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Bulletin of the National Research Council

Volume 1 Number 1. The national importance of scientific and industrial re

search. By George Ellery Hale and others. October, 1919. Pages

43. Price 50 cents. Number 2. Research laboratories in industrial establishments of the

United States of America. Compiled by Alfred D. Flinn. March,

1920. Pages 85. Price $1.00. Number 3. Periodical bibliographies and abstracts for the scientific

and technological journals of the world. Compiled by R. Cobb.

June, 1920. Pages 24. Price 40 cents. Number 4. North American forest research. Compiled by the Com

mittee on American Forest Research, Society of American Foresters.

August, 1920. Pages 146. Price $2.00. Number 5. The quantum theory. By Edwin P. Adams. October,

1920. Pages 81. Price $1.00. Number 6. Data relating to X-ray spectra. By William Duane.

November, 1920. Pages 26. Price 50 cents. Number 7. Intensity of emission of X-rays and their reflection from

crystals. By Bergen Davis. Problems of X-ray emission. By David

L. Webster. December, 1920. Pages 47. Price 60 cents. Number 8. Intellectual and educational status of the medical pro

fession as represented in the United States Army. By Margaret v. Cobb and Robert M. Yerkes. February, 1921. Pages 76. Price $1.00.

Volume 2 Number 9. Funds available in 1920 in the United States of America

for the encouragement of scientific research. Compiled by Callie

Hull. March, 1921. Pages 81. Price $1.00. Number 10. Report on photo-electricity including ionizing and radiating

potentials and related effects. By Arthur Llewelyn Hughes. (In press.)

Research Council


Number 1. Report of the Patent Committee of the National Research

Council. Presented for the Committee by L. H. Baekeland, Acting

Chairman. February, 1919. Pages 24. Price 30 cents.
Number 2. Report of the Psychology Committee of the National

Research Council. Presented for the Committee by Robert M.

Yerkes, Chairman. March, 1919. Pages 51. Price 60 cents.
Number 3. Refractory materials as a field for research. By Edward

W. Washburn. January, 1919. Pages 24. Price 30 cents.
Number 4. Industrial research. By F. B. Jewett. 1918. Pages 16.

Price 25 cents.
Number 5. Some problems of sidereal astronomy. By Henry N.

Russell. October, 1919. Pages 26. Price 30 cents.
Number 6. The development of research in the United States. By

James Rowland Angell. November, 1919. Pages 13. Price 25

Number 7. The larger opportunities for research on the relations of

solar and terrestrial radiation. By C. G. Abbot. February, 1920.

Pages 14. Price 20 cents.
Number 8. Science and the industries. By John J Carty. February,

1920. Pages 16. Price 25 cents.
Number 9. A reading list on scientific and industrial research and

the service of the chemist to industry. By Clarence Jay West.

pril, 1920. Pages 45. Price 50 cents. Number 10. Report on the organization of the International Astronomi

cal Union. Presented for the American Section, International
Astronomical Union, by W. W. Campbell, Chairman, and Joel

Stebbins, Secretary. June, 1920. Pages 48. Price 50 cents. Number II. A survey of research problems in geophysics. Prepared

by Chairmen of Sections of the American Geophysical Union.

October, 1920. Pages 57. Price 60 cents.
Number 12. Doctorates conferred in the sciences in 1920 by American

universities. Compiled by Callie Hull. November, 1920. Pages 9.

Price 20 cents.
Number 13. Research problems in colloid chemistry. By Wilder D.

Bancroft. (In press.)
Number 14. The relation of pure science to industrial research. By

John J. Carty. October, 1916. Pages 16. Price 20 cents.

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