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Grant, 207, 231, 478; Mrs. Havergal, for 225 and C53; R. Montgomery, Esq., and Messrs. Longmans, for 220 and 354, by James Montgomery; the family of the late Dr. Rorison, for 461; the Rev. J. A. Stowell, for 69, 156, and C73; and the Editor is indebted to the Rev. C. J. Bere for the anonymous translation, C149. Permission has been received from Mr. Aylward to include 159 and 405 from the Sarum Hymnal : from Messrs. Bell and Daldy, for two hymns from Miss Procter's Legends and Lyrics, 378, 447 ; from Mr. Hayes, for Neale's Hymns of the Eastern Church, 248, 311, 331, 443 from Messrs. Houlston and Sons, for 368, by Miss Ada Cambridge (Mrs. Cross); from Messrs. Longmans, for 339 and C123, from The Rivulet; by the Rev. T. T. Lynch; Messrs. Low and Co., for the Hymns in Dr. Schaff's Christ in Song ; Mr. Macintosh, for 364, from The Name of Jesus and Other Verses ; Messrs. Masters, for 23, 64, 124, and 125 from Neale's Mediæval Hymns ; Mr. Moses, for 38, 73, 122, 133, 149, 208, 238, 247, 252, 287, 288, 302, 462, 489 from Kelly's Hymns on Various Passages of Scripture ; Messrs. Mozley, for C38 and 150 from Miss Strafford's Hymns for the Collects ; Messrs. Nisbet and Co., for their ready kindness; Messrs. Novello and Co., for 260 and C5, by Dr. Neale; Messrs. Parker and Co., for 120, 160, and 406, by Professor Anstice, from The Child's Christian Year, and 17, 154, 387, 438, 449, from Mr. Keble's Christian Year; Messrs. Rivington and

Co., for 55, 77, 175, 200, 214, 216, 218, 306, 359, 384, 450, C45, 104, from Mr. Lyte's Spirit of the Psalms and Miscellaneous Poems ; Mr. John Robertson, Dublin, for 173 and 398, by Miss Charlotte Elliott, from The Invalids' Hymnbook ; and Messrs. Strahan and Co., for 326 and 398, from Hymns of Denmark, and 328, 335, 381 from Hymns and Meditations, by A. L. W.

Permission has been purchased from Mr. Curwen for the use of 486, the translation of Freylinghausen's hymn by Mr. Stallybrass; from Messrs. Longmans, for Miss Winkworth’s translations, 61, 101, 105, 181, 365, 367, 391, 422, C28; from Mr. Morrish, 'for Mrs. Shepherd's two hymns, C9 and 37; and from the owners of the copyright for C8, 25, 43, and 78, by Mrs. Gilbert, and C3, 70, 100, 131, and 161, by Miss Jane Taylor.

No pains have been spared to avoid the infringement of copyright. Should, however, any hymns have been included without the sanction of the owners, the Editor apologizes for an error which was unintentional, and throws himself upon the courtesy and indulgence of those whose rights he would in all cases desire to respect.

It is scarcely to be hoped that errors have been quite avoided, and the information both on authors and on the authorship of some as yet anonymous hymns is avowedly imperfect. The Editor will be deeply grateful for any help in ascertaining the one and in supplying the other, so that the book may be made as full and accurate as he could wish, more worthy of a place in the Christian household, and more to His glory round Whom “they sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb.*"



31st December, 1872.

* Revelation rv., 3.


The letter C before a number denotes that the hymn
· is in the Third, or Children's Part.

Adoration. [See Praise.]

Advent. [See Jesus Christ.]

Advent, Second. [Seo Jesus Christ.]

Afiction-[See also Resignation, and For the Sick and

337 God of my life, to Thee I call . ........ L.M.
354 In the hour of trial ............ 6s 58
478 When gathering cloud around I view ..... Six 88
295 When our heads are bowed with woe ....... 78


66 Fountain of good, to own Thy love. ... ... C.M.
194 O Lord of heaven and earth and sea ...... 888, 4
283 We give Thee but Thine own. ..

. . . . S.M.
290 What beams of grace and mercy, Lord ..... C.M.

Ascension. [See Jesus Christ.]

303 A debtor to mercy alone .......... P.M.
382 My hope is built on nothing less. ....... Six 88
392 Now have I found the ground wherein ..... Six 8s
420 Pass away earthly joy ........ 64, 64, 66 64
292 When I can read my title clear. ....... C.M.

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