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never to have been written; but if the omniscience of Jehovah is duly estimated, and the object eternally designed by the Incarnation of the divine Word, or Son of God-resulting in the salvation of mankind by the sacrifice of Christ-is fully appreciated, agreeably to the entire volume of revelation, from the foundation of the world to the advent of Immanuel, God manifest in the flesh; it will then be found, that the 26th and 27th verses of the first chapter of Genesis, do, in their comprehensive and completed meaning, certainly infold the entire contents of the law and the gospel ; and as such, that the very brief, but most amazingly significant history of the creation of man, forming the subject of this small treatise, may justly be regarded as an epitome of all sacred writ.

In continuance, it may be observed, that notwithstanding those endless diversities of opinions which are entertained by different

Trinitarian communities, yet in this work there will be found so entire an absence of all that asperity of feeling, the result of conflicting opinions—and of which infidels of our day avail themselves so largely, for the ultimate gratification of their sinister purposes—that even the openly avowed heretic may peruse and compare the views here advanced and advocated, without any actual cause of complaint.

In the second place, attention to the work is earnestly invited, which certainly has a tendency rather to allay than increase the schisms existing in the church of Christ, because the writer believes that faith is more a matter for consideration between the Creator and his creature Man, than our fathers, probably with the best intentions, seem to have been aware of.

In conclusion, comparison between the written word of God, and the arguments put forward in every part of this treatise, can alone be deemed of sufficient authority for the rejection or acceptation of the truths designed to be established, because the sacred text alone can be admitted as a competent authority for decision; and to which, on all occasions, the reader is respectfully referred and recommended.


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