The Playbook of Metals: Including Personal Narratives of Visits to Coal, Lead, Copper, and Tin Mines; with a Large Number of Interesting Experiments Relating to Alchemy and the Chemistry of the Fifty Metallic Elements

Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, 1861 - 502 Seiten
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Seite 21 - found that decomposing vegetable matter (such as would be distributed through all the coal seams) prevents the further oxidation of the proto-salts of iron, and converts the peroxide into protoxide, by taking a portion of its oxygen to form carbonic acid gas. This gas coming in contact with the protoxide of iron in solution,
Seite 320 - and snow is put into the outer vessel AA, so as completely to surround the middle vessel, B B. Into the latter, the vessel, D, containing the quicksilver to be frozen, previously cooled down by a freezing mixture, is put; and this is immediately surrounded by a mixture of snow and chloride of
Seite 119 - beginning was deceit, its progress labour, and its end beggary. It may be said of modern chemistry, that its beginning is pleasure, its progress knowledge, and its objects truth and utility." There are no doubt great intellectual qualities necessary for discovery or for the advancement of science.
Seite 131 - or some such like. This I know that I could not read them, nor were they either Latin or French Letters or Words, of which I understand something. But as to the matter which was written within, it was engraven (as I suppose) with an Iron Pencil or Graver upon the said
Seite 140 - cooled by immersion in water, and broken; and of course, the lump of gold will fall out. Sometimes they drilled holes in lumps of lead, into which they poured molten gold; the holes were then stopped with other bits of lead, and when placed in a crucible and subjected to
Seite 133 - she was exceedingly religious and devout; and, therefore, seeing herself without hope of children and now well stricken in years, she made it her business, as I did, to think of God, and to give ourselves to the work of Charity and Mercy;
Seite 372 - per cent, of heat formerly wasted in the air is now conducted, by large pipes six feet in diameter, lined with fire-brick, under proper boilers; and at the Cwm Celyn works the gases from two furnaces only more than suffice for the supply of seven boilers, and for the
Seite 75 - a tract has been long known under the name of the "Field of Fire," which continually emits inflammable gas, while springs of naphtha and petroleum occur in the same vicinity. Abiel found the medium temperature of the soil of Abscheran to be 59°
Seite 337 - stone were then made of that metal. Dr. Thompson remarks " How many ages before the birth of Moses iron must have been discovered in these countries, we may perhaps conceive, if we reflect that the knowledge of iron was brought over from Phrygia to Greece by the
Seite 132 - on the like quantity of Mercury, Perrenelle only being present, and in the same house; which was done in the same Year of Our Lord, viz., 1382, April 25, at five in the afternoon. This Mercury I truly transmuted into almost as much Gold, much better indeed than common Gold, more soft also and more pliable.

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