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CCORDING to Thy gracious word,

In meek humility,
C. M. This will I do, my dying Lord,

I will remember Thee.
2 Thy body, broken for my sake,

My bread from heaven shall be
Thy testamental cup I take,

And thus remember Thee.
3 Gethsemane can I forget?

Or there Thy conflict see,
Thine agony and bloody sweat,

And not remember Thee ?
4 When to the cross I turn mine eyes,

And rest on Calvary,
O Lamb of God, my sacrifice,

I must remember Thee.
5 Remember Thee, and all Thy pains,

And all Thy love to me;
Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains,

Will I remember Thee.
6 And when these failing lips grow dumb,

And mind and memory flee,
When Thou shalt in Thy kingdom come,

Jesus, remember me.

ALL hail the power of Jesus' name,

A Let angels prostrate fall;
C.M. Bring forth the royal diadem,

To crown Him, Lord of all.
2 Crown Him, ye martyrs of our God,

Who from His altar call;
Extol the Stem of Jesse's rod,

And crown Him, Lord of all.
3 Ye seed of Israel's chosen race,

Ye ransomed of the fall,
Hail Him who saves you by His grace,

And crown Him, Lord of all.

4 Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget

The wormwood and the gall;
Go, spread your trophies at His feet,

And crown Him, Lord of all.
5 Let every kindred, every tribe,

On this terrestrial ball,
To Him all majesty ascribe,

And crown Him, Lord of all.
6 O that with yonder sacred throng,

We at His feet may fall,
There join the everlasting song,

And crown Him, Lord of all.

LL people that on earth do dwell,

A Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice : L.M. Him serve with fear, His praise forth tell,

Come ye before Him and rejoice.
2 Know that the Lord is God indeed;

Without our aid He did us make :
We are His flock, He doth us feed;

And for His sheep He doth us take.
3 O enter then His gates with praise,

Approach with joy His courts unto;
Praise, laud, and bless His name always;

For it is seemly so to do.
4 For why? the Lord our God is good;

His mercy is for ever sure;
His truth at all times firmly stood ;

And shall from age to age endure.

Á ALMIGHTY God, before Thy throne

· Thy mourning people bend ; C. M. 'Tis on Thy sovereign grace alone,

Our humble hopes depend.
2 Dark judgments from Thy heavy hand

Thy dreadful power display;
Yet mercy spares this guilty land,

And yet we live to pray.

3 O, bid us turn, almighty Lord,

By Thy resistless grace;
Then shall our hearts obey Thy word,

And humbly seek Thy face.
4 Then, should we sometimes be afraid,

We shall not sink in fear;
Secure of never-failing aid,

If God, our God, is near.

LMIGHTY God, Thy Word is cast

1 Like seed into the ground;
c. x. Now let the dew of heaven descend,

And righteous fruits abound.
2 Let not the foe of Christ and man

This holy seed remove;
But give it root in every heart,

To bring forth fruits of love.

3 Let not the world's deceitful cares

The rising plant destroy ;
But let it yield, a hundred-fold,

The fruits of peace and joy.
4 Let not Thy Word, so kindly sent

To raise us to Thy throne,
Return to Thee, and sadly tell

That we reject Thy Son.
5 Oft as the precious seed is sown,

Thy quickening grace bestow;
That all, whose souls the truth receive,

Its saving power may know.

ANGELS, from the realms of glory,

A Wing your flight o'er all the earth; 88.78. Ye who sang creation's story, 4. Now proclaim Messiah's birth :

Come and worship,
Worship Christ, the new-born King.

2 Shepherds, in the field abiding,

Watching o'er your flocks by night,
God with man is now residing
Yonder shines the infant-light:

Come and worship,
Worship Christ, the new-born King.
3 Sages, leave your contemplations;

Brighter visions beam afar:
Seek the great Desire of nations ;
Ye have seen His natal star:

Come and worship,

Worship Christ, the new-born King.
4 Saints, before the altar bending,

Watching long in hope and fear,
Suddenly, the Lord, descending,
In His temple shall appear:

Come and worship,
Worship Christ, the new-born King.

APPROACH, my soul, the mercy-seat,

1 Where Jesus answers prayer; C. M. There humbly fall before His feet,

For none can perish there.
2 Thy promise is my only plea,

. With this I venture nigh;
Thou callest burdened souls to Thee,

And such, O Lord, am I.
3 Bowed down beneath a load of sin,

By Satan sorely pressed,
By war without, and fears within,

I come to Thee for rest.
4 Be thou my shield and hiding-place,

That, sheltered near Thy side,
I may my fierce accuser face,

And tell him, Thou hast died.
5 O wondrous love, to bleed and die,

To bear the cross and shame,
That guilty sinners, such as I,
Might plead Thy gracious name.

RM of the Lord, awake, awake,

A Put on Thy strength, the nations shake; L.M. And let the world, adoring, see

Triumphs of mercy wrought by Thee.

2 Say to the heathen from Thy throne,

I am Jehovah, God alone :
Thy voice their idols shall confound,
And cast their altars to the ground.

3 Let Zion's time of favour come;

O bring the tribes of Israel home;
And let our wondering eyes behold
Gentiles and Jews in Jesus' fold.
4 Almighty God, Thy grace proclaim

In every clime, of every name;
Let adverse powers before Thee fall,
And crown the Saviour Lord of all.

S pants the hart for cooling streams,

1 When heated in the chase;
C. M. So longs my soul, O God, for Thee,

And Thy refreshing grace.
2 For Thee, my God, the living God,

My thirsty soul doth pine ;
O when shall I behold Thy face,

Thou Majesty divine ?
3 Why restless, why cast down, my soul ?

Hope still, and thou shalt sing
The praise of Him who is thy God,

Thy health's eternal spring.

C. M.

S when the Hebrew prophet raised
A The brazen serpent high,
The wounded looked, and straight were cured,

The people ceased to die:

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