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XIII. Abraham rejoicing to see Christ's Day afar off. John viii. 56.--Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.

408 XIV. Christ, as the Breaker, opening all Passes to

Glory, that were impassable.
Micah ii. 13.-The Breaker is come up before them; they

have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and
are gone out by it ; and their King shall pass before

them, and the Lord (or Jehovah) on the bead of them. 434 XV. Ethiopia stretching out her hands to God, Pfal. Ixviii. 31.-Ethiopia fball foon stretch out her hands unto God.

473 XVI. The Kingdom of God within the Soul of Man. Luke xvii. 21.-For behold the kingdom of God is within

489 XVII. Gospel-treasure in Earthen Vessels. 2 Cor. iv. 7.But we have this treasure in eartben vesels,

that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not

of us. XVIII. The Character of a faithful Minister of Christ. Col. i. 7.- Epaphraswho is for you a faithful Minister of Christ.

555 XIX. Christ in the Clouds coming to Judgement. Matth. xvi. 37.Thon frall he reward every man accord

ing to his works. XX. Tie Word of Salvation.. Acts. xiij.16.—Yo you is the word of this falvation fent. 576 The Believer's Jointure.



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Published by IV. Baynes, 54, Paternoster-Row, London.


I Neatly printed on a superfine wove paper, in duodecimo, price 6s in boards, with a perfect Fac Simile of Coster's Horarium, (the first at

tempt at Printing in Europe), VOLUME II. of A BIBLIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY ; containing a chronological ac

count, alphabetically arranged, of the most curious, scarce, useful,
and importunt Books, in all departments of Literature, which have
been published in Latin, Greek, Coptic, Hebrew, Sumaritan, Syriac,
Chaldee, Æthiopic, Arubic, Persian, Armenian, 8c. from the infancy.
of Printing to the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. With Bivo,
graphical Anecdotes of Authors, Printers, and Publishers; a distinct
Notation of the Editiones Principes and Optime--and the Price of
each Article, (where it could be ascertained) from the best London
Catalogues, and public Sales of the mos tvaluable Libraries, both at
home and abroad; including the whole of the 4th edition of DR. Har-
wood's VIEW OF THE CLASsics, with innumerable Additions and
Amendments. To which will be added an Essay on Bibliography, with
a general and particular account of the different Authors on that
subject, in Latin, French, Italian, German, and English-a descrip-
tion of their works, first, improved, and best Editions—with critical
Judgments on the whole, extracted from the best bibliographical
and typographical authorities. And an account of the best Eng-
lish translation of each Greek and Latin Classic. A work highly neces-
sary and interesting to Booksellers, Scholars, and Collectors of pub-
lic and private Libraries; being the most extensive, and (it is pre-
sumed) the most useful of the kind ever attempted in the English

language. *** It is expected that the Work will make about six Volumes; one to be published every three Months.

N.B. A few Copies have been struck off on a superfine large royal Paper, price 9s. in boards. 2 Neatly printed with a new Type on fine wove paper, in 6 large vols.

Svo, price only il 10s in boards, or 21 well bound in calf and

lettered, being 1s per vol. less than the former edition, AN ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY, ANCIENT AND MODERN, from the

Birth of Christ to the beginning of the 19th Century, in which the rise, progress, and variations of church power are considered in their connection with the state of learning and philosophy, and the political History of Europe during that period, by the late learned J. L. MOSHEIM, D. 1). and Chancellor of the University of Gottingen; Translated from the original Latin and accompanied with Notes, Chronological Tabies and an accurate Index, by ARCHI

BALD MACLAINE, D. D., 3 Neatly printed with a new Type, on fine wove paper, and embellished

with a capital portrait of the Author, in 2 large vols. 8voprice 12s boards; a New Edition with a Supplement, and in which for the First Time the Latin, Greek and other Quotations are translated

into English, DISSERTATIONS ON TIE PROPHECIES, which have remarkably been

fulfilled and at this time are fullilling in the World, by Triom AS
Newton, D. D. Lord Bishop of Bristol. new edition, with si
Supplement, containing Extracts from several Prophetic Writer
and in which for the first time the Latin, Greek, and other 0:
tions occurring at the foot of each nane are trinolated int..

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4 Neatly printed on fine wove paper, with a Portrait of the Author, in

one large vol, 12mo. a New Edition, being the 18th, of PRIVATE THOUGHTS, IN Two PARTS COMPLETE. Part 1. Upon Religion,

digested into 12 Articles with practical Resolutions formed thereupon. Part II. Upon a Christian Life, or necessary directions for its Beginning and Progress upon Earth in order to its final perfection in the Beatific Vision, by WILLIAM BEVERIDGE, D. D. late Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, the 18th Edition, to which is now

first prefixed the Life and Character of the Author. « This great and good Bishop had very early addicted himself to “ Piety and a Religious Course of Life, of which his Private Thoughts " will be a lasting evidence; they were written in his younger years, and 6 he must a considerable time before this have devoied himself to such " practices, otherwise he could never have drawn up so judicious and " sound a declaration of his faith, nor have forined such excellent reso. “ lutions so agreeable to the Christian Life in all its parts.

Vide his li. 5 Handsomely Printed on fine woye paper, in 1 large volume 12100,

with a fine portrait of the Author, price 3s 6d boards, or 4s and

4s 6d bound, a new edition, being the Eighth, of THE SAINTS EVERLASTING Rest, or a Treatise of the Blessed Siale

of the Saints in their Enjoyment of God in Heaven. Written by the Rererend, Learned, and Pious Mr. RICHARD BAXTER. Abridged

by BENJAMIN FAWCETT, M.A. 6 Handsomely printed on fine wove paper, in 8vo. price is stitched, AN ENQUIRY INTO THE ORIGIN OF TRUE RELIGION, together with

the Invention of Letters, and the Discovery of the most usefill Arts and Sciences, wherein it is attempted to prove that the Knowledge of these Things originated in the East, and hath been diffused amongst mankind by various channels, but chiefly through the medium of the Ancient Jews, and those Writings which relate to their Political

and Religious (Economy. By the Rev. JAMES CREIGHTON, B.A. 7 Neatly printed on fine paper, in 1 large volune 12mo. price 5s bound,

the second Edition of MISCELLANEOUS SELECTIONS, or the RuDIMENTS of USEFUL Know.

LEDGE from the first Authorities, designed for senior scholars in schools, and for Young Persons in general, containing useful information on a variety of subjects not to be found in any Book of general use in Schools, and yet by all Persons necessary to be known. Compiled by J. Guy, Master of the Literary and Commercial Seminary, Bristol, and Author of an English Grammar, Epitome of

Geography, &c. 8 Handsomely printed on fine woye paper in 18mo. with a neat frontis

piece, price 2s neatly done up in boards, or on royal paper 3s in

boards--also bound plain or elegant, for Presents, THE LIFE OF JOSEPH, THE SON of ISRAEL, in eight books, chiefly de

signed to allure Young Minds to a love of the Sacred Scriptures.

By JOHN MACGOWAN. The third edition corrected. " This History of the Young Hebrew, so celebrated for his chastity, his « wisdom, and the Vicissitudes of his fortune, may be exhibited as a fit “ Companion for Mr. Gesner's Death of Abel.”

Vide Monthly Retieu. 9 Neatly printud on fine wove paper, in 12mo. with a neat frontispiece, 11 DR. Watts' Logic, uniform with the above, 3ş boards 12 Willis's Survey of St; ASAPI, considerably enlarged and brought


of V Mar A


down to the present Time, with the additions of the names of the Canons and Vicars, choral of the Cathedral and the incumbents of the different Parishes in the Diocese, from the earliest dates with Memoirs of some of them. Also a Second Appendir, containing an Ilistorical Account of the different Arch-Bishoprics, Bishoprics, Religious Houses, Colleges, Dignities, London Churches, &c. referred to in the body of the Work, with the Life of the Author prefixed, by EDWARD EDWARDS, A. M. Vicar of Llanarmon in Yale, and Curate of Wrexham in the Diocese of St. Așaph, in 2 large vols,

Svo. with a Portrait of the Author, 18s boards 13 Dr. DoDDRIDGE's RISE AND PROGRESS OF RELIGION IN THE

SOUL, &c. a new edition, with his Sermon on the Care of the

Soul added. Printed on five paper, 12mo, 3s bound 14 Dr. DoDDRIDGE's SEVEN SERMONS TO YOUNG Prorle, a new

and neat edition on fine paper, pocket size, with Portrait of the au

thor, 1s 3d boards, or 1s 6d neatly bound. 15 Dr. DODDRIDGE's SERMONS ON TIIE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OF

CHULDREN, printed uniform with the above, is boards, or ls 3d

bound. 16 The above Two Pieces by Dr. DODDRidge bound together, as 6d 17 Rev. Joux FLAVELL's S.LINT INDEED, or the Great Work of a

Christian opened and pressed, from Proverbs iv, 23. neatly printed

with a large new type, on fine paper, with a portrait of the Author,

18mo. ls 3d boards, or ls 6d bound N. B. In ordering the above be careful to say Baynes's Edition, large print, with portrait. 18 Rev. JOIN FLAVEL's ToucisTONE OF SINCERITY, or the Signs of

Grace and Symptoms of Hypocrisy opened, in a Practical Treatise upon Revelations iii. 17, 18, BEING THE SECOND PART OF THE SAINT INDEED, printed uniform with the Saint Indeed, price is 3d

boards, or is 6d neatly bound 19 The above Two Pieces bound together, ?s 6d 20 Rev. TuoMAS Brooks' APPLES OF Gold for Young Nen and

Women, and a Crown of Glory for Old Men and Women, or the
Ilappiness of being Good betimes, and the Ilonour of being an Old
Disciple, 24th edit. neatly printed on fine paper, ls 6d boards, or

25 neatly bound. For an high character of the above interesting aud pleasing little work. sec the Evangelical Magazine for March last. 21 Dr. Watts' Psalms and llymns, neatly printed on fine paper, large print, 24mo. 2s 6d bound

In a few days will be published, 22 An HEBREW GRAMMAR, compiled from some of the most consider

able Grammars, and particularly adapted to Bythner's Lyra Pro. phetica, &c. with an elegant engraving of the Hebrew Alphabet, the

second edition revised and corrected, royal Svo, 3s N.B. This Grammar is used by several Academies, and is allowed to be the best extant. 23 Rev. Matthew llevRY'S COMMENTARY ON TIE Bible, a new

and beautiful edition, to be published in about 216 numbers royal 4to, on fine wove paper, the 1st number at 9d and all the othors at 6d each, 1 number published weekly. There are 3 numbers already published.

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