee; made the acquaintance of Johnson.

1759–69. Sir Joshua Reynolds'

Essays in the Idler.





1760. Goldsmith's Citizen of the 1760. Macpherson's Fragments of World.

Ancient Poetry. 1761. Goldsmith's Memoirs of M. 1761. Smollett's Translation of Le de Voltaire.

Sage's Gil Blas. 1762. Goldsmith's Life of Mr. 1762. Macpherson's Poems of Richard Nash.

Ossian. 1764. Goldsmith's Traveller (be- 1764. Walpole's Castle of gun in 1755).

Otranto. 1765. Goldsmith's Essays, Edwin 1765. Percy's Reliques of Ancient

and Angelina, History of Eng English Poetry.
land in a Series of Letters. He
became a member of the Liter-

ary Club.

1766. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wake

field (probably written in 1762). Poems for Young Ladies.

1767. Maria Edgeworth born. 1768. Goldsmith's Good-Natur'd 1768. Sterne's Sentimental JourMan. Standard edition of

ney. Gray's Poems. Elected Professor of Modern History at

Cambridge. 1769. Gray's Ode for Music, Jour

nal in the Lakes. Goldsmith's

Roman History. 1770. Goldsmith's Deserted Vil- 1770. Wordsworth born.

lage, Life of Parnell, Life of Burke's Thoughts on the Present Bolingbroke. Elected Professor Discontents. Akenside died. of History to the Royal Acad

emy; made a visit to Paris. 1771. Goldsmith's History of Eng- 1771. Scott born. Smollett's land. Gray died, July 30. Humphrey Clinker. Smollett

died. 1772. Coleridge born. Junius

Letters. 1773. Goldsmith's She Stoops to

Conquer. 1774. Goldsmith died, April 4. 1774. Mason's Life of Gray.

Retaliation published, April 9. Southey born.
History of Animated Nature in

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