Bulletin of the National Research Council, Band 2,Ausgabe 11

National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, 1921

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Seite 335 - Number 14. A general survey of the present status of the atomic structure problem. Report of the Committee on Atomic Structure of the National Research Council. By David L. Webster and Leigh Page. July, 1921.
Seite 10 - Two awards in recognition of the best works printed and published in the English language on the history, geography, archaeology, ethnology, philology, or numismatics of North America.
Seite 33 - Chicago, and are to be given annually. The purpose of the lecture foundation is, as expressed by the donor, "to stimulate scientific research of the highest type and to bring the results of such research before the students and friends of Northwestern University, and through them to the world. By the term 'scientific research...
Seite 334 - Number 2. Research laboratories in industrial establishments of the United States of America. Compiled by Alfred D. Flinn. March, 1920. Pages 85. Price $1.00. [Out of print. See Number 16.] Number 3. Periodical bibliographies and abstracts for the scientific and technological journals of the world.
Seite 10 - States or of any other country, as shall within the five years next preceding have made such discovery in physical or astronomical science, or such novel application of science to purposes beneficial to the human race, as in the judgment of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States shall be esteemed most worthy of such honor.
Seite 15 - FUND, for the advancement of the engineering arts and sciences in all their branches to the greatest good of the engineering profession and for the benefit of mankind.
Seite 16 - Institution, the income from a part of which was to be devoted to "the increase and diffusion of more exact knowledge in regard to the nature and properties of atmospheric air in connection with the welfare of man.
Seite 304 - ... the lack of appreciation on the part of the public of the vast importance of an extensive and growing basis of scientific knowledge in the business of public administration.
Seite 334 - Price $1.00. Volume 2 Number 9. Funds available in 1920 in the United States of America for the encouragement of scientific research. Compiled by Gallic Hull.
Seite 334 - Volume 1 Number 1. The national importance of scientific and industrial research. By George Ellery Hale and others. October, 1919. Pages 43- Price $0.50. Number 2. Research laboratories in industrial establishments of the United States of America.

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