Descriptions of New Plants

Towne & Bacon, 1868 - 236 Seiten

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Seite 90 - Sacramento. At the latter place and at Forest City, clocks, in many of the buildings, were stopped. This earthquake extended to the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada. At Carson City it occurred at 10 h.
Seite 129 - On the hill sides, above the level of the mesas, are scattered the live oak of the country, the trees varying from twelve to twenty-five feet in height, giving the country the appearance of an old orchard. As we ascend the mountains, the oaks are mingled with the cedar; until, at an elevation of about 6,000 feet above the level of the sea, the pine region commences. Owing to the peculiar structure of the river beds, which run through loose quaternary deposits, the water falling during the rainy season...
Seite 26 - ... similar teeth. The tongue is smooth, flattened, tapering anteriorly. The mouth is moderate, the posterior extremity of the upper maxillary reaching a vertical which would pass in advance of the orbit only. The eye is subcircular, and well developed ; its horizontal diameter being contained a little over four times in the length of the side of the head. The anterior suborbital is broadly developed, overlapping considerably the upper jaw. Its external edge is minutely crenated.
Seite 7 - Acid in the sea-water of our coast was brought to my notice in July, 1857. I had, in the month of January of the previous year, discovered borate of soda and other borates in solution in the water of a mineral spring in Tehama county, near the upper end of the Sacramento Valley. Prosecuting the research, I found traces of Boracic Acid — in the form of borates — in nearly all the mineral springs with which the State of California abounds. This was especially the case in the coast mountains. Borate...
Seite 211 - Ayres made the following remarks in relation to the fishes of California, which are included in Cuvier's genus Sebastes.
Seite 7 - Many other localities furnished similar indications, but in less extensive form. In progress of the examination, I found that the common salt (chloride of sodium) exposed for sale in the San Francisco market, and which, it was understood, came from certain deposits of that article on the sea-margin in the southern part of the State, also furnished boracic acid. I was led to attribute it to the fact of mineral springs emptying into the lagoons furnishing the salt. It was, therefore a matter of no...
Seite 207 - Palmeri, ns San Diego, common " in same localities as the Diphyllidia. Named after Mr. Edward Palmer, a zealous naturalist, who assisted me while at San Diego.
Seite 7 - The crystals were hexehedral with beveled or replaced edges, and truncated angles ; attaining the size, in some cases, of four inches in length by two in diameter, forming splendid and attractive specimens. In the same neighborhood, a cluster of small thermal springs were observed holding free boracic acid in solution. A few hundred yards from these a great number of hot springs, of a temperature of 212° Fah., rose up through the fissures of a silicious rock.
Seite 130 - Joint-stock companies, with little ready capital and immense expectations, were formed. Speculators bought in stock for ten per cent, of its nominal value, and sold out at from fifty per cent, to ninety per cent, to tradesmen and widows, too poor to meet assessments when means for working were absolutely necessary. Men were put in charge who had never seen a mine, and usually with no professional assistance. The results of enterprises conducted in a similar manner are well known. Between the absence...
Seite 102 - ... minute decussato-striata ; sutura valde impressa ; apertura orbiculari-ovata; peristomate reflexiusculo ; colume'lla modice expansa. Diam. 22 mill. Hab. " Northern Oregon." Alt. 15 mill. Shell with umbilicus partially closed, roundly trochiform, yellowish white, (above) furnished with a broad black band ; whorls seven, slowly increasing, moderately convex, superiorly with many rib-like striae and numerous spiral lines deeply impressed, inferiorly pale and with minnte decussating striations; suture...

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