British war medals and other decorations, military and naval

E. Stanford, 1866 - 86 Seiten
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Seite 22 - Disasters unparalleled in their extent, unless by the errors in which they originated, and by the treachery by which they were completed, have, in one short campaign, been avenged upon every scene of past misfortune...
Seite 17 - to signify her assent to a measure pro" posed by the Honourable East India Company, for " granting honorary distinctions to the surviving officers " and soldiers of the Crown, who were engaged in India." The following is a list of battles, &c., for which medals with clasps have been granted : — Storm of Allighur, 4th September, 1803. Battle of Delhi, llth September, 1803. Battle of Assaye, 23rd September, 1803. Siege of Asseer Ghur, 21st October, 1803.
Seite 12 - His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, to approve and confirm the finding and sentence of the Court.
Seite 29 - The decoration is in the form of a Maltese cross, of bronze, with the royal crest in the centre, underneath which are inscribed upon a scroll the words
Seite 12 - The Prince Regent has been graciously pleased, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, to command, that, in commemoration of the brilliant and decisive victory of Waterloo, a medal shall be conferred upon every Officer, Non-Commissioned Officer, and Soldier of the British Army present upon that memorable occasion.
Seite 22 - September, 1842. Excepting for Ghuznee and Cabul, the design for these medals is alike ; the name " CANDAHAR" &c. &c. is inscribed within a laurel wreath, surmounted by a crown, with the date, 1842, below; that for Ghuznee and Cabul being inscribed within a double wreath of laurel, with crown and date, 1842. On the obverse is the usual head of Victoria, with the legend,
Seite 32 - IV in 1830, to men of irreproachable character, and who had completed twenty-one years' service in the infantry or twenty-four years' in the cavalry. The obverse of this medal is a trophy with the King's arms in the centre ; the reverse is inscribed — " FOR LONG SERVICE " AND GOOD CONDUCT." It is worn with a crimson ribbon. The medal for meritorious service, together with an annuity not exceeding £20, is granted to sergeants, as a reward for distinguished service. It has upon the obverse the head...
Seite 7 - The seven years of King William's reign passed away; the ranks of those old warriors, the survivors of a hundred fights, gave way before the irresistible march of Time; they who had so successfully contended with the combined fleets of France and Spain, who had upheld the supremacy of British arms in the East, and taught Napoleon's marshals so terrible a lesson, had at last to yield to the universal conqueror, with no mark of their glorious services, except the honourable scars obtained by their...
Seite 20 - ... decoration was soon after distributed to the soldiers of the Crown, when permission had been granted by Her Majesty for the same to be worn. The medal, though rather small, is made of excellent silver, and presents, on the obverse, a view of the citadel, with the name "GHUZNEE" underneath; on the reverse, within a wreath of laurel, is a mural crown, -with the date, " 23RD JULY," above, and " 1839
Seite 7 - Every likely opportunity was made use of to stimulate the tardy Government. The accession of William IV., for example, brought forth a plentiful correspondence. It was recommended that "the army and navy should unite, and humbly and respectfully request one of the Royal Dukes to solicit from his Most Gracious Majesty a boon for both services at the beginning of the reign ; that he would bestow an order of merit upon all officers and men who have fought the battles of their country.

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