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Livy. A new and Literal Translation.
By Dr. SPILLAN and others. In 4 vols.

Vol. 1. Contains Books 1-8.
Vol. 2. Books 9-26.
Vol. 3. Books 27-36.

Vol. 4. Books 37 to the end ; and Index. Lucan's Pharsalia. Translated, with

Notes, by H. T. Riley. Lucretius. Literally Translated, with • Notes, by the Rev. J. S. Watson, M.A.

And the Metrical Version by J. M. GOOD. Martial's Epigrams, complete. Lite

rally Translated. Each accompanied by one or more Verse Translations selected fro:n the Works of English Poets, and other sources. With a copious Index.

Double volume (660 pages). 78. 6d. Ovid's Works, complete. Literally Translated. 3 vols.

Vol. 1. Fasti, Tristia, Epistles, &c.
Vol. 2. Metamorphoses.

Vol. 3. Heroides, Art of Love, &c. Pindar. Literally Translated, by Daw

SON W. TURNER, and the Metrical Version

Plato's Works. Translated by the
Rev. H. CARY and others. In 6 vols.
Vol. 1. The Apology of Socrates, Crito,

Phædo, Gorgias, Protagoras, Phædrus,
Theætetus, Euthyphron, Lysis.
Vol. 2. The Republic, Timæus, & Critias.
Vol. 3. Meno, Euthydemus, The So-

phist, Statesman, Cratylus, Parme

nides, and the Banquet. Vol. 4. Philebus, Charmides, Laches,

The Two Alcibiades, and Ten other

Vol. 5. The Laws.
Vol. 6. The Doubtful Works. With

General Index.
Plautus's Comedies. Literally Trans-

lated, with Notes, by H. T. Riley, B.A.

In 2 vols. Pliny's Natural History. Translated,

with Copious Notes, by the late JOHN BOSTOCK, M.D., F.R.S., and H. T. RILEY,

B.A. In 6 vols. Propertius, Petronius, and Johannes

Secundus. Literally Translated, and accompanied by Poetical Versions, from various sources,



Quintilian's Institutes of Oratory.

Literally Translated, with Notes, &c., by

J. S. WATSON, M.A. In 2 vols.
Sallust, Florus, and Velleius Pater-

culus. With Copious Notes, Biographical

Notices, and Index, by J.S. WATSON. Sophocles. The Oxford Translation

Standard Library Atlas of Classical

Geography. Twenty-two large coloured
Maps according to the latest authorities,
With a complete Index (accentuated),
giving the latitude and longitude of every

place named in the Maps. Imp. 8vo. 78.64. Strabo's Geography. Translated,

with Copious Notes, by W. FALCONER,
M.A., and H. C. HAMILTON, Esq. With
Index, giving the Ancient and Modern

Names. In 3 vols.
Suetonius' Lives of the Twelve

Casars, and other Works. Thomson's
Translation, revised, with Notes, by T.
Tacitus. Literally Translated, with
Notes. In 2 vols.

Vol. 1. The Annals.
Vol. 2. The History, Germania, Agri-

cola, &c. With Index.
Terence and Phædrus. By H. T.

. RILEY, B.A. Theocritus,

Bion, Moschus, and Tyrtæus. By J. BANKS, M.A. With the

Metrical Versions of Chapman. Thucydides. Literally Translated by

Rev. H. DALE. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each. Virgil. Literally Translated by Da.

VIDSON. New Edition, carefully revised.

3s. 6.
Xenophon's Works. In 3 Vols.

Vol. 1. The Anabasis and Menjorabilia.

Translated, with Notes, by J.S. WAT-

And a Geographical Commentary, by W.F. AINSWORTH, F.S.A.,

F.R.G.S., &c.
Vol. 2. Cyropædia and Hellenics. By

J. S. WATSON, M.A., and the Rev. H.

Vol. 3. The Minor Works.


By J. S.

(EXCEPTING THOSE MARKED OTHERWISE). Agassiz and Gould's Comparative Bacon's Novum Organum and Ad. Physiology. Enlarged by Dr. WRIGHT. vancement of Learning. Complete, with Upwards of 400 Engravings.

Notes, by J. Devey, M.A.

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Blair's Chronological Tables, Revised

and Enlarged. Comprehending the Chronology and History of the World, from the earliest times. By J. WILLOUGHBY Rosse. Double Volume. 105.; or, half

bound, 10s. 6d. Index of Dates. Comprehending the

principal Facts in the Chronology and History of the World, from the earliest to the present time, alphabetically arranged. By J. W. Rosse. Double volume, 108.;

or, half-bound, 10s. 6d. Bolley's Manual of Technical Analy

sis. A Guide for the Testing of Natural and Artificial Substances. By B. H. PAUL


Chevreul on Colour. Containing the Hunt's (Robert Poetry of Science;

700 pages.

KIRBY on the History, Habits, and Instincts of Animals. Edited, with Notes, by T. RYDER JONES. Numerous Engravings, many of which are additional. In 2 vols.

Kidd on the Adaptation of External Nature to the Physical Condition of Man. 38. 6.

Whewell's Astronomy and General Physics, considered with reference to Natural Theology. 38. 6d.

Chalmers on the Adaptation of Exterpal Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man. 58.

Prout's Treatise on Chemistry, Meteorology, and Digestion, Edited

by Dr. J. W. GRIFFITH. Carpenter's (Dr. W. B.) Zoology. A

Systematic View of the Structure, Habits, Instincts, and Uses, of the principal Fami. lies of the Animal Kingdom, ard of the chief forms of Fossil Remains. New edition, revised to the present time, under arrangement with the Author, by W. S. DALLAS, F.L.S. Illustrated with many hundred fine Wood Engravings. In 2 vols, 6s. each.

Mechanical Philosophy, Astronomy, and Horology. A Popular Exposition. 183 Illustrations.

Vegetable Physiology and Systematic Botany. A complete Introduction to the Knowledge of Plants. New Edition, revised, under arrangement with the Author, by E. LANKESTER, M.D., &c. Several hundred Illustrations on Wood. 6s.

Animal Physiology. New Edition, thoroughly revised, and in part re-written by the Author. Upwards of

300 capital Illustrations. 68. Chess Congress of 1862. A Collec

tion of the Games played, and a Selection
of the Problems sent in for the Competi-
tion. Edited by J. LÖWENTHAL, Manager.
With an Account of the Proceedings, and
a Memoir of the British Chess Association,
by J. W. MEDLEY, Hon. Sec. 78.

Principles of Harmony and Contrast of
Colours, and their application to the Arts.
Translated from the French hy CHARLES
MARTEL. Only complete Edition. Several

; or, with an additional series
of 16 Plates in Colours. 78. 60.
Comte's Philosophy of the Sciences.

Edited by G. H. LEWES.
Ennemoser's History of Magic.

Translated by WILLIAM HOWITT. With
an Appendix of the most remarkable and
best authenticated Stories of Apparitions,
Dreams, Table Turning, and Spirit-Rap-

ping, &c. In 2 vols.
Handbook of Domestic Medicine.

Popularly arranged. By Dr. HENRY

With a complete
Handbook of Games. By various

Amateurs and Professors. Comprising
treatises on all the principal Games of
chance, skill, and manual dexterity. In
all, above 40 games (the Whist, Draughts,
and Billiards being especially comprel:en-
sive). Edited by H. G. BOHN. Nlus.

trated by numerous Diagrams. Hogg's (Jabez) Elements of Experi

mental and Natural Philosophy. Containing Mechanics, Pneumatics, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Acoustics, Optics, Caloric, Electricity, Voltaism, and Magnetism. New Edition, enlarged. Up

wards of 400 Woodcuts. Hind's Introduction to Astronomy.

With a Vocabulary, containing an Explanation of all the Terms in present use. New Edition, enlarged. Numerous ingravings. 38. 6d. Humboldt's Cosmos; or Sketch of a

Physical Description of the Universe. Translated by E C. OTTE and W. S. DALLAS, F.L.S. Fine Portrait. In five vols. 38. 6d. each ; excepting Vol. V., 58. *** In this edition the notes are placed beneath the text, Humboldt's analytical Summaries and the passages hitherto suppressed are included, and new and comprehensive Indices are added.

Travels in America. In 3 vols.

Views of Nature; or, Contemplations of the Sublime Phenomena of Creation. Translated by E. C. OTTE and H. G. BOHN. A fac-simile letter from the Author to the Publisher; translations of the quotations, and a complete

Humphrey's Coin Collector's Ma.

nual. A popular Introduction to the
Study of Coins. Highly finished Engraz.
ings. In 2 vols.

or, Studies of the Physical Phenomena of Nature. By Professor Hunt. New Edi

tion, enlarged. Index of Dates. See Blair's Tables. Joyce's Scientific Dialogues. Com

pleted to the present state of Knowledge,

by Dr. GRIFFITH. Numerous Woodcuts. Lectures on Painting. By the Royal

Academicians. With Introductory Essay,

and Notes by R. WORNUM, Esq. Portraits. Mantell's (Dr.) Geological Excur.

sions through the Isle of Wight and Dorsetshire. New Edition, by T. RUPERT JONES, Esq. Numerous beautifully executed Woodcuts, and a teological Map.

Medals of Creation; or, First Lessons in Geology and the Study of Organic Remains; including Geological Excursions. New Edition, revised. Coloured Plates, and several hundred beautiful Woodcuts. In 2 vols., 78. 6d. each.

Petrifactions and their Teachings. An Illustrated Handbook to the Organic Remains in the British Museum.

Numerous Engravings. 6s.

Wonders of Geology; or, a Familiar Exposition of Geological Phenomena, New Edition, augmented by T. RUPERT JONES, F.G.S. Coloured Geological a1ap of England, Plates, and nearly 200

beautiful Woodcuts. In 2 vols., 78. 6d. each. Morphy's Games of Chess. Being

the Matches and best Games played by the American Champion, with Explanatory and Analytical Notes, by J. LÖWENTHAL. Portrait and Memoir.

It contains by far the largest collection of games played by Mr. Morphy ex tant in any form, and has received his endorse

ment and co-operation. Oersted's Soul in Nature, &c. Portrait. Richardson's Geology, including

Mineralogy and Palæontology. Revised and enlarged, by Dr. T. WRIGHT. Upwards of 400 Illustrations,

Schouw's Earth, Plants, and Man; and

Kobell's Sketches from the Mineral Kingdom. Translated by A. HENFREY, F.R.S.

Coloured Map of the Geography of Plants. Smith's (Pye) Geology and Scrip

ture; or, The Relation between the Holy

Scriptures and Geological Science. Stanley's Classified Synopsis of the 'Principal Painters of the Duich and Fle

mish Schools. Staunton's Chess-player's Handbook. Numerous Diagrams.

Chess Praxis. A Supplement to the Chess-player's Handbook. Containing all the most important modern improvements in the Openings, illustrated by actual Games; a revised Code of Chess Laws; and a Selection of Mr. Morphy's Games in England and France. 6s.

Chess-player's Companion. Comprising a new Treatise on Odds, Cole lection of Match Games, and a Selection of Original Problems.

Chess Tournament of 1851, Numerous Illustrations. Stockhardt's Principles of Chemis

try, exemplified in a series of simple experiments. Upwards of 270 Nlustrations.

Agricultural Chemistry; or, Chemical Field Lectures. Addressed to Farmers. Translated, with Notes, by Professor HENFREY, F.R.S. To wbich is added, a Paper on Liquid Manure, by

J.J. MECHI, Esq. Ure's (Dr. A.) Cotton Manufacture

of Great Britain, systematically investi. gated; with an introductory view of its comparative state in Foreign countries. New Edition, revised and completed to the present time, by P. L. SIMMONDS. One hundred and fifty Illustrations. In 2 vols.

- Philosophy of Manufactures ; or, An Exposition of the Factory System of Great Britain. New Edition, continued to the present time, by P. L. SIMMONDS. 78. 6d.


Bohn's Cheap Series. Berber, The; or, The Mountaineer Mr. CROKER.

Upwards of 40 fine Enof the Atlas. A Tale of Morocco, by W.S.

gravings on Steel. In 4 vols. 48. each, or MAYO, M.D. ls. 6d.

8 parts 2s. each. Boswell's Life of Johnson. Includ

The public has now for 168. what ing bis Tour to the Hebrides, Tour in

was formerly published at 21. Wales, &c. Edited, with large additions

Boswell's Johnsoniana. A Collection and Notes, by the Right Hon. John WILSON of Miscellaneous Anecdotes and Sayings CROKER. The second and most complete of Dr. Samuel Johnson, gathered from Copyright Edition, re-arranged and, re- nearly a hundred publications. A Sequel vised according to the suggestions of to the preceding, of which it forms vol. 5, Lord

Macaulay, by the late JOHN or parts 9 and 10. Engravings on Steel WRIGHT, Esq., with further additions by In 1 vol. 48., or in 2 parts, 23. each,

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Cape and the Kafflrs. A Diary of

Five Years' Residence. With a Chapter

of Advice to Emigrants. By H. WARD. 28. Carpenter's (Dr. W. B.) Physiology

of Temperance and Total Abstinence. On the Effects of Alcoholic Liquors. 18.; or,

on fine paper, cloth, 2s. 6d. Cinq-Mars; or a Conspiracy under

Louis XIII. Au Historical Romance by
Count Alfred de Vigny. Translated by

Dibdin's Sea Songs (Admiralty Edi-

tion). Illustrations by Cruikshank.

28. 6d. Emerson's Orations and Lectures. 1s.

Representative Men. Complete. ls. Franklin's (Benjamin) Genuine Au

tobiography. From the Original Manu.

script. By SARED SPARKS. 18. Gervinus's Introduction to the His

tory of the 19th Century. From the

German. ls.
Guizot's Life of Monk. 1s. 6d.

- Monk's Contemporaries. Studies on the English Revolution of 1688.

Portrait of Clarendon. ls. 6d. Hawthorne's (Nathaniel, Twice Told Tales. ls.

the Same. Second Series. 1s. Snow Image & other Tales. 1s. Scarlet Letter. 18.

House with the Seven Gables. A Romance, ls. Irving's (Washington) Life of Mohammed. Portrait. 1s. 6d.

Successors of Mohammed. 1s. 6d.

Life of Goldsmith. 1s. 6d.
Sketch Book. 1s. 60.
Tales of a Traveller. 1s. 6d.
Tour on the Prairies. 1s.

Conquests of Granada and Spain. 2 vols. 1s. 6d. each.

Life of Columbus. 2 vols, 1s, 6d, each.

Companions of Columbus. 1s. 6d.

Adventures of Captain Bonneville. ls. 6d.

Knickerbocker's New York. 18. 6d.

Tales of the Alhambra. 1s. 6d.
Conquest of Florida. 1s. 6d.

Irving's Abbotsford and Newstead.

Salmagundi. Is. 6d.
Bracebridge Hall, 1s. 66
Astoria. 2s.

Wolfert's Roost, and oth
Tales. ls.; fine paper, 1s. 6d.

Life of Washington. Auth
rized Edition (uniform with the Work
Fine Portrait, &c. 5 parts, with Genel
Index. 28. 6d. each.

Life and Letters.
Nephew, PIERRE E. IRVING. Portrait. In
4 parts. 28. each.
*** For Washington Irving's Collected

Works, see p. 4.
Lamartine's Genevieve; or, The

History of a Servant Girl. Translated by

1s. 6d.
Stonemason of Saintpoint.
A Village Tale. Is. 6d.

Three Months in Power. 2s. Lion Hunting and Sporting Life in

Algeria. By JULES GERARD, the “Lion

Killer." Twelve Engravings. 18. 6d. London and its Environs. By

CYRUS REDDING. Numerous Illustrations.

23. Mayhew's Image of his Father.

Twelve page Illustrations on Steel by

« Phiz." 28. Modern Novelists of France. Con

taining Paul Huet, the Young Midshipman, and Kernock the Corsair, by Eugene Sue; Pbysiology of the General Lover, by Soulie; the Poacher, by Jules Janin ; Jenny, and Husbands, by Paul de Kock.

2s. Munchausen's (Baron) Life and Ad

ventures. 1s. Preachers and Preaching. Includ

ing sketches of Robert Hall, Newman, Chalmers, Irving, Melvill, Spurgeon, Bel.

lew, Dale, Cumming, &c. 18. 60. Sandford and Merton. By THOMAS

DAY. Eight jine Engravings by Anelay. 2s. Taylor's El Dorado; or, Pictures of

the Gold Region. 2 vols. Is. each. Willis's (N. Parker) People I have

Met; or, Pictures of Society, and People of Mark. ls. 60.

Convalescent; or, Rambles and Adventures. 18. 6d.

Life Here and There; or, Sketches of Society and Adventure. Is. 6d.

Hurry-graphs; or, Sketches of Scenery, Celebrities, and Society. ls.6d.

Pencillings by the Way. Four fine plates. 28. 6d.

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