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HYMN. 48. Verse 2, line 1, the original reads, “My sins are heavy, but;"

verse 4, line 4, "has bought." 49. Verse 3, line 3, the original reads, "every infant-school.” 51. Verse 1, line 2, the original reads, “Love Thee, Lord, Thy

Word and day;" line 3, “Thy grace;" line 4, “Learn Thy will and Christ embrace;" line 5, “And are humble;" line 6, “ Make me, then, a 'holy child';" verse 2, line 5, “Scorn with sin;" line 6, “Make me, then, a "holy child';' verse 3, lines 5 and 6:

"Pleasing thought, may I be styl'd,

Now the Saviour's 'holy child." 52. The 2nd 3rd, and 6th stanzas are omitted. 53. The 3rd stanza is omitted. 56. Verse 1, line 3, usually reads, “ His hands and His feet were

nailed to the tree;" verse 4, line 4, “He loves to the

end." 57. The 4th stanza is omitted. 60. Verse 2, line 7, the original reads, "forsake me.” 61. The 5th stanza is omitted. 62. The 7th stanza is omitted. Verse 7, line 3, the original reads,

“Why should I then," 65. The 3rd and 5th stanzas are omitted. 67. The original is in six eight-line stanzas. Verse 4, lines 3 and 4

are from the abridged version in common use. 69. Verse 1, line 4, frequently reads, “ To where the fountains are

ever flowing;” verse 2, lines 3 and 4:
“Here in this country, so dark and dreary,

I long have wandered, forlorn and weary;"

verse 3, line 1, “There in the city." 75. “Jesu” is employed in the original throughout. 76. Verse 1, line 4, the original reads, “Watch my sleep till." 78. The 7th stanza is omitted. 82. In the original there are four stanzas. Verse 1, line 3, the

original reads, “To Jesus's pame;" line 8, “For all to receive;" verse 2, lines 3 and 4, “And ransom'd with blood, And made us His own;" line 5, “But Him with. out;" verse 3, line 7, “tongues they shall bless Him." The latter half of the second stanza is borrowed from the

latter half of the fourth in the original. 83. Verse 5, lines 3 and 4, the original reads :

“Heart and voice, let all be given,

All will find the way to heaven."
The lines substituted in the text for these are borrowed

from the first stanza. 85. The 3rd and 4th stanzas are omitted. Verse 1, line 2, the ori.

ginal reads, “He regards you ;" verse 3, line 2, “Your

undying Friend;" line 3, "you meet Him." 86. As written by Dr. Brewer this hymn is :

1 "Little drops of water,

Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,

Make the beauteous land.




2 Straw by straw the sparrow

Builds its cosy nest;
Leaf by leaf the forest

Stands in verdure drest.
3 Letter after letter

Words and books are
Little and by little

Mountains level laid.
4 Drop by drop is iron

Worn in time away;
Perseverance, patience,

Ever win their way.
5 Every finished labour

Once did but begin;
Try, and go on trying,

That's the way to win."
It seems to have taken the form by which it is generally

known, in the books of the Sunday School Union. 91. Verse 1, line 4, reads in the original, “infant heart;" verse 2,

line 1, “A helpless creature;" verse 2, line 2," from the

womb I stray'd." 92. The 2nd stanza is omitted. Verse 1, line 1, Berridge reads.

“Jesus cast a look on me." The line in the text is the first line of the hymn (by Charles Wesley) which Berridge has

here altered and expanded. 94. The 3rd, 6th, and 7th stanzas are omitted. 95. The 2nd, 5th, and 6th stanzas are omitted. 99. The text begins with the second stanza, the first commencing,

“With humble heart and tongue." Besides the 1st, the 3rd and 7th are omitted. Verse 3, line 3, the original

reads, “my following days." 100. The 2nd and 9th stanzas are omitted. 101. Verse 3, line 1, the original reads, "Jesu." 102. The 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 8th stanzas are omitted. 103. The 3rd and 6th stanzas are omitted. 105. Altered from Bruce for the Scottish Paraphrases (of which it

is the 11th) by Logan. Verse 2, lines 3 and 4, the original reads:

“And her reward is more secure

Than is the gain of gold;"
verse 3, line 2, "happy years;" lines 3 and 4:

"And in her left the prize of fame

And honour bright appears." 106. In a note to the Editor from Mrs. Parsons, she expresses

regret that the second stanza of this hymn should be so

often omitted. 108. The first two stanzas, beginning : "Have you ever brought a penny to the missionary box,

A penny which you might have spent in playthings and in frocks P"


are omitted. Mr. Wilson, who retains them in his Service

of Praise, alters the second line into : “A penny which you might have spent like other little folks."

The first line of the text reads in the original :

“And oh ! what joyous music is the missionary song." 110. Verse 1, line 5, reads in the original, and leave us ;" line 6,

“This day kind, -the next bereave us;" verses 2 and 3:
2 « Blessèd Jesus! Wouldst thou know Him ?

Give thine heart, thine all unto Him.
Is it sin that pains and grieves thee?
Unbelief and trials tease thee ?
Jesus can from all release thee.
Love this Friend, who longs to save thee.
Dost thou love? He will not leave thee.
Think no more, then, of to-morrow,
Take His easy yoke, and follow;

Jesus carries all thy sorrow."
Verse 4, line 1, “ All thy sins shall be forgiven;" line 3,
"thy foes;" line 5, “provide thee;" line 6," betide thee;"

line 7, “guide thee." 112. From the eleventh part of Watts's version of the 119th Psalm,

omitting the 3rd and 7th stanzas. 116. The 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th stanzas are omitted; while the se

cond stanza of the text is composed of the first two lines

of the second and third of the original stanzas. 117. The 2nd, 5th, and 9th stanzas are omitted. As the 2nd does

not appear in Mr. Thring's Hymns, Congregational and Others (1866), but has been furnished by the author in manuscript, it is inserted here :

“Rich and poor together,

Suppliants young and old,
None shall here be wanting,

Pastor or his fold;
One and all uniting,

· All with one accord,
Men and women bringing

Incense to their Lord." Verse 4. The last four lines, for which those in the text have been substituted from the preceding stanza, are in the original :

"Life has lost its shadows,

Pure the light within;
Thou hast shed Thy radiance

On a world of sin.”
This hymn was altered, Mr. Thring writes, “for Hymns,
Ancient and Modern, but I have regretted it since, and

restored it, with one change of my own." 118. Verse 2, line 6, reads in Mrs. Herbert Mayo's Selection of

Hymns and Poetry for the Use of Infant and Juvenile

Schools, “Hear young children." 119. The 3rd stanza is omitted. 120. The 2nd and 3rd stanzas, which are omitted from the text, are

inserted here, with a note added by the author when enclosing a copy of the hymn :


« Stand up ! stand up for Jesus !

The solemn watchword hear;
"If while ye sleep He suffers,"

Away with shame and fear!
Where'er you meet with evil,

Within you, or without,
Charge! for the God of Battles,

And put the foe to rout.
Stand up! stand up for Jesus!

The trumpet call obey;
Forth to the mighty conflict,

In this His glorious day!'
“Ye that are men, now serve Him,'t

Against unnumbered foes;
Your courage rise with danger,

And strength to strength oppose.” 126. Verse 3, line 4, the original reads, " And lay.” 127. The text is taken from the Church of England Sunday School

Hymnbook. The 4th stanza is omitted. 128. Verse 1, line 6, reads "angels with white wings;” and the

refrain of verse 5 is “Åre you going?” The 6th stanza,
which is omitted, is:
“This world is all so dark and dead:

Take us there!
We never can be happy here;

Take us there!
Oh ! listen to that music sweet,
It comes so rich from yonder seat,
Where all the good in glory meet-

Take us there, take us there !" 130. The 4th stanza is omitted. 131. The 3rd stanza is omitted. 132. The original, as furnished in manuscript by the family of Mr.

Wallace, is not divided into stanzas, and reads, verse 3:
“That Eye is fixed on seraph throngs;

That Ear is filled with angels' songs;
That Arm upholds the worlds on high;

That Love is thron'd beyond the sky;"
Verse 5, has but two lines :
“That power is prayer which soars on high

And feeds on bliss beyond the sky."
These were afterwards expanded by Mr. Wallace into:
“That power is prayer—the noblest boon

To mortal beings given;
It moves the hand Omnipotent,

That rules o'er earth and heaven.”
The version in the text is that universally in use, and some

* Matthew xvi. 36-46.

+ “Tyng's text of the most powerful sermon in modern times, so far as I know; when the slain of the Lord were many, probably a thousand at least."-G. Duffield, in a letter to the editor.


of the changes were imperatively required by the metre,

but by whom they were made has not been ascertained. 133. The 2nd and 5th stanzas are omitted. 134. Verse 3, line 3, the original reads "out of the sight." 135. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th stanzas are omitted. 136. In the original, the 2nd and 3rd stanzas of the text come before

the 1st; and there are two stanzas, the 5th and 6th, in
place of the 5th of the text:
5 “There's a song for little children,

Above the bright blue sky :
A song that will not weary,

Though sung continually ;
A song which even angels

Can never, never sing ;
They know not Christ as Saviour,

But worship Him as King.
6 There's a robe for little children,

Above the bright blue sky;
And a harp of sweetest music,

And a palm of victory,” etc., etc.
Verse 1, line 3, reads in the original, “ never changeth;"
verse 2, line 5, “every turmoil;” verse 3, line 5, “or
can;" verse 4, lines 7 and 8:
"On all who've found His favour,

And lov'd His name below.” 137. Verse 1, line 3, the original reads, “Onwards." The refrain is

not in the original, but is borrowed from Songs of Zion, a Selection of Hymns, by the Rev. Isaac Ashe, who appends

it to the hymn as in the text. 139. The text is printed from the Church of England Sunday School

Hymnbook. 141. The 4th stanza and some lines of the 3rd and 5th are omitted.

Verse 3, line 2, in the original reads, “ Christ for you;"
line 3, "While you own;" line 4, "You may plead;"
line 7, "Thy bowels move." The second half of the 3rd
stanza in the text is made up of the first two and the last
two lines of the 5th in the original, and there reads:

"But, poor careless sinner, say,
What can you to justice pay ?
Tremble, lest, wben life is past,

Into prison you be cast." 142. Verse 3, line 3, the original reads, “Our Saviour." 143. The 2nd, 3rd, and 8th stanzas are omitted. 145. The text is taken from Major's Book of Praise, which in verse

%, line 4, reads, “Though sinners at His feet." 147. From a hymn beginning, "Souls of men ! why will ye scatter p"

The first stan za of the text is the second of the original,

which is in thirteen stanzas. 149. In the translation, verse 3, lines 5, 6, and 7, read:

"No gifts have we to offer

For all Thy love imparts,
But that which Thou desirest."

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