The Works of Francis Osborn Esq: Divine, Moral, Historical, Political. In Four Several Tracts. Viz. 1. Advice to a Son ... 2. Political Reflections on the Government of the Turks, &c. 3. Memoires on Q. Elizabeth and K. James. 4. A Miscellany of Essays, Paradoxes, Problematical Discourses, Letters, Characters, &c

R.D. and are to be sold, 1673 - 695 Seiten
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Seite 533 - ... and dearest viands sea or land could afford: And all this once seen, and having feasted the eyes of the invited, was in a manner thrown away, and fresh set on to the same height, having only this advantage of the other, that it was hot.
Seite 495 - I shall leave him dressed to posterity in the colours I saw him in the next progress after his inauguration; which was as green as the grass he trod on, with a feather in his cap, and a horn, instead of a sword, by his side : how suitable to his age, calling, or complexion, I leave others to judge from his pictures...
Seite 6 - Huge volumes, like the •ox roasted whole at Bartholomew fair, may proclaim plenty of labour and invention, but afford less of what is delicate, savoury, and well concocted, than smaller pieces.
Seite 504 - They Beg our Lands, our Goods, our Lives, They Switch our Nobles, and lie with their wives; They Pinch our Gentry and send for our Benchers, They Stab our Sergeants, and pistol our Fencers.* To picture the Jacobean court as being in constant tension because of national enmity would, however, be wrong.
Seite 501 - !T was the fashion of those times, and did so continue till these (wherein not only the mother but her daughters are ruined), for the principal gentry, lords, courtiers, and men of all profes.sions, not...
Seite 506 - And therefore, if the effeminacy produced good to the nation (at that time doubted by many), the honour is only due to God, whose miraculous power was no less manifested (upon so high a provocation, and great encouragement as the whole field afforded Philip) in raising so much flegm in a man nobly born as might master so great fury, than when he discovered to Sampson a cold fountain in the jaw bone of an ass.
Seite 8 - ... understanding more than hundreds but gargled in the mouth, as ordinary students use: and of these choice must be had answerable to the profession you intend: for a statesman, French authors are best, as most fruitful in negotiations and memoirs, left by public ministers and by their secretaries, published after their deaths: out of which you may be able to unfold the riddles of all states: none making more faithful reports of things done in all nations, than ambassadors ; who cannot want the...
Seite 10 - Follow not the tedious practice of such as seek wisdom only in learning; not attainable but by experience and natural parts. Much reading, like a too great repletion, stopping up, through a concourse of diverse, sometimes contrary opinions, the access of a nearer, newer, and quicker invention of your own.
Seite 511 - Sanquhar the King satisfied in part the people, and wholly himself; it being thought he hated him for his love to the King of France, and not making any reply when he [the French king] said in his presence, to one that called our James a second Solomon, that he hoped he was not the son of David the fiddler.
Seite 501 - Now, in regard of the universall commerce, there happened little that did not first or last arrive here: And I being young, and wanting a more advantagious imployment, did, during my aboad in London, which was three fourth parts of the yeare, associate my selfe at those houres with the choycest company I could pick out...

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