The Egyptian Elements in the Legend of the Body and Soul ...

J.H. Furst, 1911 - 179 Seiten

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Seite 135 - Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments ; and they shall walk with me in white : for they are worthy.
Seite 56 - And all the principalities and evil spirits came to meet it, even unto it ; and they did not find in it anything that was from them ; and they were not able to do anything to it , and they gnashed their teeth upon that soul and said : How hast thou escaped from us? And the angel which conducted it in life answered and said unto them : Return, O ye mortified ones ; ye have no way of access to it ; with many artifices ye enticed when it was on earth, and it did not listen to you.
Seite 76 - What wilt thou give me for my food, what wilt thou give me to destroy ? " "I will give thee dried figs and apricots.
Seite 220 - In that orchard there was a hall That was hanged with purple and pall; And in that hall there was a bed, It was hanged with gold so red; And in that bed there...
Seite 30 - The soul is commonly supposed to escape by the natural openings of the body, especially the mouth and nostrils. Hence in Celebes they sometimes fasten fish-hooks to a sick man's nose, navel, and feet, so that if his soul should try to escape it may be hooked and held fast.
Seite 71 - RA of the Ament, who hast created the earth, who lightest the gods of the empyrean, RA who art in thy disk, guide him on the road to the Ament, that he may reach the hidden spirits ; guide him on the road which belongs to him, guide him on the Western road ; that he may traverse the sphere of Ament, guide him on the road to the Ament, that the king may worship those who are in the hidden dwelling, guide him on the road to the Ament, make him descend to the sphere of NUN. Hail, RA ! the royal OSIRIS...
Seite 71 - O ye who unclose the ways and open the roads to beneficent souls in the house of Osiris, unclose then the ways and open the roads to the soul of N who is with you, let him enter boldly and come forth in peace at the house of Osiris, without hindrance and without repulse. Let him enter at his pleasure and go forth at his will, triumphantly with you; and let that be executed which he shall order in the house of Osiris.
Seite 61 - And I looked and saw, and beheld one of the sons of men fallen nigh unto death. And the angel said unto me : This is a just one and righteous in all his works. And I saw everything which he did for God standing before him in the hour of his departure from the world. Then I, Paul, perceived that he was righteous who was now dying ; and he found for himself rest, even before dying. And there approached him wicked angels — when a righteous one departs they do not find a place by him — and those...
Seite 71 - Masters, (7) who are the arms of the Balance on the Night wherein the Eye is fixed ; ye who strike off the heads and cleave the necks, who seize the hearts and drag forth the whole hearts, and accomplish the slaughter in the Tank of Flame : ye whom I know and whose names I know, know you me as I know your names.
Seite 151 - I know that I hung on a wind-rocked tree, nine whole nights, with a spear wounded and to Odin offered, myself to myself; on that tree, of which no one knows from what root it springs.

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