Crossovers: Postcolonial Studies and Transcultural Learning

Christiane Lütge, Mark Stein
LIT Verlag Münster, 2017 - 176 Seiten
Crossing boundaries is a key issue in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teaching and Postcolonial Studies. It is an objective, not only for the foreign language classroom that is facing increasingly global influences in terms of more heterogeneous societies, but also with a view to the growing heterogeneity in the literature, media, and materials used in teaching and research. Because the intersections between Postcolonial Studies and EFL are not only manifold but also highly significant, this volume brings together papers that explore, perform, and theorize various kinds of crossovers, be they disciplinary, thematic, or intermedial. (Series: Foreign Language Education in a Global Perspective / remdsprachendidaktik in globaler Perspektive, Vol. 6) [Subject: Education, Post-Colonial Studies, English as a Second Language (ESL)]

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Postcolonial Studies and Transcultural Learning
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