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PYRMONT WATer, and other Mineral Waters of a similar Nature, is.

N.B. The preceding pamphlet is included in No.5.

9. A New CHART of History, containing a View of the principal Revolutions of Empire that have taken Place in the World; with a Book describing it, containing an Epitome of Universal History, 4th Edition, 10s. 6d.

10. A CHART of BIOGRAPHY, with a Book containing an Explanation of it, and a Catalogue of all the Names inserted in it, 6th Edition, very much improved, 1os. 60.

II. The RUDINENTS of ENGLISH GRAMMAR, adapted to the Use of those who have made fome Proficiency in the Lane guage, 4th Edition, 3s.

13. OBSERVATIONS relating to EDUCATION : more especially as it respects the mind. To which is added, An Essay on a Course of liberal Education for Civil and Active Life, with Flans of Lectures on, i. The Study of History and General Policy. 2. The History of England. 3. The Constitution and Laws of England, 4s. sewed.

14. A COURSE of LECTURES on ORATORY and CRITICISM, 4to. 1os. 6d. in boards.

15. An Essay on the First Principles of GOVERNMENT, and on the Nature of Political, Civil, and Religious LIBERTY, 2d Edition, much enlarged, 4s. sewed. In this Edition are introduced the Remarks on Church Authority, in Answer to Dr. Balguy, formerly published separately.

16. An EXAMINATION of Dr. Rejo's Inquiry into the Human Mind, on the Principles of Common Sense, Dr. LEATTIE's Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth, and Dr. Oswald's Appeal to Common Senfe in Behalf of Religion, 2d Edition, 5s. sewed.

17. HARTLEY': 17. Hartley's Theory of the HUMAN Mind, on the Principle of the Asociation of Ideas, with Effiys relating to the Subject of it, 8vo. 55. fewed.

18. DISQUISITIONS relating to Matter and Spirit. To which is added, The History of the Philosophical Doctrine concerning the Origin of the Soul, and the Nature of Matter; with its Influence on Christianity, especially with respect to the Doctrine of the Pre-existence of Christ. Also the Doctrine of PhiloSOPHICAL Necessity illustrated, 2 vols. Svo. sewed, 8s. 6d.

19. A Free DISCUSSION of the DOCTRINES of MateRIALISM and PHILOSOPHICAL NECESSITY, in a Correfpon. dence between Dr. Price and Dr. Priestley. To which are added by Er. PRIESTLEY, an INTRODUCTION, expinining the Nature of the Controversy, and Letters to several Writers who have animadverted on his Disquisitions relating to Matter and Spirit, or his Treatise on Neceility, 870. 6s. fewed.

20. A Defence of the Doctrine of NECESSITY, in two Letters to the Rev. Mr. John Palmer, 2s.

21. A Letter to Jacob Bryant, Esq; in Defence of Philofophical Necefsity, is.

22. The Doctrine of Divine INFLUENCE on the HUMAN Mind considered, in a Sermon published at the Roqueit of many Persons who have occasionally heard it, is.

The three preceding Articles may be properly bound up with the Illustrations of the Doctrine of Philosophical Neceility.

23. Letters to a philosophical Unbeliever. Part 1. Con. taining an Examination of the principal Objetions to the Doctrines of Natural Religion, and especially those contained in the Writings of Mr. HUME, 35.

24. A HARMONY of the Evangelists, in Greek: To which are prefixed, CRITICAL DISSERTATIONs in English, 40. 145. in boards.

25. A HARMONY of the EVANGELISTS in Erglish ; with Notes, and an occasional Paraphrase for the Use of the Unlearned; to which are proaxed, Critical Dissertations, and a Letter to the Bishop of Oory, 4to. 155. in boards. N. B. These who are polised of the Greek Harmony, may have this in Englih without the Critical Disertations.

26. A Frre ADDRESS to PROTESTANT DISSENTERS, on the Subject of the Lord's Supper, 3d Edition, with Additions, 25. N. B. The Additions to be had alone, is.

27. An ADDRESS to PROTESTANT DISSENTERS, on the Subject of giving the Lord's Supper to Children, is.

23. A FREE ADDRESS to PROTESTANT DISSENTERS, on the Subject of CHURCH DISCIPLINE; with a preliminary Discourse concerning the Spirit of Christianity, and the Corruption of it by fulfe Noticns of Religion, 25. 6d.

29. A SERMON preached before the Congregation of ProTESTANT DISSENTERS, at Mill-Hill Chapel, Leeds, May 16, 1--3, on Occasion of the Author's resigning his Pastoral Office among them, is.

30. A SERMON preached December 31, 1780, at the New Meeting in Birmingham, on undertaking the Pastoral Office in that Place, is.

31. A View of the PRINCIPLES and CONDUCT of the ProTESTANT DISSENTERS, with Respect to the Civil and Ecclefiaftical Constitution of England, 2d Edition, is. 60.

32. LETTERS to the Author of Remarks on several late Public cations relative to the Dissenters, in a Letter to Dr. Priestley, 1s.

33. A Letter to a LAYMAN, on the Subject of Mr. Lindsey's Proposal for a reformed English Church, on the Plan of the late Dr. Samuel Clarke.

N. B. The preceding eight Pamphlets, No. 26, to 33, may be bad uniformly bound, by giving Orders for Dr. Priestley's larger Tracts, 2 vols. 8vo. 10s.

34. A CATECHISM for Children and Young Persons, 3d Edition, 3d.

35. A SCRIPTure CATECHISM, consisting of a Series of Questions; with References to the Scriptures, instead of Anfwers, 2d Edition, 3d.

36. CONSIDERATIONS for the Use of YOUNG Men, and the Parents of Young Men, 2d Edition, 2d.

(37. A SERIOUS Address to Masters of Families, with Fcrins of Family Prayer, 2d Edition, 5d.

33. A Free ADDRESS to PROTESTANT Dissenters as fuc). By a Disienter. A new Edition, enlarged and corrected, is. 6il. An Allowance is made to those who buy this Pamphlet to give away.

39. An Appeal to the serious and candid Professors of Chriftianity, on the following subjects, viz. 1. The Use of Reason in Matters of Religion. 2. The Power of Man to do the Will of God. 3. Original Sin. 4. Election and Reprobation. 5. The Divinity of Chrift: and, 6. Atonement for Sin by the Death of Christ, 5th Edition, id. : .

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40. A Familiar Ulustration of certain Passages of Scripture relating to the fame Subjects, 4d. or 3s. 6d. per dozen.

41. The TRIUMPH of TRUTH; being an Account of the Trial of Mr. Elwall for Heresy and Blasphemy, at Stafford Aflizes, before Judge Denton, 2d Edition, 2d.

42. A FREE ADDRESS to those who have petitioned for the Repeal of the late Act of Parliament in Favour of the ROMAN CATHOLICS. Price 2d. or 12s. per Hundred to give away.

N. B. The last nine Tracts may be had all bound together, by giving Orders for Dr. Priestley's smaller Tracts, 35. 6d. or 36s. per Dozen to those who buy them to give away.

43. Two

· 43. Three Litters to Dr. Vewcome, Bishop of Waterford, on the Duration of our Saviour's Ministry, 35. 6d.

Alfo Pul?jhed under the Direction of Dr. PRIESTLEY, THE THEOLOGICAL REPOSITORY: Consting of Criginal Erays, Hints, Queries, &c. calculated

to promote religious Knowledge, in Thrce Volumes, 8vo. Price 185. in boards.

In the Firit Volume, which is now re-printed, several Articles are adlied, particularly Two Letters from Dr. THOMAS SHAW to Dr. BENSON, relating to the Passage of the Israelites through th: Red Sea. Arvong other Articles, too many to be en umerated in an Advertisement, these three Volumes will be found to contain such original and truly valuable Observations on the Do&rine of chement, the Pre-exislence of Christ, and the Ir. fpiration of il e Scrittures, more especially respecting the Harmony of the Evangrijis, and the Reaforing of the Apostle Paul, as cannot fail to recommend them to those Persons who wish to make a truly free inquiry into these important Subjects.

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