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2 But when He cometh back once more,

There shall be set the great white throne, And earth and heaven shall flee before

The face of Him that sits thereon. 3 O Son of God, in glory crowned,'

The Judge ordained of quick and dead; O Son of man, so pitying found

For all the tears Thy people shed. 4 Be with us in this darkened place,

This weary, restless, dangerous night; And teach, O teach us, by Thy grace

To struggle onward into light.
5 And by the love that brought Thee here,

And by the cross, and by the grave,
Give perfect love for conscious fear,

And in the day of judgment save.
6 And lead us on while here we stray,

And make us love our heavenly home,
Till from our hearts we love to say:

Even so, Lord Jesus, quickly come.
VHEN our heads are bowed with woe,

When our bitter tears o'erflow,
When we mourn the lost, the dear,

Jesus, Son of David, hear.
2 Thou our throbbing flesh hast worn;

Thou our mortal griefs hast borne;
Thou hast shed the human tear;

Jesus, Son of David, hear.
3 Thou hast bowed the dying head,

Thou, the blood of life hast shed;
Thou hast filled a mortal bier ;

Jesus, Son of David, hear.
4 When the heart is sad within

With the thought of all its sin;
When the spirit shrinks with fear,

Jesus, Son of David, hear.
5 Thou, the shame, the grief hast known,

Though the sins were not Thine own;
Thou hast deigned their load to bear;
Jesus, Son of David, hear.

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THERE high the heavenly temple 400 V stands, L.M. The house of God, not made with hands,

A great High Priest our nature wears,

The Guardian of mankind appears.
2 He who for men their surety stood,

And poured on earth His precious blood,
Pursues in heaven His mighty plan,

The Saviour and the Friend of man.
3 Though now ascended up on high,

He bends on earth a brother's eye;
Partaker of the human name,

He knows the frailty of our frame.
4 Our fellow-sufferer yet retains

A fellow-feeling of our pains;
And still remembers in the skies,

His tears, His agonies, and cries.
5 In every pang that rends the heart,

The Man of sorrows had a part;
He sympathizes in our grief,

And to the sufferer sends relief.
6 With boldness, therefore, at the throne,

Let us make all our sorrows known;
And ask the aids of heavenly power
To help us in the evil hour.

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TTTHILE with ceaseless course the sun
VV Hasted through the former year,

Many souls their race have run,
Never more to meet us here:

Fixed in an eternal state,
They have done with all below

We a little longer wait,
But how little, none can know.
2 As the winged arrow flies,

Speedily the mark to find ;
As the lightning from the skies

Darts, and leaves no trace behind;

Swiftly thus our fleeting days

Bear us down life's rapid stream:
Upward, Lord, our spirits raise,

All below is but a dream.
3 Thanks for mercies past receive;

Pardon of our sins renew ;
Teach us, henceforth, how to live

With eternity in view :
Bless Thy Word to young and old;

Fill us with a Saviour's love ;
And, when life's short tale is told,

May we dwell with Thee above.

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TITH joy unspoken, with fervent song,
V For Thy bounties boundless we

thank and praise ;
For life, and the grand and countless throng

Of hopes and mercies that crown our days. 2 For our barns are filled with the gifts of God,

With the cheerful stores, with the gene

rous food; We rejoice in our toil, spite of blackened


And sterile stubble and desolate wood. 3 He that sendeth the harvest to gladden the

earth, Sends His Word eternal to gladden our

heart; And we welcome His Word with a holier

Than the autumn treasures that swift

4 And all the year, and year after year,

He gives us, along with plenty, peace;
And smiles away winter and gloom and

fear, Brings back summer's splendour and

autumn's increase.

5 And when our own harvest of days is shorn,

When the grave is our winter, cold, dark,

and dread, In a summer immortal anew we are born, And the odours of Eden are round us

shed. 6 For the autumn here and the autumn there,

Be glory to Him whose name is Love; Be glory to Christ, whose sorrows we share, And whose joys we shall share in our

home above.

TITH one consent let all the earth

To God their cheerful voices raise; L.M. Glad homage pay with awful mirth,

And sing before Him songs of praise. 2 Convinced that He is God alone,

From whom both we and all proceed ; We, whom He chooses for His own,

The flock that He vouchsafes to 'feed.
3 O enter then His temple gate,

Thence to His courts devoutly press ;
And still your grateful hymns repeat,

And still His name with praises bless. 4 For He's the Lord, supremely good,

His mercy is for ever sure;
His truth, which always firmly stood,

To endless ages shall endure.

VE servants of God, your Master pro300 Y claim, 5,5,5,5, And publish abroad His wonderful name: 6,5,6,5. The name all-victorious of Jesus extol ;

His kingdom is glorious, and rules over all. 2 God ruleth on high, almighty to save ; And still He is nigh, His presence we

The great congregation His triumph shall

Ascribing salvation to Jesus our King.

3 Salvation to God who sits on the throne,

Let all cry aloud, and honour the Son:
Our Jesus His praises the angels proclaim,
Fall down on their faces, and worship the

4 Then let us adore, and give Him His right;

All glory and power, all wisdom and might,
All honour and blessing, with angels above,
And thanks never-ceasing, and infinite


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V E servants of the Lord,

I Each in his office wait,
Observant of His heavenly Word,

And watchful at His gate.
2 Let all your lamps be bright,

And trim the golden flame;
Gird up your loins as in His sight,

For awful is His name.
3 Watch; 'tis your Lord's command ,

And while we speak, He's near;
Mark the first signal of His hand,

And ready all appear.
4 O happy servant he

In such a posture found :
He shall his Lord with rapture see,

And be with honour crowned.
6 Christ shall the banquet spread

With His own royal hand,
And raise that faithful servant's head

Amid the angelic band.

77 ION'S King shall reign victorious,

All the earth shall own His sway; 8s. 7s. He will make His kingdom glorious;

He will reign through endless day.
2 Nations, now from God estranged

Then shall see a glorious light;
Night to day shall then be changed,

Heaven shall triumph in the sight.

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