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4 The weary world is mouldering to decay,

Its glories wane, its pageants fade away;
In that last sunset when the stars shall fall,
May we arise awakened by Thy call,
With Thee, O Lord, for ever to abide
In that blest day which has no eventide. Amen.


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2 Deeper, deeper grow the shadows, 4 Let me hear Thy voice behind me, Paler now the glowing west,

Calming all these wild alarms; Swift the night of death advances; Let me, underneath my weakness, Shall it be the night of rest?

Feel the everlasting arms. 3 Lonely seems the vale of shadow; 5 Feeble, trembling, fainting, dying,

Sinks my heart with troubled fear; Lord, I cast myself on Thee; Give me faith for clearer vision,

Tarry with me through the darkness; Speak Thou, Lord, in words of cheer. While I sleep, still watch by me. 6 Tarry with me, O

my Saviour!
Lay my head upon breast
Till the morning; then awake me,
Morning of eternal rest! Amen.

CAROLINE L. SMITH 42 1 Part in peace! is day before us?

3 Part in peace! such are the praises Praise His Name for life and light:

God, our Maker, loveth best; Are the shadows lengthening o'er us? Such the worship that upraises

Bless His care who guards the night. Human hearts to heavenly rest. 2 Part in peace! with deep thanksgiving; 4 Part in peace! our duties call us; Rend'ring, as we homeward tread,

We must serve as well as praise; Gracious service to the living,

Ask not what may here befall us; Tranquil memory to the dead.

Leave to God the coming days. Amen. (d=96) O day of rest and glad-ness, O day of joy and light, O balm of care and

43 ST. ANSELM 75 & 6s. D.


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sad-ness, Most beau-ti-ful, most bright; On thee, the high and low-ly, Thro' a-ges

joined in tune, Sing, Ho-ly, Ho-ly, Ho-ly, To the great God Tri-une. A-men.

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44 MENDEBRAS 75 & 6s. D.

German Melody. Arr. by Lowell MASON

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{The dawn oefoed's deaer Sabro biath Breaks co'er the carth af- gain

; }

of pain.

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ry wastes of sand.

A - men.

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As shade of clus - tered palm-trees 'Mid wea

2 Lord, we would bring for offering,

Though marred with earthly soil, A week of earnest labor,

Of steady, faithful toil; Fair fruits of self-denial,

Of strong, deep love to Thee, Fostered by Thine own Spirit,

In our humility.

4 And with that sorrow mingling,

A steadfast faith, and sure,
And love so deep and fervent,

That tries to make it pure;
In His dear presence finding

The pardon that we need,
And then the peace so lasting-

Celestial peace indeed.

3 And we would bring our burden

Of sinful thought and deed, In Thy pure presence kneeling,

From bondage to be freed; Our heart's most bitter sorrow

For all Thy work undoneSo many talents wasted!

So few bright laurels won!

5 So be it, Lord, for ever.

Oh, may we evermore,
In Jesus' holy presence

His blessed name adore.
Upon His peaceful Sabbath,

Within His temple-walls-
Type of the stainless worship
In Zion's golden halls. Amen.





(d=112) Sweet is the work, my God, my King, To praise Thy name, give thanks and sing;

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To show Thy love by morning light, And talk of all Thy truth at night. A - men.

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2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest; 4 Lord, I shall share a glorious part,

No mortal cares shall seize my breast; When grace hath well refined my
Oh, may my heart in tune be found,

Like David's harp of solemn sound. And fresh supplies of joy are shed,

Like holy oil, to cheer my head. 3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord, And bless His works, and bless His 5 Then shall I see, and hear, and know word;

[shine, All I desired or wished below; Thy works of grace, how bright they And every power find sweet employ, How deep Thy counsels, how divine! In that eternal world of joy. Amen.


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(d=100) Blest day of God, most calm, most bright, The first, the best of

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la-borer's rest, the saint's de-light, A day of pray'r and praise.

A - men.

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(d=72) This

is the day of Light: Let there be light to - day; O Dayspring,




night, And chase its glooma - way.


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(May be sung to Swabia, No. 470)

2 This is the day of Rest:

Our failing strength renew;
On weary brain and troubled breast

Shed Thou Thy freshening dew.

4 This is the day of Prayer:

Let earth to heaven draw near;
Lift up our hearts to seek Thee there;

Come down to meet us here.

3 This is the day of Peace:

Thy peace our spirits fill;
Bid Thou the blasts of discord cease,

The waves of strife be still.

5 This is the First of days:

Send forth Thy quickening breath,
And wake dead souls to love and praise,
O Vanquisher of death! Amen.


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