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We feel that our casket would be incomplete without a closing gem from our dear friend and brother Ernest Lacan, whose little volume of Poems (in French)* should be in the hands of all. The concluding lines of his principal poem will at once introduce his spirit to those who know him not, and form an appropriate finale to these Lays of the Leaguers.

And we, the poets of the rising age,
In true alliance must our hearts engage,
And in a holy league of peace and love,
Our watchword still the olive and the dove.
'Mid grief of war, still may our voices rise
In one fraternal chorus to the skies;
Union is strength-domestic strife must cease-
The Gospel triumph is the reign of Peace.

* Poems by E. Lacan, at C. Gilpin's, 5, Bishopsgate Street Without. Price ls.

Oliver Staines, Printer, Hackney.

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