The Ruby in the Dust: Poetry and History of the Indian Padmavat by Sufi Poet Muhammad Jayasi

Leiden University Press, 2012 - 371 Seiten

The epic poem Padmâvat, written in 1540 by the Indian Muslim poet Muhammad Jâyasî, has often been read through the lens of contemporary Hindu and Muslim identity. But Thomas de Bruijn rejects the projection of modern notions of national and religious culture onto the poem, and instead looks to Jâyasî's own time to find insight into the work. The Ruby in the Dust carefully analyzes the images and metaphors within the poem and links them to historical discourses on religion and politics. An important rereading of Jâyasî's seminal work, this book provides not only a meticulous literary study of Padmâvat, but also a powerful look at the cultural climate of early modern Islam in India.

Autoren-Profil (2012)

Thomas de Bruijn is a specialist in early and modern South Asian literature. He was a fellow of the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden and taught at the Institut national de langues et civilisations orientales in Paris.

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