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Born (youngest of eight children, six of whom were by a

former marriage). Son of Sir Nicholas Bacon, Jan. 22 1560-1* The Council of Trent breaks up.

1563 Revolt of the Netherlands ; Execution of Counts Egmont and Horn. .

1566-7 Elizabeth is excommunicated

1570 The Turks are defeated off Lepanto

1571 Massacre of St. Bartholomew

1572 Bacon goes to Trinity College, Cambridge

1573 Union of Utrecht between the seven northern provinces of the Netherlands

1575 He is admitted 'de societate magistrorum'at Gray's Inn 1576 In France with Sir Amias Paulet.

1576-8 His father dies, and he returns to England

1579 Admitted 'Utter Barrister'


1582 Conspiracies against Elizabeth ; The Parliament sanctions

the Voluntary Association formed in defence of the

Queen ; Severe laws passed against Priests and Jesuits 1583-4 Represents Melcombe Regis in the House of Commons 1584 William of Orange assassinated

1584 Writes Letter of Advice to Queen Elizabeth+

1584 About this time was written the Greatest Birth of Time 1585 Becomes a Bencher of Gray's Inn. Execution of Mary Stuart

1587 Destruction of the Spanish Armada

1588 Assassination of the Duke of Guise




* This is our 1561. But in Bacon's time the 'civil' year began with March 25, the historical' year with January 1. The dates that follow will be given according to the modern reckoning. + Mr. Spedding inclines to think this letter was written by Bacon.

Writing in 1625, Bacon says: 'It being now forty years, as I remember, since I composed a juvenile work on this subject, which, with great confidence and a magnificent title, I named “The Greatest Birth of Time.'”— Life, Vol. vii. p. 533.


1588 1589

1589 1589


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Asks the Earl of Leicester to further a suit urged in his

behalf by Essex *; death of Leicester
Assassination of Henry III. by Friar Clement
Advertisement touching the Controversies of the Church of

Elizabeth adopts as her favourite the Earl of Essex
The clerkship of the Council in the Star Chamber is

granted to Bacon in reversion .
A Conference of Pleasure containing the Praise of Forti-

tude,' 'the Praise of Love,' 'the Praise of Knowledge,'

the Praise of the Queen.' Certain Observations made upon a Libelt published this

present year. Some Members of Parliament are imprisoned for present

ing a Petition touching the succession Bacon opposes the Government in a speech on a motion

for a grant of three subsidies payable in four years I: he is consequently forbidden to come into the Queen's

presence . A true Report of the detestable treason intended by Dr.

Roderigo Lopez, a physician attending upon the person


of the Queen's Majesty .
Sues unsuccessfully for the place of Attorney and then for

that of Solicitor-General .
Gesta Grayorum, a Device represented at Gray's Inn.
Rebellion of Tyrone ; End of Religious Wars in France.
Essex makes a present of an estate to Bacon to console

him for his disappointment; Bacon's Device, written

for Essex Alliance between Elizabeth and Henry IV. Essays (first edition) with Colours of Good and Evil and

Meditationes Sacræ



1593-5 1594 1595

1595 1596


* Mr. Spedding informs me that this letter, which fixes the acquaintance of Bacon with Essex a little earlier than was supposed, was mentioned to him by Mr. Bruce, after the publication of his earlier volumes.

† The 'Libel' is described by Mr. Spedding as ' a laboured invective against the government, charging upon the Queen and her advisers all the evils of England and all the disturbances of Christendom.'

1 'The gentlemen,' he says in his speech, 'must sell their plate, and the farmers their brass pots, ere this will be paid.'




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Speaks in Parliament against Enclosures

1597 Quarrel between Essex and the Queen

1598 Edict of Nantes

1598 Death of Lord Burghley

1598 Victory of Tyrone in Ireland

1599 Essex goes over to Ireland

1599 Essex suddenly makes truce with Tyrone, and returns, against orders, to England

1599 Essex placed under restraint, and not restored to favour, though set at liberty

1600 Outbreak of. Essex: his arraignment (in which Bacon takes part) and execution

1601 Speaks against Repeal of 'Statute of Tillage'

1601 A declaration of the Practices and Treasons attempted and

committed by Robert, late Earl of Essex, and his Complices

Ібот Death of Bacon's brother Anthony

Ібоr Bacon mortgages Twickenham Park.

1601 Death of Elizabeth

1603 Accession of James I.

1603 Bacon seeks to get himself recommended to the King's favour

1603 About this time comes Valerius Terminus, written before the Advancement of Learning

1603 The First book of the Advancement of Learning probably written during this year

1603 Bacon is knighted

1603 A brief discourse touching the happy Union of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland

1603 He desires 'to meddle as little as he can in the King's

causes,' and to put his ambition wholly upon his pen.'
He is engaged on a work concerning the 'Invention of
Sciences,' which he has digested in two parts, one being
entitled Interpretatio Nature. At this time he pro-

bably writes the De Interpretatione Nature Proæmium 1603 Certain considerations touching the better pacification and edification of the Church of England

1603 Conference at Hampton Court ; Translation of the Bible

into the Authorised Version ; Proclamation of the Act of Uniformity.


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