On Cold Damage

Paradigm Publications, 1999 - 746 Seiten
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The 'Shang Han Lun - On Cold Damage' is among the oldest surviving, the most copiously annotated and the most revered of China's traditional medical texts. Of all of China's early medical classics, the 'Shang Han Lun' is undoubtedly the one with the greatest relevance to the modern practice of Chinese medicine, and the one most deserving of Western attention. It was the first book to attempt to incorporate medicinal therapy into the medicine of systematic correspondences and channels and network vessels. Far ahead of its time in both theory and practice, it is not surprising that the prescriptions it contains comprise an important part of today's medicinal formulary.

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Über den Autor (1999)

Mitchell is in a Ph.D. program in the University of California, Los Angeles, as the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellow, in international economics.

He graduated Herriot Watt University with a masters degree in linguistics, a program reserved for the half-dozen most talented English speakers and has studied Chinese medicine in the Chinese language for 15 years. He now works at China Medical College.

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