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maung se denne sais t . L. Sulens
1 bagga Sum die mine si gan.. Imomey
4. tagets ines, el mut ID - PL marii. Bare

en ny bil, e menta... Teetan

C Am the dumnes out in respe z Metiert
311 er tann var, as for gut. sena Fase
O es una tie it for using It Lin Istat fra
As tarong. This renie

- Zonda
en Then to cross steerium 0. Teie
11 At when the Heres sospinet stor ud Comes
C16 As we gadnes me of old......
12 At even ere the sun was set ..... Ives
13 Awake ad sing the song..... Hans
212 Awake, my son, wadi with the su.... ke

C11 Be prezent at our table Lord .... Canick
C12 Pentafel Zion, built above ,
14 Bdore Jehovah's awful. Ps. e. Watts & J. Wesley
Behold the glories of the Lamb.

(tee Hark, how the adoring hosts above.
15 Behold the mountain of tbe Lord... Bruce
16 Bless, O Lord, the opening year ... Nectos
Blessed city, heavenly Salem .. Anon. (Seale)

Bee Christ is made the sure foundation.]
C13 Blessed Jesus, ere we part ..... Bateman

17 Bleat are the pure in heart, ..... Keble
313 Blest be the dear uniting love . . . .C. Wesley

18 Blest be the everlasting God ..... Watts
19 Blest be the tie that binds ..... Faccett
314 Bleet be Thy love, dear Lord ..... Austin

20 Blow ye the trumpet, blow . . . . . C. Wesley
316 Bound upon the accursèd tree .... Milman

21. Bread of the world, in mercy broken . . . Heber
316 Breast the wave, Christian:.. Stammers
22 Brethren, let us join to bless ... Cennick, alt.

28 Brief life is here our , Bernard of Clugny (Neale)
014 Brightest and best of the sons of the .. Heber
491 By angels in heaven (xii.) . . Tate and Brady
016 By cool Siloam's shady rill. ..... Heber
317 Onlm mo, my God, and keep me calm . . Bonar

Captain of Israel's host, and Guide . . C. Wesley

See Leader of faithful souls, and Guide.]
C16 Childhood's years are passing o'er us. . Dickson
c17 Children of Jerusalem ... .. Henley.

24 Children of the heavenly King . . . Cennick, alt.
25 Christ, from whom all blessings flow O. Wesley, alt.
26 Christ is gone up with a joyful sound. . Heber, alt.
27 Christ is made the sure foundation Anon.(Neale,alt.)
C18 Christ is merciful and mild . . . . Buckworth
28 Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day . . . C. Wesley
29 Christ, whose glory fills the skies . . C. Wesley
318 Cling to the Mighty One . . . . . . Bennett
C19 Come, children, join to sing . . . . . Bateman
319 Come forth, come on, with solemn Sachse (H. L. L.)
30 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove. S. Browne, alt.
31 Come, Holy Ghost, our souls. Charlemagne ? (Cosin)
32 Come, Holy Spirit, come ...... Hart
C20 Come, Holy Spirit, come-o hear. Dorothy Thrupp-
33 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove ... Watts
34 Come, let us join our cheerful songs. Watts

35 Come, let us join our friends above . C. Wesley
C21 Come, let us join the hosts above. . C. Wesley
C22 Come, let us sing our Maker's praise . J. Burton

36 Come, let us to the Lord our God. . Morrison
37 Come, Lord, and tarry not . . . . . Bonar
320 Come, my soul, thou must be . von Canitz (Anon.)
321 Come, my soul, thy suit prepare . . Newton
38 Come, oʻLord, the heavens rending ... Kelly
39 Come, Thou Fount of every blessing . Robinson
40 Come, Thou long-expected Jesus . . . C. Wesley
41 Come to Calvary's holy mountain. · Montgomery
C23 Come to Jesus, come to Jesus . . . . . Anon.

42 Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched . Hart
43 Come, ye thankful people, come . . . . Alford
44 Come, ye that love the Lord ..... Watts
45 Command Thy blessing from above . Montgomery
322 Commit thou all thy griefs . Gerhardt (J. Wesley)
323 Compared with Christ, in all beside . . Toplady
46 Creator Spirit, by whose aid. Charlemagne? (Dryden)
47 Crown Him with many crowns . . . . Bridges

48 Day of judgment, day of wonders . . . Newton
49 Day of wrath, 0 day of. Thomas of Celano (Irons)
50 Dear Lord, to hear Thee and Thy Word.

Clausnitzer (Mrs. L. C. Smith).

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a r Sarion, 1 Tuy litte units - Jue 30
har Hemnet. This eme re -. Temas
mi ima ima i at Te Braxt silier
DINOVÉ. Per, Iv M mras. Je

wia sinnat Les DIE DIE TE

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C29 Fair wered the golian unnu ... J. . Gure

5 Far from my beaten bome. P.TITLie
227 Pw from the world, O Lori I fee... Corner
56 Far from these manor senes of sight. Anne Steele
57 Parewell to ther, brother, we meet bet. Betmen
326 Father, I now that a கரife . கா ன்ர
329 Pather, into Thy loving hands .. Mrr Sandy
C# Father, let Thy benediction ... Mr. Skelin
68 Pather of heren, whose lore probound . Cooper
va Father of mercies, in The Word. . Arne Steele
60 Fatuer of peace and God of love .. Doddridge
Father, Son, and Spirit, hear. ... C. Wesley

See Christ, from whom all blessings fios.]
330 Father, whateer of earthly blias . . Arne Steele
61 Fear not, O little flock, the foe. Gestaons Adolphus

and Altenburg (Winkuorta)
331 Fierce was the wild billow. . . Anatolius (Seale)

62 For ever with the Lord .... Montgomery
382 For mercies countless as the sands . . . Cotoper
63 For the beauty of the earth.... Pierpoint

For the mercies of the. (See Ere another Sabbath's.
64 For thee, 0 dear, dear . Bernard of Clugny (Neale)
65 For Thy mercy and Thy grace ... Downton
333 Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I go. . C. Wesley
66 Fountain of good, to own Thy love. Doddridge, alt.
67 Fountain of mercy, God of love. Mrs. Flowerdexo
08 From all that dwell below the skies. Ps. cxvii. Watts
69 From every stormy wind that blows.. Stowell

70 From Greenland's icy mountains .... Heber
C31 Gentle Jesus, meek and mild ....C. Wesley
C32 Give to our God immortal praise. Ps. cxxxvi. Watts
334 Give to the winds thy fears . Gerhardt (J. Wesley)
71 Glorious things of thee are spoken. Ps.lxxxvii.Newton

Glory, and laud, and honour. [See All glory, laud.]
72 Glory be to God, the Father . . . . . Bonar
491 Glory be to God, the Father (xi.) . . . Bonar-
C33 Glory be to Jesus ... Italian Anon. (Caswall)

73 Glory, glory everlasting . . . . . . . Kelly
491 Glory, honour, praise, and (xiii.) Theodulf (Anon.)

Glory to God, and praise. ĮSee O for a thousand.]
74 Glory to God on high ... Allen
C34 Glory to God, the angel said ..... Anon.
C36 Glory to God, with joyful adoration ... Osler
C37 Glory to Jesus, glory ..... Mrs. Shepherd
C35 Glory to the Father give .... Montgomery
335 Go not far from me, my Strength. Anna L.Waring

Glory to Thee, my God. (See All praise to Thee.]
336 Go to dark Gethsemane. . . . . Montgomery
C38 God almighty heareth ever. Elizabeth Strafford
C39 God intrusts to all . . . . . . . Edmeston

75 God knoweth all His people . Spitta (H. L. L.)

76 God moves in a mysterious way . . . . Cowper
C40 God of glory, God of grace. . . . . . Anon.

77 God of mercy, God of grace. Ps. lxvii. . . . Lyte
C41 God of mercy, throned on high . . . . . Neele
337 God of my life, to Thee I call. . . . . Cowper
338 God of that glorious gift of grace.... Monsell
78 God reveals His presence . Tersteegen (Mercer)
79 God that madest earth and . Heber and Whately
80 God the all-terrible, King who ordainest . Anon.
81 God the Lord has heard our prayer . , Wyatt
82 Grace, 'tis a charming sound ... Doddridge
339 Gracious Spirit, dwell with me . . . . Lynch
C42 Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd . Jane Leeson

and J. Whittemore
C43 Great God, and wilt Thou condescend. Mrs. Gilbert
83 Great God, indulge my humble claim .. Watts
84 Great God of wonders, all Thy ways . . Davies
85 Great God, what do I see and hear. Ringwalde

(Jacobi and Collyer)
86 Great King of nations, hear our prayer, J.H.Gurney

Great Shepherd of Thy. [See Dear Shepherd.]
87 Guide me, 0 Thou great Jehovah W. Williams

88 Hail the day that sees Him rise ... C. Wesley
89 Hail, Thou once despised Jesus . . . Bakeweil
30 Hail to the Lord's Anointed. Ps. lxxü. Montgomery
91 Hallelujah, best and sweetest.Latin Anon.(Chandler)
Happiness, thou lovely name.. Toplady

[See Object of my first desire.]
C44 Happy the children who are gone. Cennick, alt.

Hark, how all the welkin rings . . . C. Wesley

[See Hark, the herald angels sing.)
92 Hark, how the adoring hosts above . Watts, alt.
340 Hark, my soul, it is the Lord .... Corper
C45 Hark, round the God of love . . . . . Lyte
94 Hark, the herald angels sing . . . . C. Wesley
93 Hark, the glad sound, the Saviour comes. Doddridge
95 Hark, the song of jubilee .... Montgomery
96 Hark, the sound of holy voices. Bishop Wordsworth

97 Hark, the voice of love and mercy. J. Evans
C46 Hark, what mean those holy voices, Cawood
341 Harp and voice Thy praises tellingJ, D. Burns

Harp, awake ! tell out the story ... Downton

[See Sing, we brethren, faithful hearted.]

He knoweth all His people. (See God knoweth.]
C47 He that is down need fear no fall ... Bunyan

98 Head of the Church triumphant . . C. Wesley
C48 Hear my prayer, O heavenly Father. Harriet Parr
342 Heart be still . . From the German (Anon.)
343 Heavenly Father, to whose eye . . . . Conder
344 Here, Oʻmy Lord, I see Thee face to face . Bonar
C49 Here we suffer grief and pain .... Bilby

99 Ho, ye that thirst, approach the spring. Cameron
050 Holy Bible, book divine...... Burton
051 Holy children, read and pray ... Buckworth
100 Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness. Gerhardt (Toplady)
101 Holy Ghost, the Comforter. King Robert of France

(Moller, Winkworth)
102 Holy, holy, holy Lord .. Bishop Wordsworth
103 Holy, holy, holy Lord ..... Montgomery
104 Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty. Heber
105 Holy Spirit, once again . . . Held (Winkworth)
106 Hope of our hearts, O Lord, appear. Sir E. Denny
C52 Hosanna be the children's song. . Montgomery

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