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20 DLOW ye the trumpet, blow.

> The gladly solemn sound; 6s. 85. Let all the nations know,

To earth's remotest bound,
The year of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.
2 Jesus, our great High Priest,

Hath full atonement made;
Ye weary spirits, rest;

Ye mournful souls, be glad :
The year of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.
3 Ye who have sold for nought

Your heritage above,
Shall have it back unbought,

The gift of Jesu's love;
The year of Jubilee is come;

Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.
4 The Gospel trumpet hear,

The news of heavenly grace;
And, saved from earth, appear

Before your Saviour's face:
The year of Jubilee is come;

Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.
5 Extol the Lamb of God,

The all-atoning Lamb;
Redemption through His blood

Throughout the world proclaim :
The year of Jubilee is come:
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

D READ of the world, in mercy broken,

• Wine of the soul, in mercy shed, 9s. 8s. By whom the words of life were spoken,

And in whose death our sins are dead, 2 Look on the heart by sorrow broken,

Look on the tears by sinners shed;
And be Thy feast to us the token

That by Thy grace our souls are fed.


DRETHREN, let us join to bless 44 D Christ, our peace and righteousness;

Let our praise to Him be given,

High at God's right hand in heaven.
2 Thee, the angels ceaseless sing;

Thee, we praise, our Priest and King;
Worthy is Thy name of praise,

Full of glory, full of grace.
3 Thou hast the glad tidings brought

Of salvation by Thee wrought;
Wrought to set Thy people free,

Wrought to bring our souls to Thee.
4 May we follow and adore

Thee, our Saviour, more and more;
Guide and bless us with Thy love
Till we join Thy saints above.

D RIEF life is here our portion;

> Brief sorrow, short-lived care; 75. 6s. The life that knows no ending,

The tearless life, is there.
O happy retribution,

Short toil, eternal rest;
For mortals and for sinners

A mansion with the blest.
2 And now we fight the battle,

But then shall wear the crown
Of full and everlasting

And passionless renown;
And He whom now we trust in

Shall then be seen and known,
And they that know and see Him

Shall have Him for their own.
3 The morning shall awaken,

The shadows shall decay,
And each true-hearted servant

Shall shine as doth the day;
There God, our King and portion,

In fulness of His grace,
Shall we behold for ever,

And worship face to face.

NHILDREN of the heavenly King,

U As ye journey, sweetly sing; 7s. Sing your Saviour's worthy praise,

Glorious in His works and ways.
2 We are travelling home to God,

In the way the fathers trod;
They are happy now, and we

Soon their happiness shall see.
3 Shout, ye little flock, and blest;

You on Jesus' throne shall rest;
There your seat is now prepared,

There your kingdom and reward.
4 Lift your eyes, ye sons of light;

Zion's city is in sight:
There our endless home shall be,

There our Lord we soon shall see.
5 Fear not, brethren ; joyful stand

On the borders of your land;
Christ, the everlasting Son,

Bids you undismayed go on.
6 Lord, obediently we go,

Gladly leaving all below :
Only Thou our leader be,

And we still will follow Thee. 05 MYHRIST, from whom all blessings flow,

U Perfecting the saints below, īs. Steadfast let us cleave to Thee;

Love, the mystic union be.
Still our fellowship increase ;
Knit us in the bond of peace;
Join us, in one spirit join,
Each to each, and all to Thine.
Move, and actuate, and guide;
Divers gifts to each divide;
Placed according to Thy will,
Let us all our work fulfil;
Never from our office move,
Needful to each other prove;
Use the grace on each bestowed,
Tempered by the art of God.

3 Many are we now, and one,

We who Jesus have put on;
Sweetly may we all agree,
Touched with softest sympathy:
Love, like death, hath all destroyed,
Rendered all distinctions void;
Names and sects and parties fall,
Thou, O Christ, art all in all.

ON CHRIST is gone up with a joyful sound,

U He is gone to His bright abode ; P.M. The armies of heaven, they throng around,

To hail their ascended God.
2 He is gone to His glorious throne on high,

And to claim the victor's crown;
And captive He leads captivity,

And the foe He has overthrown.
3 He is gone to pour, from the fount of love,

Rich gifts on a sinful race;
To prepare a place for His saints above,

And to shed the Spirit's grace.
4 Christ is gone up with a joyful sound,

He is gone to His bright abode;
With the seraphim pure, who His throne sur-

O praise our ascended God.

NYHRIST is made the sure foundation, 40 C Christ the head and corner-stone, 88.7s. Chosen of the Lord and precious,

Binding all the Church in one,
Holy Sion's help for ever,

And her confidence alone.
2 To this temple, where we call Thee,

Come, O Lord of hosts, to-day;
With Thy wonted loving-kindness,

Hear Thy servants as they pray;
And Thy fullest benediction

Shed within its walls alway.

3 Here vouchsafe to all Thy servants

What they ask of Thee to gain;
What they gain from Thee for ever

With the blessed to retain,
And hereafter, in Thy glory,

Evermore with Thee to reign.

NYHRIST, the Lord, is risen to-day, 40 U Sons of men, and angels, say, 78. Raise your joys and triumphs high;

Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply.
2 Love's redeeming work is done;

Fought the fight, the battle won;
Lo! our Sun's eclipse is o'er;

Lo! He sets in blood no more.
3 Lives again our glorious King:

Where, o death, is now thy sting?
Once He died our souls to save :

Where thy victory, O grave ?
4 Soar we now where Christ has led,

Following our exalted Head;
Made like Him, like Him we rise;

Ours the cross, the grave, the skies.
5 Hail the Lord oî earth and heaven;

Praise to Thee by both be given;
Thee we greet triumphant now,

Hail, the Resurrection Thou! 00 CYHRIST, whose glory fills the skies,

j Christ, the true, the only Light, 78. Sun of righteousness, arise,

Triumph o'er the shades of night:
Day-spring from on high, be near;

Day-star, in my heart appear.
2 Dark and cheerless is the morn,

Unaccompanied by Thee;
Joyless is the day's return,

Till Thy mercy's beams I see ;
Till they inward light impart,
Glad my eyes, and warm my heart.

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